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When you look for a common trend among new homeowners, it’s bringing home a bespoke fitted wardrobe. A Fitted Wardrobes has influenced us in daily life as a perfect storage solution inside our home. Earlier everyone opted for freestanding wardrobes, which had a lot of limitations. Fitted wardrobes are designed to fit in with your specific needs. It is considered a perfect solution that utilises the available space to solve your storage-related queries. Here we are discussing about10 things to know about fitted wardrobes that are useful in home improvements.

Modern walk-in fitted wardrobe in sab oak finishle light woodgrain finish with framed mirror corner wardrobe
Modern walk-in fitted wardrobe in sab oak finished light woodgrain finish

What are fitted wardrobes?

A fitted wardrobe is made to measure, meaning it fits perfectly in the space you have available. This maximises your storage space and eliminates the unclean aesthetics and gaps created with free standing wardrobes. A fitted wardrobe is a popular option when talking about Wardrobe Storage. As its name suggests, this kind of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling, so you avoid Awkward Spaces in your bedroom. Fitted wardrobes come in all widths and heights. They can be installed in almost any room in the house, even in obscure places like around beds, around chimneys, under the stairs and into alcoves. They can simply utilise the space from your floor to ceiling. They are available in various versions, from sliding wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes, from budget range to luxurious ones, from small to large. Every fitted wardrobe could be fully customised just according to the way you need. 

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelf Unit in Lava Grey and Sherwood Textured Finish
Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelf Unit in Lava Grey and Sherwood Textured Finish

Top 10  things to know about Fitted Wardrobes useful in Home Improvements

Modern homes certainly require a fitted wardrobe to solve their storage queries. They can be customised by adding elegant features like mirrors and internal extras such as pull out shoe racks and pull down hanging rails. People are often confused by the options available and to select the perfect one for their home. But what are things that you should know if you wish to buy a fitted wardrobe? Let’s have a look at it.

Efficient space usage

When you think of a fitted wardrobe, the first thing that comes to your mind is always using space. You might have to keep your dresses, shoes, jewellery and much more in an organised way without cutting much of your space and for this, you have to seek the help of a fitted wardrobe. Unlike the freestanding wardrobes, they are the ideal partner for storage. Read our latest blog Fitted Wardrobe Design Ideas interior could be customised according to the way you need, and you can add as many options inside it. You can add shelves, racks, hangers etc., to make better Storage Solutions. 

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Better Investment

Our fitted wardrobes investments? Yes, you heard it right! They are durable because they are designed and built by skilled people.  In addition, you may choose your board materials and glass colours to ensure that the quality of these materials is high. Besides, the wardrobe brings so much value to your day-to-day usage. You will get more from a Built-in Wardrobe than a standing wardrobe with a similar price tag, as long as you know what you’re doing. When you are bringing a fitted wardrobe to your home, the property value of your home also has positive impacts. Inspired Elements gives a warranty on fitted wardrobes, which is an added advantage for you as it lasts long. 

Customised according to needs

The needs of each individual are different. According to your tastes, your fitted wardrobes could be customised. You can add as many Accessories to your fitted wardrobe, like hanging rails, lights, shoe racks, cupboards, drawers, shelves, compartments and much more. With the bespoke fitted wardrobe, you won’t be limited in choices, and you can get it designed however you want and wherever you want. Your fitted wardrobe will occupy precisely the amount of space you wish to designate for it. Suppose you need to have a full-length mirror in the front of the wardrobe. It could be done. If you need a customised space to keep your sports kit or you need to have a customised study table, everything could be made just as in the way you need. 

Stylizes the interiors

Imagine bringing up a white high gloss fitted wardrobe to your home. When someone enters the room, the first thing they would notice would undoubtedly be the wardrobe. This would enhance the look and feel of the entire room. The best thing about fitted wardrobes sees your creativity come to life. You play a role in the design process. You can design this according to your room’s interior. Try to choose materials that also complement everything. You may go with a sleek acrylic finish and go for a contemporary style. Or, you can go for traditional interiors. You can mix and match designs just as it’s perfect for your interiors.

Enhances efficiency of your room

You can maximise the efficiency of every bedroom in your home, be it your master bedroom, a guest bedroom, the bedrooms of your children, and so on. With a fitted wardrobe, space is not wasted every inch of space which can be used, combined with an attractive, stylish design. Since the space is effectively utilised you will not have any space left behind. Even if you have a slightly different room, the space could be efficiently utilised. If you have a small room, fitted wardrobes with Built in Sliding Door Wardrobe could be used as it uses less space and helps you to store your essentials. 

Fits awkward spaces in your home

The problem with some homes is they would have some awkward spaces that will diminish the room’s beauty. Usually, this space could not be used for anything useful. The best thing with fitted wardrobes is that they could be used to fit in the Awkward Spaces in your home. If you have a storage query and are looking for better storage solutions, fitted wardrobes could serve your purpose. You can use Loft Conversion wardrobes, Attic Wardrobes, under stairs and many more unique types of wardrobes for your purpose. One addition to this section is the corner fitted wardrobes. 

The latest corner wardrobes will be closed with two, three or four doors, or with a sliding door or a mix of these, and some will be partially or fully open, which is a new trend of putting all your belongings on display in plain sight. One of the benefits of corner-fitted wardrobes is that they can be built small in size, interior space, and capacity.

Fitted Walk in wardrobe in combination of Cashmere Matt and Dust grey matt finish
Fitted Walk in wardrobe in combination of Cashmere Matt and Dust grey matt finish


Normally when we start looking for home improvements, especially Things You Need to Know About Fitted Wardrobes, budget always has some relevance. Usually homeowners wish to make life comfortable and that makes them choose fitted wardrobes. The question that normally arises would be, whether we can build a fitted wardrobe within the budget. Fitted wardrobes could actually be made without losing a lot of money, if we do it properly. The customisations could be done only for those things we need. The best thing to do to get a budget friendly fitted wardrobe in London is to get in touch with Inspired Elements as we have the experience of more than a decade in creating budget friendly fitted wardrobes.

Keep things organised

No one likes to see a messy room without a proper storage system. If you have a better storage space, you can keep everything organised without making things complicated. You can customize accessories including racks,hangers,drawers, rails and much more to make your life easy. You will have a separate space to keep your blazer, a shoe rack to keep your sneakers, customised drawers to keep essentials and even a secret space to keep your ornaments. Life becomes easy when things are organised.

Easy cleaning

Fitted wardrobes not only make your room clutter free, but also there are easy to clean. You might be tired of cleaning your free standing wardrobes and are worried about the spider webs. The fitted wardrobes are easy to clean and have no irksome gaps which inevitably collect and gather dust.  Even Though there are a lot of fitted wardrobe varieties, most of them are easy to clean and you can use a simple cloth to clean.

Custom Lighting features

Proper lighting brings out the beauty of the room. Even Though we have a great wardrobe, it’s mandatory to have better lighting features. In a fitted wardrobe, you can customise the lighting features just as in the way you need. You can opt for spotlights at the top of your closet and LED strip lights for the interior shelves. The LED lights will both brighten up your room and ensure you can get ready any time of day or night with a clear view. You can fit in automatic on/off lights for which will enable a sensor within the wardrobe. You can adjust how long the lights stay on after detecting movement, from 5 seconds to 6 minutes. Never think that you can only have lighting options in luxurious ones, as it comes in the budget range also.

Should you choose a professional in designing your fitted wardrobes?

This perhaps is the most heard question when you are thinking of a fitted wardrobe. To design a fitted wardrobe is always not that easy; it is better to seek the help of a professional. A professional would know in converting your ideas into reality in an easier way. They can give you tips for designs and layouts and guide you to make the best choice on what will work for you and your space. But whom should you choose? Inspired Elements have decades of experience in designing perfect wardrobes throughout London. We have all sorts of designs, fitting up within your budget. We always make sure that every piece of furniture is made with the highest quality materials and exactly the way you need. Get in touch with our experienced consultants to bring home your dream fitted wardrobes. 

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