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When you think of the most integral and favourite furniture unit in your home, one thing that comes to your mind is the TV units. Everyone wishes to relax on their couch watching their favourite shows on the TV. Wall Mounted TV Units have been in the market for more than a decade and created an impact.

The wall-mounted TV units act as a space-saving option, accompanied by essential storage features and a better space to keep your TV. We spend much time watching TV units and wish to improve the experience. Modern innovative designs are coming out in Wall Mounted TV Units which would be a perfect addition to your living rooms. If you are thinking of having a wall-mounted TV unit, you must go on reading. 

Corner TV Units in Crema Beige
Corner Wall Mounted TV Units in Crema Beige

Why Should You Go For Wall Mounted TV Units?  

TV units are always the best way to enhance the beauty of every interior. Wall-mounted TV units have quickly become the favourites in London homes. While entertainment units have larger storage space, some homes may not have the same space to keep them. Wall-mounted units are the easiest way to keep the TV units. But why should you go for wall-mounted TV units? Let’s have a look?

 Free Up Floor Space

When you have a small room or a unique space, you may have limitations in the floor space. This makes it uncomfortable to have a Floor TV Unit. On the other hand, a wall-mounted TV unit makes less floor space to create a better space for the TV. This will help you free up a lot of floor space and have a spacious living room.

floor tv set in light grey chicago concrete finish
Floor TV Set in light grey Chicago concrete finish

Better Viewing Angles

Having a better viewing angle is essential for every entertainment unit. Wall-mounted TV units can help you in creating great viewing angles. Furthermore, you can adjust your viewing preferences based on your choices. You can even opt for height adjustable wall mounted TV units in which we will adapt the TV according to the preferences of each individual in the home.

Better Safety

The floor TV units may sometimes be dangerous if you have small kids in your home. Wall Mounted White TV Units give you the extra privilege of safety as the TV units are much far from the reach. In addition, the wall mounts are perfectly attached to the walls, reducing the chances of tipping. 

TV unit with Storage in drawers, open shelves, wall units in combination Pewter Halifax Oak and Black
Wall TV Unit with Storage in drawers, open shelves, wall units in combination Pewter Halifax Oak and Black

Unique Design Options

Wall-mounted TV units come in stylish design options which every homeowner likes. How about trying Gloss TV Units wall mounted with doors? You can have unlimited design options to choose from, including matt finish, all white, black TV units and much more. Wall mount TV units can help you step up the overall visual beauty of your living rooms. In addition, you can have compact-sized models that take less space in your walls to give a stylish appearance.

Budget-Friendly Options

The best thing with wall-mounted TVs is that they can come in budget ranges, making them purchasable for everyone. So if you are looking for an entertainment unit with a reasonable price, you can go ahead with wall-mounted TV units. 

Wall-mounted Units to Have a Look At This Year

 Having a customised TV unit according to your tastes could be a game-changer. We have some suggestions if you think of having a wall-mounted TV unit in your home. 

High Gloss Wall Mounted TV Unit

If you need a much more glossy and bright TV unit, the best thing to choose would be a High Gloss TV Unit. The high gloss entertainment unit could come in unique shades and colour options from white, grey, to black, from which you can choose just the one needed based on the layout you have.

 Grey Vicenza Oak TV units

If you are looking for a unique finished wall-mounted TV unit, you can go for grey Vicenza oak wall mounted TV units. These grey TV designs can come in a dark Iberian Olive finish with storage space for gaming consoles. They can be created, matching almost every interior style. If you wish to try out more unique finishes, you can go for Dust grey light Lakeland Acacia, Silver grey, and Sand Orleans Oak.

Classic Matt TV Units

Matt TV Units are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. These units have clean lines and better storage space making them a perfect competitor for the best TV units. The premium matt finish helps keep you away from scratches and smudges to make the wall-mounted TV unit look beautiful throughout the years. In addition, the matt finishes tend to enrich the interior due to their ability to diffuse light reaching the surface. These non-reflective features make the TV unit look more smooth and consistent.

Matt Grey TV unit with Storage in Drawers with Dust Grey finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey
Matt Grey TV unit with Storage in Drawers with Dust Grey finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey

Aqua Blue Wall Mounted TV Unit

You can try out the innovative aqua blue wall-mounted TV unit for those looking for a change. The aqua blue TV unit is perfect for white interiors as the colour is so soothing. Moreover, they have clean lines, compact design and perfect viewing angles.

Wooden TV unit with Storage in Drawers, Open shelves and Flap up in combination of Opera Walnut and Black
Wooden TV unit with Storage in Drawers, Open shelves & Flap up in the combination of Opera Walnut and Black

 Wooden Wall Mounted TV Unit

An entirely Wooden Mounted Entertainment Unit is the traditional one that everyone liked. However, this design never gets old as it gives a classy overall feel throughout. The wooden finish is applicable for any room interiors regardless of the size or decor.

Wall Mounted TV Unit in Delave Penelope finish

If you have comparatively large space inside your living rooms, you can go for the delave Penelope finished TV units. The colour shades are subtle yet provide a luxurious finish inside the living rooms.

Simplistic Wall Mounted TV Unit with Blue LED Lights

If you wish to have a simplistic TV unit, you can go for simplistic wall-mounted TVs with grey shade. The TV unit will have a blue led lighting feature in it along with a small space for your books or DVDs. The design is simple but yet beautiful and is perfect for small spaces. Order from our Small TV Units & get a personalised entertainment unit for yourself.

Asymmetrical Wall TV units

You can try out the asymmetrical wall-mounted TV units if you think out of the box. These units come in a wooden finish, but the shapes of the storage options would not be symmetrical. 

Final Thoughts

An organised space, solely for the TV units, is the need of modern times. Due to their streamlined functionality and minimalistic look, Wall-mounted TV units are perfect. Our floating wall units for TV have adjustable shelves to keep your essentials and drawers to keep your books, remotes or other gadgets. Inspired Elements has more than a decade of experience designing the finest TV units in London. So if you wish to have a stylish wall-mounted TV unit for the space, get in touch or Book Your Home Design Visit with Inspired Elements & our executive will design a bespoke set of home furniture for you in no time.

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