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Most homes have attic spaces, which are often wasted. Initially, people may often leave these spaces and losses to exploit a remarkable space inside their home. Attic spaces are usually the space just below the roof, which in earlier times were used to keep scrap or sometimes even not to use it. However, as space has become limited, people try to explore every available space in their homes to create something useful.

Converting attic space can not only provide much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom, but when done well, can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property. Here we list some wardrobe and Storage Designs For Attic Rooms that you could try out in your home.

Fitted Loft Wardrobe in Sephia Gladstone Oak
Fitted Loft Wardrobe in Sephia Gladstone Oak

Wardrobe & Storage Design Ideas for 2022

What should be the primary reason that makes you use the space in your attic? Indeed, it’s space. Lack of living space remains one of the main reasons homeowners consider moving to a larger property that meets their ever-growing needs. Attic conversion wardrobes could be an excellent option to solve your storage queries and much more. Let’s look at some of the designs that you may find interesting. 

1. Minimal Attic Sliding Wardrobes

If you have comparatively a tiny space in your attic, you should look at the minimal Built-in Sliding Wardrobes. The wardrobes come with innovative storage features that help you save space and keep your essentials. Moreover, they can be created with customised drawers and hanging rails according to your needs. You can go for a double shaded sliding wardrobe or the minimal grey shade wardrobe of your choice.

Built-in Sliding Wardrobe With Mirror, Shelves
Built-in Sliding Wardrobe With Mirror, Shelves

2. Attic Office Space

You can go for small office space by bringing a small desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. Then, when you are bored working from other spaces in the home, you can use the area in the attic to do your work.

The room won’t be ample, but enough to keep your laptop. In addition, this space will help you be away from the more traffic areas in your home and do your work.

3. Low-Level Storage

Sometimes it’s tricky to know what to do with the awkward low space between the slope of the roof and the floor. We can use the space just as a storage space rather than wasting the same.

The Loft Storage Solution could effectively use stuff you don’t take much often.

4. An Attic Bedroom

People always like something extra! How about a spare bedroom by converting your attic? Most attic conversions are used for an extra bedroom or two with a bathroom. So an additional bedroom would be beneficial for you as it won’t take that much money than extending your room.

5. Miniature Wardrobe With Shoe Storage

If you want a customised space to keep shoes and some room for your dresses, you can choose this option. The Loft Wardrobes Set will have a stylish door and knob which looks elegant. Furthermore, you will have a separate room for sneakers and formal shoes if you need them. In addition, the wardrobe can have customised racks for your belts and to hang your coats.

6. Folding Door Wardrobe

How about a folding door for an attic conversion wardrobe? The folding door wardrobes are good storage options that only uses less space inside the room. The folding door designs can come in multiple shades and themes from which you can choose the one which suits your decor.

Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area
Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area

7. Attic Bookcases

Don’t worry that you didn’t have space to create a custom bookcase, as you can convert the space in the attic to produce bespoke bookcases. For example, you can go for an L shape design that could be perfect for almost every attic space. Order from our high-end Loft Bookshelf Unit & get your custom-made home furniture at Inspired Elements.

8. Wooden Shutter Door Wardrobe

Wooden shutter door wardrobes are quite a mix of modern and vintage styles. The shutter doors open outwards, giving you full access. In addition, the LED panel lights around the doors will make it look more beautiful. If you have more space in your attic, this could be a perfect storage option for the area.

9. The Attic Dressing Table

Those who don’t have a customised space for dressing tables can use the vacant space in the attic to create better Bespoke Dressing Tables. For example, the Attic Dressing Table contains a round mirror, two sleek drawers close to the wall and a simple chair. As a result, we can make the dressing table beside the wardrobe effectively minimalistic.

Fitted Modern Walk-in Wardrobe With Dressing Table Set
Fitted Attic Modern Walk-in Wardrobe With Dressing Table Set

10. Sports Wardrobe

We may have thought of having a small space to keep our sports gadgets. By having a small sports wardrobe in your attic, you can have a separate room for racquets, bats, balls and even your sports shoes. In addition, the cabinet helps keep them organised, and you don’t have to keep them in multiple places.

11. Big Attic Closet With Giant Compartments

If you have a lengthy attic space, you can go for giant compartment type storage. This is an excellent storage space with a lot of storage space. The cabinets would be large enough to store all your dresses according to the occasion. You can create a bespoke Modern Walk-in Wardrobe and get your personalised wardrobes with our team.

12. Wardrobes With Pull Out Drawers

An attic wardrobe with pull-out drawers would be the best option for those who wish to have more storage space. These pull out drawers are easy to use and effectively keep your essentials. Also, since the wardrobe uses the height maximum, you can add more pull out drawers.

Loft Wardrobe Unit with Bespoke Shelving | Watford
Loft Attic Wardrobe Unit with Bespoke Shelving | Watford

13. The Space-Saving Study Room

If you are looking for a space-saving study room design, you can create one in your attic. You can utilise the dedicated space in the attic to make a small study room for your kids. For example, you can have bespoke small study tables with two drawers along with a small chair. You would fit the table across the wall, and you may have a ceiling space above the table for storage.

14. Small Modular Closet Units

Your space may not define your luxury, as you can have luxurious wardrobes in your attic space. Introducing the new stunning range of small modular closets made with oak and frosted glass adjustable shelves. These wardrobes also have an open layout but with better organisation. In addition, the acrylic drawers are customised according to the storage you need.

15. L-Shaped Wardrobes

The L-shaped Attic Wardrobes are perfect if you have uneven space. They mostly can come in white and grey colours with plain doors. You can go for doors with aluminium handles. The finish can be either matt or high gloss, depending upon your decor.

Final Thoughts

Many of us are thinking of having better storage spaces in homes. If you wish to have a better storage space in your attic, we can help. We have unique and timeless attic wardrobe Storage Ideas with unlimited possibilities. Our unique collection includes all designs suiting your home’s aesthetic look, from wardrobes for sloping ceilings to wardrobes for attic bedrooms. Visit our portfolio to know more about our awkward storage options. 

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