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Kitchen is the soul of a home. Having a perfect kitchen in your home is the need of every individual. In the past decade kitchen designs have changed a lot. As technology has advanced more innovative kitchen designs have arrived which has created a lot of buzz. Now the majority of people need multitasking features in their kitchen designs. When people are trying to invest in kitchens they are having a lot of confusion. With more kitchen brands entering the market we must make sure that we always choose the best. Here we are discussing some of the top kitchen trends of 2023 that will transform your kitchen. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, read the article throughout. 

Handleless Kitchen in smoke blue finish wit black handlless profile (2)
Premiumline Kitchen L shape Cabinets Finish Smoke blue matt Finish Worktop

What are the top kitchen trends for 2023?

In the starting of the year 2023 most people are looking to invest in Fitted Kitchens as they are trying to make it more innovative and beautiful. Luxurious kitchens are now getting more attention along with the standard simple ones as people are thinking of new ways to make the kitchen smarter. Peculiar designs are also getting quite hype as people are now willing to experiment. Here we are discussing some kitchen trends that would be a trend in the year. We have picked up some elegant designs that would certainly try to be implemented in your home. Let’s start.

Dual tones Kitchen designs

People are now willing to experiment with colours inside the kitchen. Dual-tone kitchen designs are now catching attention as it has redefined their aesthetic appeal. From countertops to cabinets you can mix and max these two colors. The combination of dark and light colours is unique and will suit any interior. Wood grains and matte finishes also could be used according to their relevance. 

Marble kitchen countertops

When it comes to selecting luxury bespoke kitchen countertops, marble remains the top choice for many homeowners. It’s no surprise that marble countertops are so popular as the material has gained a lot of attention. Marble is heat resistant and is a versatile material. The best thing about marble countertops is that they’re available in different price ranges, and you can select according to your budget. Considering marble’s multifaceted ability to work with so many different design styles, it makes sense that it’s trending right now.

Better storage features

Instead of having simple kitchen designs with less storage features, people are now looking to maximise the storage features. Better storage has become a necessity in the year 2023. It is important to make the right decisions to make everything organised in a clutter-free manner. 

Green Cabinetry

Green is always in! How about a green cabinetry in your kitchen which gives the feeling of a classic style kitchen? You can customise the cabinets, countertops, rails and other storage features with forest green or similar shades to give a classic feel.

Easyline kitchen with Alcove in Brown Orleans Oak woodgrain & Cream matt finish
Easyline small Kitchen, Straight Line Kitchen with Open shelving Cabinets Finish

Handmade Tiles

Fully customised handmade tiles have always been in the picture. The hand made tiles are nowadays used in kitchen floors and walls. They have a longer life compared to similar products. The entire process of the tile is made by hand: cutting the tile, glazing, firing, and layout. This helps in making it bespoke to our takes and they will have better attention to detail. They are easy to clean which makes them ideal for daily uses.

Dark is always good to go

For the past decade dark kitchen interiors have been in the favorite list of a lot of people. Dark shade is livable and inviting making it ideal for almost all interiors. You can mix and match shades of black in the countertops,cabinets and even walls.

Prep Kitchens

The concept of prep kitchen is actually not new to the market. Two kitchens are better than one, and here’s why: it’s the perfect place to wash produce, stash away pantry essentials and get messy. By using your prep kitchen as a concealed clean-up zone, your guests will be able to linger in the kitchen or family room for dessert and coffee without having to look at the mess they’re leaving you with.

Retro Kitchens

Retro kitchens have made a comeback in the past few years as more people are interested in funky and playful kitchens. From colourful splashbacks to melamine accessories, retro style kitchens will have a lot of customizations. Going for a retro look in your kitchen can be an incredibly affordable option for anyone on a small budget. Retro kitchens give a timeless feeling in the designs which will be a trend in coming years too.

Kitchen wallpapers

Wallpapers are important in decorating any space, but is it useful in the kitchen? The answer is yes, as kitchen wallpapers are ideal for adding color and texture to the kitchen. It’s not mandatory to use a permanent wallpaper if you have doubts. You can use a temporary wallpaper and change it when you wish to. Three main types of wallpaper which are recommended for use in a kitchen are vinyl, Novamura, and washable wallpapers. Washable wallpapers have a thin plastic transparent coating covering the pattern printed on the base paper. This coating makes them more resistant to stains and marks and allows them to be wiped down with a moist cloth.

Brass Finishes

Brass finish has never gone out of style and will be in trend this year too. Brass is the ideal shade to enhance blue tones and green cabinets, while adding a sophisticated touch. Polished brass tends to be bright and shiny, and very reflective which creates beautiful kitchens. For those who want to capture a vintage look in their kitchens, appliances with delightful, old-time accents and brass finishes are ideal. 

Shaker kitchen style

Shaker style kitchens have never stayed out of trend.  Shaker cabinets are sleek, simplistic, and versatile. Shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and shy away from intricate carvings and ornamentation. Read our latest blog Shaker Kitchen Designs come in a large selection of colours from white, blues, greys and woodgrain finishes, allowing you to find your perfect colour

Shaker style L shape Kitchen in Black finish with Island
Black Worktop Shaker Style Kitchen with Island Cabinets Finish

Hybrid kitchen Islands

Hybrid  kitchen islands have been popping up in kitchens, looking instead like tables with extended legs rather than places for taking care of food preparation. These hybrid designs allow for better seating in the room which could be a casual space for dining too. Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage while cooking and preparing meals. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension into the adjacent room can act as an island

Open Kitchens

If you’re looking for a built-in, training-wheel kitchen setup to help ensure that you stay organized, then open shelving might be a good idea. Open shelving helps in creating better space inside the kitchen. The benefit of an open kitchen is that it’s quite flexible and easy to use. Open shelving is also a good option if you have some odd, unusable space in your kitchen as it reduces the wastage in space. If you have a smaller budget, an open kitchen is just the one for you as it reduces the price of cabinetry considerably.

Smart Kitchens

Technology has entered in all sorts of our lives so as in our kitchens too. Kitchens are now becoming smart as everything could be controlled automatically. Improvements in kitchen technology are changing the way we cook, store food and interact with our homes. With things like smart lights, Handleless Kitchen with Black Profile in Barnet you can keep a kitchen light on at night if you’re worried about the house looking empty. You can change the temperature of the fridge to a lower setting to make up for it not being opened as much while people are in the home. The pricing range of smart kitchens are high compared to normal.

Quartz is still popular

Quartz for a longtime is in the matter and still receives great appreciation. The best thing with quartz is that it’s extremely durable, easy to maintain and blocks any sort of microbial activity. In the year 2023 manufactures have come up with different styles and designs of quartz that will have great impact in the market. The trend has come as more people are looking for colors like grey, taupe, creamy or white finishes.

Natural wooden tone

Natural wooden tone is great for the kitchen as it gives a contemporary feeling. Try using the wooden grain finish in countertops and kitchen islands which gives an overall warmth.  It is perfect for light interiors, especially white colored ones. 

Handless kitchens

Handleless kitchens are safer than those with handles and are gaining so much popularity. A handleless design is a good choice in a room with lots of cabinets, as it can help to reduce clutter. When It comes to the safety stakes on Handleless Kitchen Ideas is that handles can be a bit of a shining beacon to young children, calling out to be pulled upon, and handleless units do remove this temptation. Handless kitchens do tend to cost at least 15% more than their “handled” counterparts and can be a lot higher but are really worth it. Handleless cabinets work well in a small kitchen, as the flat design feels light and spacious.

Premiumline kitchen with Aluminium handleless profile along with island in Cannella and Penelop textured finish (2)
Premiumline Handleless Small Kitchen Budget Kitchen with Island with Extended Work Area Cabinets Finish

Eco friendly kitchens

Considering the importance of green earth, the trend goes in introducing eco-friendly kitchen materials.  Going eco-friendly also improves your quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases etc. Fashioned from sand, an almost limitless material, glass products are some of the greenest around. Glass tiles are the perfect choice for kitchen backsplashes, too.Cork flooring is one of the easiest flooring materials to install, as it can be placed directly over existing flooring materials which is quite eco friendly. 


Once the kitchen was a hidden part of your home, whereas now the kitchen has become the heart of the home. Irrespective of the trend people are still looking for effective storage and beautiful interiors in the kitchen. At Inspired Elements, each kitchen is custom designed by our interior designers to client specifications with a wide range of colour palettes, finishing touches and storage options. Whatever your budget, space and aspiration are, we will be with you in your journey to create a beautiful kitchen fitting exactly your requirement. Whether you’re looking for a modern kitchen with handles, stylish handleless kitchen or a traditional look shaker kitchen our kitchen design team will inspire you with kitchen ideas for your perfect kitchen design.

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