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When you scroll down through the endless kitchen designs on the internet or see someone’s newly made kitchen, the thought of creating a new kitchen would arise in your mind. Kitchen trends keep changing from year to year. Everyone is looking for that one unique design option that they could bring into their home. People are ready to invest in intelligent Kitchen Finishes & designs as they are relevant for hassle-free daily usage. From the regular vintage style designs, things have changed so far as more unique design options, including stylish shades which you may have never come across.

Nowadays, people are more conscious about the colours as more unique colour options are available. If you still have an old kitchen that is not that beautiful, and you wish to bring a new one to your home, you must go on reading this blog.

Silver grey kitchen units with verona cherry finish
Silver grey kitchen units with Verona cherry finish

Timeless Kitchen Finishes Inspiration Ideas for 2021

Kitchen renovation is always a hot topic. With the upcoming trends, more unique kitchen finishes are getting recognition. The kitchen constantly needs to be appealing without any clutter so that renovation could be a better option. And what’s better than a personalised finish and colour for your kitchens. Let’s have a look at some of the kitchen finishes which you may find interesting. Also, check out our Hammersmith & Fulham Projects and see how our London clients had their fitted kitchens made the Inspired way.

Gloss Finishes

High Gloss Kitchens will look clear and beautiful, along with more trivial shiny accessories too. The gloss kitchen is famous for several additional accessories, including glossy cabinets, glass counters and much more. In addition, you have unique gloss kitchen finishes from white to cream gloss finishes that can transform your home’s look. If you wish to create a much darker feel in your kitchen, you can opt for our grey gloss kitchens. You can also go for handleless gloss kitchen designs, which provides a bright and user-friendly experience inside the kitchen.

Premiumline kitchen with brass handleless profile in cashmere gloss finish
Premiumline kitchen with a brass handleless profile in cashmere gloss finish

Brass Finishes

The brass finish has never gone out of style and will be in trend this year too. Brass is the ideal shade to enhance blue tones and green cabinets while adding a sophisticated touch. Polished brass tends to be bright and shiny, and very reflective, which creates beautiful kitchens. Appliances with delightful, old-time accents and brass finishes are ideal for those who want to capture a vintage look in their kitchens. 

Wooden Finishes

Wooden kitchens have always been a classic option in kitchen designs for more than two decades. Whether you choose our oak kitchen or beech wood kitchens, it is always pleasing to see them. A natural wooden tone is excellent for the kitchen as it gives a contemporary feeling. Try using the wood grain finish in countertops and kitchen islands which offers an overall warmth. It is perfect for light interiors, especially white-coloured ones. You can also experiment in Modern Wooden Kitchens using multiple kinds of wood like oak, walnut, solid wood, rustic kitchens with an additional cupboard from a different wood.

G shape Handleless Kitchen in Gladstone Oak with black handleless profile_1 (1)
G shape Handleless Kitchen in Gladstone Oak with black handleless profile

Matt Finishes

Matt finishes are always in trend, whether it’s contemporary or traditional ones. Matt Kitchen Designs are beautiful finishes for all areas of the kitchen, providing a uniform finish throughout. These kitchens absorb light and give a solid look from every angle. If you wish to try out a budget-friendly option, you can go for matt kitchen design options. Matt kitchens are known for their resistance towards fingerprints and, therefore, are easy to clean.

You have grey matt finishes if you have a traditional layout and go for a White Matt Finish Kitchen if you need a bright interior. If you wish to experiment with a dark finish, you can choose our matt black kitchen handles. The matte finish interior along the black handles would be ideal for Contemporary Styled Kitchens. 

Kitchen with Profile handle in Indigo blue and white matt
Matt Kitchen with Profile handle in Indigo blue and white

PU Finishes

Polyurethane finishes have been designed to stand the test of time with extraordinary resistance against scratches and chips, perfect for the family. The colour choices you can use with polyurethane kitchens are endless. The cabinets with PU finish are solid and durable and will not quickly fade away. The material is thick and scratch-resistant, too, just like in your car. The PU Kitchen Set come in different shades, from semi-gloss to high gloss, in which each of them has its relevance.

Lacquer kitchens

Lacquer kitchens give a bright, shiny and rich feel throughout. Once you provide a lacquered finish to the kitchen, it won’t take much time to dry up. It would take time for other similar finished products, but it won’t take much time to set. If you are looking for a rigid surface in your home, you should opt for lacquered kitchens. If your budget is low and you want to invest in a durable finish, you can go for Lacquer Finish Kitchens.

Veneer Finish

Veneer finished kitchens may surprise you. You may have come across gloss while building wardrobes and cabinets but not often in kitchens. Many people love the rich, warm, and natural appearance of veneers, enhancing the feel inside the kitchen. If you are looking for a renewable material inside your kitchens, you must try out veneers. Even though they are not that durable as wood, they can provide the look of wood.

Laminate finishes

Laminate Kitchen Designs have the appearance of natural wood with veins running through the surface. They can come in unlimited shading options, which we can alter according to your space. Laminate kitchen cabinets are made of MDF particle boards and wrapped in a waterproof laminate wrap. If you are looking for a kitchen with low maintenance, you can choose our laminate kitchens. Nowadays, you have the option to select a thermo structured laminate that exactly resembles wood. The finish has excellent water and thermo resistant properties making it more durable.

White Glass Worktop Kitchens
White Glass Worktop Kitchens

Final thoughts

Currently, most kitchens are created from scratch, and we have the freedom to start fresh. So whether you’re looking for new kitchen finishes with handles, a Stylish Handleless Kitchen or a traditional look shaker kitchen, our kitchen design team will inspire you with kitchen ideas for your perfect kitchen design. To know more, feel free to have a look at our portfolio. 

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