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Have you ever worried about having limited storage spaces in your home? Everyone would love a perfect storage solution for their clothes and accessories. Most of them are concerned about their space, as they have limited space they won’t be able to store all their essentials. Having a wardrobe in your home would be certainly the solution for all your storage-related queries. But how about a walk-in wardrobe? Small Wardrobes work best when thoughtful design plans are put into play. So if you have an uneven or a small space and are worried about proper storage options, the small walk-in wardrobes are the perfect option for you. Even though the wardrobe is small you can have all the essential options in it. We have here come up with some walk-in wardrobe ideas for small rooms that would definitely help you.

Small Walk in Wardrobe in Pearl Light Grey Matt Finish

Make Full Use of the Wall

Every room has walls which are not well utilised while making a wardrobe. When it comes to the case of walk-in wardrobes in a small room, it’s advisable to make complete utilisation of the room. When considering the walk-in wardrobe ideas for small rooms this one is a better option to look out for. Check out our latest blog How to Create a Walk-in Wardrobe Without Blowing Your Budget?

Read Just Your Bedrooms

All you need to do is rework the layout of your bedroom. Instead of pushing your bed against the wall, move it in the middle of the room, and use your headboard for more purposes than one. It can act as a neat headboard for the sleeping space, while also providing a division, behind which lurks oodles of extra storage and a bespoke dressing area.

Make Use of Every Corner

Corners are often dead spaces that go to waste in a room, but looking at them in the context of building a walk-in closet might mean you’ve found the perfect role for the corner. Consider developing your closet plan around the corner, making use of a customisable layout and clever partition ideas to ward off future organisational woes

Utilise the Space Above the Bed as a Divider

A glass divider is a modern trend in every bedroom these days. This glass partition can be divided in between the bed to create a walk-in closet in a small bedroom. This divider helps in making use of extra space which in normal cases is not utilised properly or gets wasted.

Use the Available Vertical Space

Vertical space allows you to store more no matter how small space you’re dealing with. Applying this trick while designing a closet allows home-owners to make use of available space. Hangers, open shelves and Sliding Door Wardrobes leave extra square footage to actually be able to walk in. Walk-in storages can serve as hideaways for seasonal or bulky items. This is a better option as it would definitely save a lot of space and could make your space clutter-free.

Use Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

If you prefer a wider walking aisle, but still need the storage space, then this layout is for those who prefer a bigger area for their bed since there is more room. Also when you have a LED light in the mirrored wardrobe, it overall increases the aesthetic feel of the room. Any way you can add drawers and racks upon your choice to increase your storage options.

Section of Screens

If you have a small-sized bedroom, consider dividing the room with a fabric or glass screen to create a walk-in wardrobe. Instead of using a wooden partition that makes the room look smaller, a glass or fabric separator only gives the feeling of separation while fulfilling the need.

Watch Out for Wasted Space

Have extra area under the stairs? An awkward corner in your bedroom? Maybe an extra service balcony in your bathroom? Make the most of it! Redesign it, bring in an expert who can help you convert this area into the perfect walk-in wardrobe

Modern Walkin Wardrobe in Light Woodgrain Finish

Advantages of Walk-in Wardrobes For Small Rooms

More space to rooms- Walk-in wardrobes when designed well, introduce more storage space into the picture. It also makes the room that it’s in look bigger and better endowed in terms of floor space.

More Privacy to the Room-  A walk-in wardrobe is a boon when a room is shared between two or more people. It creates an additional space to change into outfits without having to kick the other person out.

Less Wastage in Space- Walk-in wardrobes makes utilisation of the entire space and makes entire use of the space causing minimum wastage of spaces. When it comes to the small room this certainly is a plus point.
Making Systems More Systematic- Walk-in wardrobes is essential to a streamlined routine. It’s important to give every single item a proper, reachable place when organizing a small walk-in wardrobe.
More Creative Designs- Traditional built-in shelves and drawers make the most of a small walk-in closet space, but a DIY hanging rack crafted of plumbing pipes makes a cool storage statement. We can add more creative spaces within the limited space.


Walk-in wardrobes are often considered as a luxury choice, but most people are unaware of its usage especially for small rooms. If you have a small space and are looking for a better storage solution for your small room, this one would be your best choice. If you’re confused about the kind of walk-in wardrobe you need, or similar walk-in wardrobe ideas for small rooms, get in touch with us.

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