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Modern homeowners are always concerned about storage spaces in their homes. They are looking for ideal storage options to help them solve the storage issues. Nowadays, effective awkward space storage options are getting a wide range of appreciation. The space under the stairs is customarily wasted without entirely using it. What is your opinion towards transforming the unused space under stairs into a Loft Wardrobes Set with cupboards, shelves, cabinets, shoe racks and much more? Since the last decade, unique understairs storage ideas have risen quickly.

Modern stairs wardrobes have come into the picture in customisable design options. There are several ways to use the area underneath the stairs, from understairs bookcases to understairs offices to even bathrooms and laundry spaces. Here we discuss some understairs storage ideas that you may find interesting. 

Understair Storage Options That You Can Try Out for the New Year

Understair storage has become an integral option for homes, especially premium spaces. Initially, people may often be left behind in these spaces and losses to exploit a remarkable space inside their home. As times have changed, Under Stairs Designs have entirely impacted home furniture designs. When you plan to decorate your home, you should focus on the space under the stairs. Let’s have a look at some of the stylish Under Stairs designs that would be perfect for your home.

Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area
Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area

1. Vintage Oak Under Stairs Cabinets

We all love oak cabinets or wardrobes in our homes. We could use the space under the stairs to create beautiful vintage-style wardrobes with better storage space. The drawers could have room to keep your jewellery and clothes alike. We will make the design based on the shape of the available space.

2. Reading Nook With a Small Bookshelf

You can opt for a reading nook in your Under Stairs along with a Small Bookshelf Set. The reading nook will have a small bench along with a tiny chair. You can spend your free time here reading your books.

3. Under Stairs Linen Closet

You can convert the understairs space into a small linen closet by adding bespoke shelves. This acts as an additional storage space for towels, guest dresses, and your sportswear.

4. Small Under Stairs office space

You can go for Oak Home Office Space Under Stairs by bringing a small desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. Then, when you are bored working from other spaces in the home, you can use the area under the stairs to do your work. The room won’t be ample, but enough to keep your laptop. In addition, this space will help you be away from the more traffic areas in your home and do your work.

Understairs Fitted Study Area Home Office in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish
Understairs Fitted Home Office in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish

5. Study Space for Kids

If you are looking for a space-saving option for a study space for kids, this could be the one for you. You can have bespoke small study tables with two drawers and a small chair. We would fit the table across the wall, and you may have a ceiling space above the table for storage.

6. Under Stairs Wardrobes With Pull Out Drawers 

An Arlington’s Under Stairs Wardrobe Solution with pull-out drawers would be the best option for those who wish to have more storage space. These pull-out drawers are easy to use and effectively keep your essentials. Also, since the wardrobe uses the height maximum, you can add more pull-out drawers.

7. Under Stairs Home Bar

How about a bar area inside your home? You can have a built-in stairs cabinet for a home bar with stairs pull-out storage for all your cocktail hour essentials. If you wish to have a small drinking space, you can even have that. If you have much more room under the stairs, you can go for a wine rack and small refrigerator space too. The oak-finished bar units could create a vibe inside the home too.

Understairs Fitted Bar Area in Light Grey Finish With Bronze Mirror
Understairs Fitted Bar Area in Light Grey Finish With Bronze Mirror

8. Kids Playroom

Having a kid’s play space inside the home would be great. Mostly the space issues are holding these things back. You can convert the space under the stairs to create a play space for your kids. You can have a small cabinet to keep the toys and even a resting area for your Children’s Bedroom Set.

9. All White Wooden Under Stairs Wardrobe

If you are a fan of white, you can have an all-white wooden wardrobe. They are solid and durable, which could have customised drawers in them. The drawers will have aluminium handles. If you are a fan of lighting features, you can have a led strip inside the cabinets.

Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area
Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area

10. Understair Pantry

Do you lack space in your kitchen for storage? You can now create a pantry space under your stairs to keep the stuff. In addition, you can have floating shelves, rolling drawers, clear storage containers to keep the cooking stuff and much more. The Kitchen Storage Cabinets can be created based on your space with a handleless feature to make it look more stylish and user-friendly.

11. Under Stairs Miniature Wardrobe With Shoe Storage

You can choose this option if you want a customised space to keep shoes and some room for your dresses. The wardrobe will have a stylish door and knob which looks elegant. Furthermore, you will have a separate room for sneakers and formal shoes if you need them. In addition, the wardrobe can have customised racks for your belts and to hang your coats.

Staircase storage, Loft angled fitted wardrobe woodgrain finish with white Display shelving
loft angled fitted wardrobe bookshelf wood grain

12. The Wet Bar Counter

You can go for a counter-shaped bar set up inside the stairs. Here you can have a bar counter, a bar table, a Wine Bar Unit and a mini-fridge space that we can create just in the design of a standard bar.

13. A Pet Home

If you live in a space where you don’t have much space outside, you can create a pet home under the stairs. We will convert the area under stairs into a pet shelter with understairs cabinets and other understairs units. You can build a home-like wooden structure for the pet along with a space to keep its stuff.

14. Minimal Under Stairs Bookcases

Don’t worry that you didn’t have space to create a custom bookcase, as you can convert the area under the stairs to produce bespoke bookcases. For example, as we create an L-shaped wardrobe, these custom bookcases could be custom-made according to the size of the stairs. In addition, the bookcases can be built using oak to bring vintage decor to the space. 

Attic Loft Fitted staircase wardrobe storage in grey walnut finish
Attic Loft Fitted staircase wardrobe storage in grey walnut finish

15. The Vintage Coat Hanger

Creating a vintage-style coat hanger could be a great option to make your Under Stairs Folding Wardrobe Units look more adorable. The coat hanger can help you hang your coat when you come from outside, especially during the wintertime. It could also benefit your guests as they can hang their hats, coats, umbrellas, or sling bags in the coat hanger.

Final Thoughts

Modern understairs storage options have versatile designs applicable to every home. Everything can be customised according to the space you have, from clever storage options to unique lighting options. The possibilities for creating perfect understairs storage solutions are unlimited with Inspired Elements. There are several ways to use the area underneath the stairs, from stairs bookcases to understairs offices to even bathrooms and laundry space. We help you create bespoke storage options without sacrificing any room in the rest of your home. To know more about our design options, get in touch with us. 

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