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An ergonomic and versatile kitchen layout can be as space-savvy as you want. Galley kitchens were introduced in ships & planes but are now beautifully incorporated into our homes. A galley kitchen could be the right choice if you have a suitable space. Galley kitchens are a practical option for smaller homes for obvious space-saving reasons. 

The name “galley kitchen” is derived from the kitchens on ships, in which everything is in a straight line. As a result, Galley Kitchen Ideas would utilise the available space, and no area is left behind, making it a perfect narrow kitchen idea. But is that the sole advantage of choosing galley kitchens? Let’s have a look.

Why Are Galley Kitchens Here To Stay?

Kitchen spaces needed to be comfortable for people who use them. While bringing in a galley kitchen, you can achieve a functional and nicely integrated kitchen space. A path and doubles often separate the galley as a corridor. Regardless of the space, modern galley kitchen designs can be a convenient option for every home. Considering bringing a new kitchen design to your home, you must go through the benefits of having a galley kitchen.

Galley Kitchen With Chrome Handles in Beige Gladstone Oak and White Gloss Finish
Galley Kitchen With Chrome Handles in Beige Gladstone Oak and White Gloss Finish

1. Great Fit For Small Spaces

In today’s time, space has become quite premium, and we need to utilise the space effectively, especially in kitchens. The standard galley kitchen layouts are the perfect option for small spaces due to their versatility. For example, you can locate all appliances within the central kitchen area, which opens space. In addition, the cabinets are designed to take full benefit of vertical space in the kitchen for a surplus of storage space.

2. Easy Working Triangle

A Narrow Kitchen Island can help create a perfect work triangle inside your kitchen. You can quickly move from the sink to the stove as everything is in a suitable space. Everything that you need for cooking is within reach. You don’t have to run around to do your work, which means more efficiency inside the kitchen. You will have two entrances, and middle walkways make a galley kitchen easily accessible from multiple points.

2. Cost-effective

If you are concerned about the pricing, this is just the thing for you. You can even create kitchens with two sets of cabinets with simple rectangle countertop slabs, making it quite an affordable option. In addition, you won’t need other islands or large surface areas requiring counters.

3. Works Well With Open Shelving

A galley kitchen can be an excellent choice for those interested in creating open shelving. The open shelves allow you to avoid the boxy look and have better storage options. You can display your crockeries or have space for your plants inside this space.

Handleless Galley Kitchen with Quartz worktop in Cashmere Ice Gris & Classic Quartz Stone
Handleless Galley Kitchen with Quartz worktop in Cashmere Ice Gris & Classic Quartz Stone

Top Galley Kitchen Designs For Modern Homes

While remodelling your kitchen space, a galley kitchen can work great as one of the most functional spaces in the home. Even though galley kitchens are space-savers and usually fit the need for small kitchen areas, consider installing one in a larger space, as it can be a great fit. Take a look at some personalised galley kitchen designs that interest you. 

1. Go For The Navy Blue Design

Navy Blue Kitchen designs are perfect for modernistic interiors. In addition, you can try out the latest bright navy and white galley kitchen with a stone countertop. You can keep an eye on the lighting features by introducing pendant lights to the interiors. Finally, go for the wooden stools and a white tile backsplash to complete the galley kitchens.

2. Try Out The Retro Touch 

Bespoke Galley Kitchen in Cream Finish
Bespoke Galley Kitchen in Cream Finish

Going for a retro look in your galley kitchen can be remarkably cheap for anyone on a small budget. From colourful splashbacks to melamine accessories, retro-style galley kitchens will have a lot of customisations. You can add red accessories, including ovens, cooktops and more, to the black kitchens to make them unique. To spice up, you can go for pendant lights and a black barn-style door. 

3. Go For The Gloss Versions

Grey gloss galley kitchen could come in different shades with uniqueness in every scenario. You can have just the right thing every interior needs, from light versions to glow versions. The standard feel that grey gloss cabinets give is ideal for contemporary kitchens. In addition, the vast selection of grey gloss cabinets allows the kitchen’s interior to be accurately decorated with a shiny finish.

4. Golden And Black Blend

Golden shade could create a memorable impression in every kitchen. Black Kitchen Cabinet would be a perfect combination of class and elegance, which you can add to your galley kitchen. The golden finish is ideal for both small spaces and large spaces as it brings more rich interiors. In addition, you can go with golden handles on the countertops and classic LED lighting features to make the kitchen look more stunning.

5. All White Galley Kitchen

An all-white galley kitchen is an ideal contender for those who wish for a bright-looking interior. In addition, the modernistic white galley kitchen can come with a plywood ceiling which can look better with the extra lighting features. A pendant light could be a good option, or you can go for LED lighting too. It would look more stylish if you could bring in a wooden floor and a blue tile backsplash.

6. Tryout The Farmhouse Style

Galley Kitchen Unit in Indigo Blue
Galley Kitchen Unit in Indigo Blue

Farmhouse-style galley kitchens are for those who have space in their kitchens. You can introduce navy and graphite grey cabinets with white stone countertops to make the kitchen look stunning. Go for windows inside the kitchens with glass doors which allow sunlight to pass into the kitchen to make it look bright.

7. Have a Scandinavian touch 

Go for a Scandinavian touch inside your kitchen, as it suits minimal spaces. For example, you can go for a Scandinavian kitchen with a white finish, which can come with white marble countertops and a backsplash with black touches. Explore our Grey Kitchen Ideas & make your personalised galley kitchen set with a grey finish now.

Bottom Line

Are you considering bringing in a new galley kitchen to your home? Well, you are precisely in the right place. Our innovative range of galley kitchens features specialised storage options that keep a sleek, streamlined appearance. Our galley kitchen layout is known for its effective space utilisation with eye-catching designs. In addition, we can help you create kitchen units that utilise the rooms with an artistic touch to have a less claustrophobic feel. Visit our portfolio for more design suggestions, and contact us.

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