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Bookcase designs are getting updated every year! Everyone who closely follows social media will always wish to keep up with the trend. Dark Academia themes are one such trend which has become an instant hit. Seeing how you arrange the books and present them has the spark of a person you are. It also shows your interest in the genre to others who could understand what type of a person you are. Before wondering what Dark Academia is the theme, we can see just what it is. 

What Are Dark Academia Designs?

Dark Academia is not a new decor style but can be a mixture of various vintage-style designs. You might have seen furniture in old universities and sprawling libraries often having dark colours and rich textures; these are examples of Dark Academia designs. Here you can experiment with dark browns, forest greens, a majestic burgundy, and a few hints of gold to make a flawless colour palette.

Trending Dark Academia-Inspired Wooden Bookcases For Modern Homes

Dark Academia themes are based on self-expression and are perfect while designing Wooden Bookcases in UK. You can choose unique themes in designing the bookcases, from the moody, gothic colour palette to dark signs. Bringing vintage elements and textures to the bookcases can make them stand apart from traditional furniture. Here we are listing out some designs we can add dark Academia-themed bookcases to your modernistic interiors. 

modern tv unit with modular bookcases
modern tv unit with modular bookcases

1. Go For Textures And Patterns

Bring Dark Academia themes to your bookshelves with patterns and textures in warm tones. The unique textures create a vibe inside the living space, which can look great with modernistic interiors. We can choose the storage options according to your needs, including the dividers or separations for each book.

2. Go For The Open Style

Open bookshelves are made with wooden separations, which gives you a clear picture of how the books are arranged. The design is simple yet classic and perfect for a children’s or your primary bedroom. The best thing about open wooden bookshelves is that they can match almost every interior regardless of size. 

3. Go For The Dark Touch

Bookcases with genuine dark touch can be creative and aesthetically pleasing. The ideal option is to go for dark woods like mahogany, walnut and cherry. You can try out the custom-made vintage shades or ornately carved wood that mimics the design of gothic structures to have a dark theme inside the living space. Find space for your crockeries or souvenirs to enhance the bookcases’ looks with our Ladder Bookshelf design ideas.

4. Rustic Wooden Bookcases

Rustic bookcases could be the best pick if you enjoy concise bookcases. Using the rustic bookcases, you can stack your books in a neat pile against the wall. You will only need to make a little effort in cleaning and maintaining the rustic bookcases. The best thing about rustic floating bookcases is that they can come in budget-friendly options.

Bookshelves & Bookcases
Dark academia themed bookshelves & bookcases

5. Solid Wooden Bookcases

You can choose solid wooden bookcases if you think of a bookshelf matching traditional and contemporary interiors. Here the bookshelves come with an angled silhouette and a neutral solid finish, creating an impact inside your space. You can have additional space to keep your photo frames or indoor plants.

6. Pine Board Bookshelf

For unique-looking bedrooms, you can try out the pine board bookshelves. Due to their versatility, the design brings the excellent feel of the Dark Academia culture inside the living rooms. Pine board creates a gorgeous “naked” look that works in traditional and contemporary spaces. The board looks plain and is ideal for any interior, regardless of the decor a. In addition, we can customise the pine board bookshelves based on the size of the space it occupies.

7. Choosing The Dark Leather Touch

Dark leather tones on furniture can be great for maintaining the Dark Academia aesthetic. Likewise, incorporating vintage accessories and rich leather, the bookcases can make them look unique for Small Home Office Ideas. The theme that which leather touch can create could create a vintage vibe inside the living rooms. 

8. Wall-To-Wall Shelves Of Books

Redecorate your living spaces with extensive wall-to-wall shelves, where you will have immense space for all your favourite books. You can make use of the available wall space to make sure to have ample storage space. In addition, we can add custom shelving techniques to the bookcases to make them more useful.

freestanding bookshelves in black brown sorano oak finish
freestanding bookshelves in black brown sorano oak finish

9. Moody Black Designs Are In

Go with the trend by bringing bookcases in a moody black theme and adding space for plants. You can go for a separate section for your fiction and romance novels. The minimalistic, dark, academia-themed design is perfect for almost every space.

10. Tryout The Green Shades

Deep moody palettes with forest and olive green shades can be an excellent choice for bookcases. The vintage greenish theme goes well with the Dark Academia decor. You can use the top position of the bookcases to display items or even the bottom space to keep your sports goods or even a shoe rack. The design can incorporate many books, and the arrangement brings the feeling of a sound library. 

Dark academia decor is aesthetically devoted to the scholarly, which is why books play such an essential part. The designs stand classic and can be an asset to any home. So if you want to bring the Dark Academia-inspired bookcases to your home, you are in a suitable space. We have an exceptional collection of bookcase designs that makes the dark academia theme available to everyone. Visit our London store to learn more about our extraordinary designs.

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