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White is a mixture of all colours. The white colour’s speciality is that it mixes with almost all shades and has its beauty in all of these. White fitted wardrobes have always caught people’s attention. Using a white Hinged Wardrobes will make your room look brighter and feel more spacious. Moreover, if the sun can go into the room, the room will feel warmer and more colourful than usual. White wardrobes might be the easiest to fit in with various colours of walls, and other elements have made the sales of white fitted wardrobes skyrocket in London. People wish to have a clean interior, and white is the best option for that. The best thing with this is that white never goes out of trend. Here we are discussing the latest white fitted wardrobe designs that will be in the direction in 2021.

While selecting a white fitted wardrobe, obviously the most heard question would be the advantages of white Fitted Wardrobes. White is the colour that suits almost all interiors, no matter whether it’s furniture or accessory. White fitted wardrobes could help enhance the look of an interior and give a visually broader perspective for a small area. But is that alone? Let’s have a look at the benefits of white fitted wardrobes. 

Fitted Hinged Wardrobe With Long Handle in Light Grey Gloss and White Gloss Levanto Stone Finish
Fitted Hinged Wardrobe With Long Handle in Light Grey Gloss and White Gloss Levanto Stone Finish

Versatility: The taste of each individual is different, and it keeps changing with time. But things are other as white fits the preferences of everyone. It’s so versatile that the shades could match almost all types of interiors. 

Creates the illusion of more space:  When you have a white fitted wardrobe at home, it makes the illusion of more volume in your room. 

Can be creative: Even Though white is more of a standard colour, the best thing with a white fitted wardrobe is that we can be more creative with white. It comes in different designs and shades which We could customise just in the way you need.

Peace of mind: White is a symbol of purity. It’s a very vibrant colour; it gives tranquillity and clearness to your mind. When you have a white wardrobe in your bedroom, it provides an overall positive feel. 

Always in trend: White never stays out of the movement. Every year new designs are coming up in white, and it’s getting a lot of popularity as always. So buying a Bifold Wardrobe Doors will keep you in the trend. 

Available in all budgets: When you start looking for a white fitted wardrobe, the first thing that arises to mind would be about the budget. The best thing here is that white fitted wardrobes are available in all budgets. Even if you are looking for a luxurious one or a much cheaper white version, the Fitted Wardrobes are available in both of these options.

Best White Fitted Wardrobe Designs For 2021

White runs well with each shading. If you have old, exhausted furniture, get them white slipcovers, and they will look astounding by paying little mind to the shade of the inside. The white shading can extend a space. If you live in a smaller sized condo, don’t wait to add white to your furniture or walls. It will enable you to make the room look a lot bigger than it is. White adds the impression of brilliance and tidiness. As we said earlier, white never stays out of the game.

White Fitted Wardrobes With Sliding Doors

The aesthetic look of white fitted wardrobes with sliding doors can transfer your bedroom to something gorgeous. A white fitted cabinet with sliding doors looks extremely clear, and you can use it to store everything you need. They offer timeless modern style aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially when compared to more traditional storage solutions. The benefit that we get by using these doors is that the cleaning process becomes substantially more accessible. You can do it easily on your own just by using a piece of cloth and some cleaning liquid. 

The Wooden Touch

Solid White Wardrobes designs come in different variants, including those made with a crisp white wood finish. A white wooden wardrobe will light up your room and influence it to look bigger than it truly is. The benefit of having a white wooden cabinet is that it goes with almost all types of interiors, from light colours to dark colours, and our shades are unique and look classy in every way.

The Glossy Finish

A white gloss fitted wardrobes look remarkably bright compared to the standard low gloss wardrobes with a regular finish. The white front fit reflects a lot of light, and hence it creates the illusion of having more space in your room. The surface is smooth and comes with an extra finish, so it’s beautiful to watch. Moreover, you can safely choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple with a high gloss finish. It gives a clean, fresh feel which is perfect all year round. White gloss fitted wardrobes with vertical panels and routed framing are good choices if you’re looking for timeless appeal and a gentle ambience. 

Matte-finished White Wardrobe

The white matte finish doesn’t reflect a lot of light. The best thing about this finish is that it creates a smooth interior and diffuses the light within. The glossy finish is ideal for dark interiors and not so bright interiors.

White Glass Fitted Wardrobes

Imagine getting up in the morning with a pleasant feel, and all your furniture in the room looks clear. A white glass fitted wardrobe makes this possible. The best feature of a white glass fitted wardrobe is it provides the overall feeling of having more space in the room and reflects an ample amount of light. Since white glass fitted cupboards tend to be stylish, they can be used in multiple home areas or even at the office if appropriately utilised. Additionally, if the outside view is not that important, you can also install racks on them to store a range of things like DVDs, letter pads, pens, essential sets and more.

Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors
Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak White Finish and Mirror Doors

Pearl White Glass Fitted Wardrobe & Oak Rails.

If you are looking for a wardrobe for your kids’ room, this is an ideal one. The cabinet is a compact one that keeps everything organised. The oak rails along the white glass make it look bright and beautiful.

White Mirror Fitted Wardrobe

A white Hinged & Sliding Door Wardrobe gives you a preview of your outfit for the day, right from your bed. White mirror fitted wardrobes with vertical panels and routed framing is a good choice if you’re looking for timeless appeal and a gentle ambience.

White Vinyl Closet

The wardrobe is made with a mix of white vinyl, which gives a super modern feel. This is ideal for your master bedroom as it needs some space to fit in. 

White Shaker Wardrobes

White shaker door wardrobe offers several ways to customise to suit your style. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and both the panels and the frames come in a range of finishes, such as wood effects, mirror and glass.

White Fitted Wardrobes With Light

White fitted wardrobes with light are known for their great looks, and the space utilised to provide better storage options also has relevance. The LED lights will both brighten up your room and ensure you can get ready any time of day or night with a clear view. You can fit in automatic on/off lights to enable a sensor within the wardrobe. You can adjust how long the lights stay on after detecting movement, from 5 seconds to 6 minutes.

Hinged Wardrobe With Open Shelf in White Levanto Marble High Gloss Finish
Hinged Wardrobe With Open Shelf in White Levanto Marble High Gloss Finish

Normal White Laminated Wardrobe

If you are looking for a budget version of a white fitted wardrobe, you can choose the normal laminate one. The cabinet is simple yet with a practical storage option.

White Built-in Cupboard

A built-in white cupboard is a storage space that forms part of the room’s design and is not free-standing or moveable. It is not the same as a cabinet. White built-in cupboards not only look beautiful but can also be customised easily. 

White Wardrobe With Window Seat

How about a white wardrobe with a window seat in your bedroom? When you have a white fitted wardrobe with a window seat, it gives a luxury feel that is ideal for an urban bathroom.

Panelled Hinged Doors

A spacious room needs a spacious storage option. If you are looking for a white wardrobe and a big room, a panelled hinged door is ideal. You can add textures and layers to each of the panel hinged doors, which may transform the room’s overall look.

White Fitted Wardrobe With Wooden Handles

Wooden handles often make the wardrobe look more beautiful. How about a white fitted wardrobe with wooden handles? If you are looking for a simplistic wardrobe, this could just be the pick for you.

Fitted Hinged Corner Wardrobes in white woodgrain finish
Fitted Hinged Corner Wardrobes in white woodgrain finish

Why Should You Choose Inspired Elements For Selecting White Fitted Wardrobes?

Our range of white fitted wardrobe designs comes in different variants, including those made with a crisp white wood or shiny white glass finish. We could make each of them with many bespoke doors and interior options that you will love to see. Our selection of white fitted wardrobes completely utilises your space regardless of the size or shape of the room. We are proud to go out of the box to satisfy your needs, whether it’s colour, shades or even accessories. 

We believe in providing premium quality services to our customers, and so we only use original and high-quality materials in making each product. If you are looking for a clear and organised wardrobe exactly matching any room type, then white fitted wardrobes would be the better option for you. You don’t have to be worried about the customisations as we are here for that. Visit our London Showroom to know more about our exciting deals. 

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