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Bespoke Kitchens Made In London

Kitchens are an essential part of every home. Kitchens are no longer just a place to cook and eat but now becoming a place to entertain, socialise, and work. With different kitchen needs, it is important that the design element reflects this versatile use of the area. A bespoke fitted kitchen is an ideal solution to maximise space which is practical and appealing with design features.

The kitchen can be fully refurbished with new kitchen cabinets, kitchen worktops and appliance. A kitchen refurbishment adds great value to the home so is a valuable investment. Where there is a limited budget many clients do a partial upgrade where they replace kitchen doors, kitchen worktops or add a kitchen island.

It is thought that bespoke kitchens are more expensive than standard kitchen cabinets. This is not always the case. Bespoke kitchens allow kitchen designers to work with your budget and adjust your design and chosen based on your budget and needs.

 The Kitchen Design

 Bespoke kitchens are a perfect solution for designing a kitchen space that is tailored to your needs. You can use a combination of ideas and bring it all together to make the perfect kitchen for you. Bespoke kitchens give you the flexibility to select different styles from handleless kitchens to traditional kitchens to shaker door kitchens. With a wider choice of colours, finishes and materials you are sure to find something that meets your needs. The combinations of different colours and finishes are a popular trend, with the a mix of white gloss kitchens and wood-textured kitchen doors.

Designing the correct kitchen layout is important. The kitchen triangle, the distance between the refrigerator, the sink, and hob is a good starting point. Choosing a bespoke kitchen gives you greater flexibility to fit into the space that you have allowing you to design around your kitchen room. Kitchen designers can recommend the best layout based on floor and walkway space. A kitchen island can be added to layouts to create additional worktop and storage space.


Kitchen 4_Cashmere kitchen with island

Kitchen Accessories

The Internal kitchen layouts can be configured to best suit you. With more open spaces and fewer storage units it is important to cleverly design the right kitchen storage solution. Easily accessible spaces are the key when configuring your internal kitchen layouts. Removable shelves, pull out drawers, pull out corner shelves, cutlery drawers, pull out bins the options are endless when it comes to kitchen accessories.

Depending on the type of storage required, kitchen can be designed to accommodate this. Some kitchens need specific accessories for tray storage, cleaning supplies, and even kids homework space. 


IE Kitchen Accessories1

Choosing the right Kitchen supplier

A kitchen is a big investment and a key feature of your home. Choosing the right company to work with is important.  A good kitchen supplier would have a great selection of finishes, colours and accessories. The kitchen designers should be able to take your vision and make it a practical working kitchen. A professional designer would give you great suggestions to enhance your vision.

There are many online kitchen companies, but it’s always good to choose one where you can visit a showroom. This allows you to touch, feel and see the product and quality of the kitchens. It is also a great way to get inspiration and make colour and style choices.

The customer service is a key element in selecting the right supplier. Unlike other off the shelf products, the level of customer care you get from design consultation to the installation of your kitchen is greater. You can assess a company’s service level from past customer experience by checking reviews or references from previous clients.

Inspired Elements has their own joinery and manufacture kitchens which gives clients greater flexibility in design and choice. As specialist joinery in bespoke furniture and bespoke kitchens, there is greater choice availability compared to other companies. The quality of work and designs can be viewed on the project’s portfolio page or by visiting our London showroom.


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Kitchen 4_Cashmere kitchen with island

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