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The year 2023 is fast approaching! How about looking for a best storage solution to solve your queries? If you are thinking of getting a better wardrobe which utilises the available space, then the best thing is to go for a sliding wardrobe. You can maximise the space in your room and create marvellous storage with sliding door wardrobes. You won’t lose a centimetre of floor space to swinging doors, and there is no wasted space inside the wardrobe. Sliding door wardrobes also tend to be larger, with more space for your belongings and they can be more stable, as they aren’t reliant on hinges to hold up the doors. Are you thinking of bringing home a new Bespoke Sliding Wardrobe Doors this year? We can help you. Here we are discussing the top 5 wardrobe designs that you can choose in the coming year. Let’s have a look at them.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobe With Frameless Top Hung Doors in Combination of Clear Ares and Ivory
Fitted Sliding Wardrobe With Frameless Top Hung Doors in Combination of Clear Ares and Ivory

Top Sliding wardrobe designs for 2023

Sliding wardrobe doors can be made from a wide variety of materials like frosted glass, mirrors, wood, metal and veneer. When you design practically, choices can make the quality of everyday life better and aesthetically appealing décor can change the energy of a space leading to a less tangible but significant impact. Sliding wardrobes are one such decor choice which can add tremendous value, in terms of function and style. Let’s have a look at some of the designs that would be an ideal choice in 2023.

Wooden Sliding wardrobe doors

Wooden Sliding Wardrobe have never been out of trend. It is one of the most traditional materials used for wardrobe creation. Firstly you can start by choosing the right colour of the wood and then decide on making your wardrobe. For a classical look and feel, try using wood carvings, or opt for a modern contemporary design, either of which is highly functional. Wood is the most standardized material used for wardrobes as they are maintenance-friendly. While wood double wardrobes are quite common in most homes, many homeowners opt for spacious 4-door solid Wooden Wardrobes for their master bedrooms. The wooden finish can suit any kind of home decor, be it traditional or modern. Besides, if you love unconventional furniture styles, you may have a solid wood antique wardrobe or ones made from reclaimed wood

Glass & Wooden Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobe with light

Sliding wardrobes with light help in creating contemporary styling for modern living yet it boasts generous space to store all your clothes and more. Putting on LED lights on your sliding wardrobe would be convenient for you and in the aesthetic sense, it is simply gorgeous. You don’t have to turn on and off the light every time. You can arrange the lights in railings or in drawers, or you can even arrange the lights on the rooftop according to your requirement. Adding lights to the wardrobe has now become a necessity as it helps to enhance your visibility and make things more accessible to you.  The LED lights will both brighten up your room and ensure you can get ready any time of day or night with a clear view. You can fit in automatic on/off lights for which  works with a sensor within the wardrobe. You can adjust how long the lights stay on after detecting movement, from 5 seconds to 6 minutes. Never think that you can only have lighting options in luxurious ones, as it will be available in the budget range also.

Multi door sliding wardrobes

Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe could be an excellent option for better storage options. You can choose multiple panel doors, and colours and finishes including wood effect painted white, glass and more. These are an innovative approach which is particularly suited for large rooms. You can keep all your essentials within your home itself. There are many designs including 3 door, 4 doors which could be customised according to the needs. 

Sliding wardrobes with mirror

Sliding wardrobes with mirrors use luxury mechanisms for that smooth soft touch feel with a seamless finish and look. These are extremely handy when customized to fit under the stairs, lofts or attic spaces which could be efficiently utilized by getting your own custom-built sliding wardrobe. Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe are mostly considered fabulous for their classy look. Also it helps smaller spaces look more spacious with the space-saving sliding doors and sleek, stylish, mirrors. The interior of a mirrored sliding door wardrobe will depend on the design and size that you prefer but they typically are divided up into more than just a single section and have a spacious hanging rail, shelf space, and drawers at the bottom.They reflect more light into the room, this helps give a large airy feel to the room by creating the illusion of more space.

White sliding wardrobes 

The aesthetic look of White Sliding Mirror Wardrobe in Kensington and Chelsea is capable of transferring your bedroom to something really gorgeous. The added advantage of white sliding wardrobes is that due to its design it makes effective use of the available space. The white shading can extend a space. In the event that you are living in a smaller sized condo, don’t wait to add white to your furniture or walls. It will enable you to make the room look a lot bigger than it actually is. White adds the impression of brilliance and tidiness. The white fitted sliding wardrobe systems offer timeless modern style aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially when compared to more traditional storage solutions. Unlike the hustle-bustle that is involved in installing the hinge doors, the elegant white sliding wardrobes are pretty easy to install. Another benefit that we get by using these doors is that the cleaning process becomes substantially more accessible.

Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors
Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors

Final Thoughts

Sliding door wardrobes are available in a range of personalization and styling options. You can get one customized to suit almost every shape and size you can possibly imagine. You can further add different finishes and colours around the wardrobe for boosting the overall appearance of your room. The sliding doors can easily be fitted with the wall, read out our latest blog How to Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors and they can also be customised to run from floor to ceiling. This will increase your storage space manifolds without destroying the look of your interior. When you are looking for an ideal companion in designing a perfect sliding wardrobe for your bedroom in London, the most prominent name that you hear would be Inspired Elements. We make sure that each design is made with high quality materials and will last long. Now we are giving out almost 50% off on sliding wardrobes and this is your perfect time to buy a new one for your home. Visit our London Showroom to know more about these deals.

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