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Designing the kitchen could be a confusing task for homeowners. Worktops are used daily, and when investing in them, you should choose one with aesthetics and durability. Quartz is made with the most natural stone and some polymer stains, so it’s not entirely realistic but has the same properties as a natural stone. About 50 years ago, quartz was “discovered” as a great alternative to granite, but it wasn’t an easy sell for customers. Things changed quickly as, In Europe, quartz is now used as a countertop material for over a few decades.

U-shaped grey & white handleless kitchen with quartz worktop in Grey Anthracite & factory finish
U-shaped grey & white handleless kitchen with quartz worktop in Grey Anthracite & factory finish

Reason Why You Can’t Say No To Quartz Worktop

Everyone loves to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen inside the home. Counters are made of 95% natural quartz granules and 5% resins and colourants. In addition, quartz comes in customisable options to match almost every cabinet, backsplash, wall colour, and flooring. So what could be the benefits of Quartz Worktops? Let’s have a look.

1. More Value To Your Property

Strong and durable quartz worktops will undoubtedly cause an impact on the resale value of your home. You are investing by adding quartz worktops to your home. As a result, your home will have a more significant ROI in the market. Even after years of installation, you will be surprised by how they look by just giving a minor cleanup. The person willing to buy the home will love seeing a stylish and durable worktop in the kitchen, leaving behind an impression.

quartz kitchen worktop with wine rack in Cashmere finish
quartz kitchen worktop with wine rack in a Cashmere finish

2. Quartz Are A Real Visual Treat

Quartz worktops bring you a beautiful appearance with a refined and polished look creating an impact in the kitchen. The material is flexible, which helps it make an appearance that suits your tastes. You have the options like high gloss and matt versions from which you can choose the ideal one. If you are looking for a brighter option in your kitchen, you should look at our pure white quartz countertops. Apart from quartz worktops, our Glass Worktop designs also help in providing a shiny interior.

3. Quartz Stands The Test Of Time

You don’t have to doubt the quartz worktops’ durability. The quartz material’s non-porous surface character makes it less easy to get stains or cracks. So even if accidentally spills oil, juice or sauce, it won’t affect the worktop’s durability. Naturally, quartz, a tough substance, stands the test of time, making it an ideal option. Compared to granite, quartz worktops have greater flexural strength.

quartz kitchen worktop in Maya Bronze Penelope finish
quartz kitchen worktop in Maya Bronze Penelope finish

4. No Need For Much Maintenance

In this busy lifestyle, no one has the time to clean the worktops. The quartz worktops are comparatively easy to clean due to their non-porous feature. It doesn’t allow the food materials or other debris to get caught inside the worktops, making cleaning easy. In addition, quartz doesn’t allow the micro organisms to grow, being highly antimicrobial.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops- Design Options That You May Like

Quartz is an engineered material that is both heat- and stain-resistant. When we think of the looks, quartz worktops come in unique design options, which we can modify according to the space. Here we can meet some Fitted Kitchens quartz designs that you may love.

1. Black Quartz- The Marble Look-Alike!

You can bring a dramatic look inside your kitchen with the stylish black quartz material, which could be an asset. You can also opt for veiny and cobra shades in black, which can create a statement.

2. The Timeless White Finish

A clean white touch won’t go wrong inside your kitchen. White is the favourite colour for homeowners and will be a fine addition to your kitchens. In addition, the unique shades of white from off-white, striped and shiny White Gloss Kitchen designs could bring a change inside your interiors.

3. Orange Never Lets You Down

Orange is an innovative colour finish which you can go for in your kitchen. They are ideal for modern homes and apartments with flashy interior colours. Orange provides a vibrant feel and goes well with the lighting features.

4. Multi-Coloured Quartz Worktops

The combination of multiple colours can do wonders when it comes to worktops. You can opt for the colour combination of black, white, grey, yellow or any other option which could match your interior. Don’t worry about experimenting, as it may create an impressive look. 

5. Textured Countertops Are In

Polished surfaces are the only options for quartz worktops for a long time. Now, as times have changed, people are interested in a textured finish. You can opt for a leather texture that gives you a rustic feel the Kitchen Island with Seating. The muted finish is also preferred now as it gives the perception of a sturdy finish.

6. Glossy And Bright

Premiumline Kitchen with island and tall glass cabinets Cabinets FInish -Espresso Harbor Oak and natural walnut finish Worktop and splashback - white Quartz 20mm Handle - handleless profile black
Worktop and splashback – white Quartz 20mm

Who won’t be a fan of the polished, glossy quartz worktops inside the kitchens? The premium look which the glossy finish gives will be a feast to your eyes. You have colour options like white, grey, black or even yellow in which glossy variants look beautiful. In addition, the lighting options can make the room look shinier.

7. The Retro Red

Add a style statement inside your kitchen space with the retro red worktop designs. For example, if you have a white or light coloured cooking space, a red quartz worktop could be an exclusive option.

How Can Inspired Elements Help?

No homeowner may wish their kitchens to be dull and fragile. But, you don’t have to risk the beauty of the kitchen when you have professionals to help you. We at Inspired Elements bring you a unique range of quartz worktop designs, which are stunning and affordable. In addition, you are free to choose from a wide range of colour palettes and designer options. For unique quartz worktop design ideas, you can visit our portfolio. So, start designing your kitchens with Inspired Elements!

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