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Television has been an integral part of our daily life. After our hectic day of work, we may want to spend some free time relaxing on our couch by our favourite Netflix show. Entertainment units have gained so much popularity in recent years due to their aesthetic and user-friendliness. The custom made Fitted TV Units could act as a storage space and will create an organised living room. As times change, new innovative design options are popping up in the market. We can customise the versatile TV units according to your choices, layout and budget. If you have a better TV unit, that will help you make the viewing a better experience. Here we are discussing some of the unique TV unit designs that could be ideal for every household.

TV unit with Storage in Drawers,Open Shelves, Flap up in combination Cream and Sepia Gladstone Oak
TV unit with Storage in Drawers,Open Shelves, Flap up in combination Cream and Sepia Gladstone Oak

Why Should You Have a Customised TV Unit in Your Home?

Our family spends a lot of time in the living rooms, relaxing and watching TV. They have been one of our best forms of entertainment for decades. We always wish to make the viewing experience better. Having a customised TV unit according to your tastes could be a game-changer. But what are the benefits of having a bespoke TV unit at home? Let’s have a look.

  1. Keeping Things Organised

We don’t want to see the living room in a messy condition. Often this happens due to the lack of a proper storage unit. A custom made Wall Mounted TV Unit keeps the thing organised in the living room as it has ample storage options. In addition, you can have custom sections to keep everything, and you won’t have to run here and there to find things.

  1. Better Looks

Having a gorgeous TV unit in your living room can transform the entire look of the living room. But imagine having a glossy finished TV unit in your living room? Nowadays, We can create beautiful TV units based upon the layout of the room. Thus, you have multiple design options to choose from at Inspired Elements. 

  1. Better Storage Options

Modern TV units come with better storage options. You can have multiple drawers and racks, which you can use to keep your essentials. If you wish to have a separate space for your books, that is also possible. In addition, you can have room for your ps4 and other gaming consoles. Hence, this helps keep everything in one place and won’t have to run behind other storage options.

TV unit with Storage in Drawers, Shelf in Bronze Expressive Oak finish and Back Panel in Shadow Black
TV unit with Storage in Drawers, Shelf in Bronze Expressive Oak finish and Back Panel in Shadow Black
  1. Better Viewing Angles

The viewing angles of each individual are different. If you have a customised TV unit, you can adjust the same according to your viewing angles. You have multiple options from wall mount to table mount from which you can choose the ideal one. We can make the customisations so that you won’t have any strain watching the TV.

  1. Safety

Mostly if you have small children in your homing, you must be careful about how your TV unit is placed. Customised TV units with better safety options are available, which helps to keep everything safe.

Unique TV Unit Design Ideas to Have a Look At

We can create a customised TV unit according to your interior. As hundreds of options are available, you have the option to choose. Let’s check some of the unique TV units you can bring to your home this season.

  1. Shades of Oak TV Units

Oak TV units have created quite a buzz in recent years due to their durability and strength. The natural feel of Solid Oak TV Units brings you back to vintage times. If you are buying solid Oak TV unit stands, you can expect them to last longer than expected. The elegance and natural feel of the wood can be felt every time you touch it. So if you want a warm, homely ambience in your living rooms, shades of oak TV cabinets and Floating Bookshelves could be a perfect choice for you.

Wooden Tv Unit With Storage in Open Units and Base Units in a Combination of Natural Carini Walnut
Wooden Tv Unit With Storage in Open Units and Base Units in a Combination of Natural Carini Walnut
  1. Modern Corner TV Units

Space is always a problem in modern times. If you have less space in your home, you should try out the contemporary corner TV units. Corner Entertainment Units could be custom made according to the space you have. Wooden corner entertainment units were standard for a long time and have got great acceptance among households.

  1. The Work from Home Model

The name feels interesting, right! How about working from your home and relaxing your free time watching TV using the same unit. You can make this happen by bringing home the latest addition to the TV unit as it has a working area to keep your laptop and essentials. So you can mount the TV up and watch it in your free time.

  1. TV Unit With Bookshelves

 If you are a book lover, this could be the thing for you. You can keep your favourite books organised and at the same time watch the TV too. Moreover, you can use the full-fledged wall as it will give the feeling of a library.

  1. Contemporary White TV Units 

White TV units are essential and are among the most selling TV units as they come in all sizes and budget ranges. The white High Gloss TV Units with led light features are one of the luxury variants. If you have a small space, you can have the small white TV units, which can create a pleasant feeling inside the living room.

Tv Unit With Storage in Drawers With Dust Grey Finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey
Modern Tv Unit With Storage in Drawers With Dust Grey Finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey
  1. Revolving TV unit

You might have heard of this! Revolving TV Units have been in the cards for some time, but now they are getting broad appreciation. It is quite an innovative TV unit as you can revolve the whole TV unit to view from both sides. For example, imagine that you have a wall separating the living room and kitchen. When you place this TV unit between them, it helps you rotate them and view from both sides.

  1. Stylish Matt TV Units

Matt TV units are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. These units have clean lines and better storage space making them a perfect competitor for the best TV units. The premium matt finish helps keep you away from scratches and smudges to make the TV unit look beautiful throughout the years. In addition, the matt finishes tend to enrich the interior due to their ability to diffuse light reaching the surface. These non-reflective features make the TV unit look more smooth and consistent.

TV unit with Drawers in Crema Beige, and center Open Box in Lincoln Walnut finish
Matt TV unit with Two Drawers in Crema Beige finish, and in between Open Box in Lincoln Walnut finish
  1. Aqua Blue TV Unit

You can try out the innovative aqua blue TV unit for those looking for a change. The aqua blue TV unit is perfect for white interiors as the colour is so soothing. Moreover, they have clean lines, compact design and perfect viewing angles.

  1. Stunning Glass TV Units

The ever-popular range of glass TV units has new trending design styles. In small apartments, glass TV cabinets could be used as an additional storage space in living rooms. The glass TV cabinets could also be arranged in corners or even under stairs if you have space-related queries. They have variants like black mirrored and corner mirrored, which have their unique characters.

  1. Scandinavian Style TV Units

Scandinavian style TV units are minimalist design options with two drawers and two sliding doors. They come under the budget variant but with better storage options. For those who wish to try out something standard, this version would be a perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

As times change, people are more fashion conscious and are looking for better options in TV units. Mostly, people are confused about choosing an ideal designer who can help them create the best TV units. Inspired Elements have more than a decade of experience in designing the finest TV units in London. With fast-paced lifestyles, multitasking is necessary; our designers make a flexible entertainment centre with great ideas for practical storage solutions and design features for the home. To know more, feel free to call at 0203 397 8387.

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