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Wooden wardrobes have always gotten the attention of people for a long time. Most of them prefer wooden wardrobes as it lasts long and has a classy feeling. Even Though wardrobe is used for storing clothes, a spacious cupboard with additional storage can accommodate other items as well. Wooden wardrobes can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly ‘organic’ sense. Since many generations wooden furniture has had a special relation with our home and the legacy is still continuous. As we are stepping down to a new year, here we are talking about some wooden wardrobe designs that will be in trend during the coming year. If you are looking to buy a Wooden Wardrobes you should definitely go through this.

Linear Wood Fitted Wardrobe With Aluminium Profile Handle With a Beige Textile Finish

Top 25 wooden wardrobes designs of 2023

Wood is, of course, abiding and robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity from their furniture. The wooden finish can suit any kind of home decor, be it traditional or modern. Besides, if you love unconventional furniture styles, you may have a solid wood antique wardrobe or ones made from reclaimed wood. Let us go through some unique designs that you may find interesting.

  1. Ethnic prints and Textures

The new trend with unique ethnic prints and textures are now upcoming. The dark colour of the wood blends in well with both traditional and modern interiors, and the sliding doors save floor space. These prints make the wardrobes look unique and stylish.

2. Walk-In Wardrobes

Everyone has the dream of having a Fitted Walk in Wardrobe. They love shopping and secretly wish to display everything at one place in an organised manner. Walk-in wardrobes add a touch of luxury and are rarely found. Any unused room can easily be converted in a walk-in wardrobe. All you need to do is get some shelves and hanging space fitted. However, accommodating a walk-in wooden wardrobe in small and medium-sized homes is next to impossible.

3. Muted and Soft

The wardrobe gets a soft and muted look when grey undertones are used. This look will be best with a light coloured interior giving it a tender look.

4. The mirrored beauty

How about incorporating a contemporary Mirror on the Wooden Wardrobe. You can use the wardrobe as a personal beauty apparatus. The mirror in the wooden wardrobe would reflect an ample amount of light to keep the room bright and make it look bigger.

5. Free Standing

The most basic and traditional type is the Free-Standing Wardrobe. This type is found almost in every household as they are easy to move around. The only drawback of a freestanding wardrobe is that it consumes room space for easy operation of doors.

Solid Wood Wardrobes | Oak Wardrobes Collection

6. Shaker wardrobes

Shaker doors offer a number of ways to customise to suit your style. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and both the panels and the frames come in a range of finishes, such as wood effects, mirror and glass.

7. Wall Mounted

People are bidding goodbye to traditional free standing wardrobes and are opting more for wall mounted ones. The primary reason behind this is space. As compared to the traditional ones, they use less space as they are wall-mounted and offer a graceful look to any room. Wall-mounted or built-in wardrobes can be huge as well as small.

8. Double shaded

When you have the option to go for colours at a time why should you go for one. You can add two shades to the wooden wardrobe to keep it different. You can go for even distinct shades of white to keep it classy.

9. Built-in cupboard

A built-in cupboard is a storage space that forms part of the design of the room and is not free-standing or moveable. It is not the same as a cabinet. Built-in cupboards not only look beautiful but can also be customised easily. They can be made of various materials including wood and iron.

10. The burnt look

The burnt wood finished look is a sensation and comes in dark brown colours and shades. It is strong in terms of appeal but is also a dependable look for most kinds of decor. It can be used in contrast with lighter shades of the woodwork too. It can cater to both traditional and contemporary decor.

11. 3 door mirrored wardrobe

A 3 door wooden wardrobe is a perfect solution if you are looking for an updated storage solution. The Sliding Glass Wardrobe would certainly enhance the look of the wardrobe. The finish and design could be changed just the way you like as it’s more of a versatile type wardrobe.

Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors
Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors

12. Pure white wooden wardrobe

White runs well with each shading. The benefit of having a white wooden wardrobe is that it goes with almost all types of interiors from light colours to dark colours and our shades are unique and look classy in every way. White wooden wardrobe will light up your room and will influence it to look bigger than it truly is. 

13. Classic black wooden wardrobe

Classic black wooden wardrobe sets are one of the most exquisite solutions to interior decoration. Even the simplest furniture will look rich and elegant if designed in black

14. Cherry Bold finish

The cherry bold finish is quite unique and a bold wardrobe design that is definitely a style statement. Since the cherry design is strong, it’s ideal for a big bedroom. 

15. Walnut finish 

Walnut finish is quite different from other finishes as it gives the feel the wardrobe is not even made with wood. The design is classic and contemporary as it fits the Modern Bedroom Wardrobe.

16. Red oak wardrobe

If you are ready for some experiment you can opt for a red oak wardrobe. They are visually very appealing and provides a luxurious feel inside the bedroom

17. Wardrobes with window seat

How about a wardrobe with a window seat in your bedroom?  When you have a wardrobe with a window seat it overall gives a luxury feel which is ideal for an urban bathroom.

Hinged Wooden Wardrobe in Washiba Brown Finish

18. Birch wardrobe

Birch wardrobes provide better storage options with ample storage options. They can be made within a variety of designs with beautiful interiors. The design of the wardrobe will have a scandinavian contemporary touch giving a classy feel.

19. Mahogany wardrobe

When you are looking for a beautiful and functional storage solution you can choose a mahogany wardrobe. They can come in a variety of designs and styles that could be customised to suit your needs. They also come in handmade types which are more of the traditional one.

20. White vinyl closet

The wardrobe is made with a mix of white vinyl which gives a super modern feel. This is ideal for your master bedroom as it  needs some space to fit in

21. Alder wardrobe

Alder wardrobes  are available in various utility options and excellent finishes. They are waiting to be perfectly matched up with your bedroom furniture. The shades are unique and gives a polished look

22. Under stair

The space normally under stairs is not used upto the level normally or are simply wasted. The  unused space under stairs could be used in making a wooden wardrobe with cupboards, shelves, cabinets, shoe racks and much more

23. Open wood wardrobe

If you need some light in your room and wish to have a pleasant feeling then the best pick should be an open wardrobe. The advantage of this wardrobe is that you can view all your essentials at once and keep it organised.

24. Oak Wardrobe

Oak wardrobes are traditional pieces of wardrobes which last a long time. They could be made with single and multi door features. It gives the interior an overall contrast look which is better for bedrooms.

25. Wooden wardrobe with dresser

A wooden wardrobe could be incorporated with a dresser will be a good option. You can have a Wardrobes With Built in Dressing Table, drawers to keep your essentials and much more interesting space. You will have enough space to keep your cosmetics for your daily routines too. 

Fitted Wardrobe With Pocket Door System in Walnut Wood Finish
Fitted Wardrobe With Pocket Door System in Walnut Wood Finish

Where can I get the best wooden wardrobes in London?

Everyone always wishes to have the best furniture for their home and wardrobes have always got a special consideration. When you are looking for the best manufactures you should always check that they have expertise in the field and always use the better products. Inspired Elements have the experience of more than a decade in designing the finest wooden wardrobes in London. Each individual piece of furniture is carefully manufactured based on the precise measurements of the space in your home. We work with our clients to make sure that each design includes every detail you may require and our efficient, professional installation service brings the design to life. All of our furniture is made with durable materials and they will last long adding more elegance to your home. Start your next year by bringing home an ideal wooden wardrobe. Visit our London Showroom to know more.

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