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In this busy life, having a better entertainment system is always a need. TV units have been an  integral part of our home for a generation. Unlike other furniture units Tv units come in different types which could be customised as in the way you need. The custom-made tv units with storage are the perfect way to bring a sense of style and harmony to the living room. When you have a better TV unit in your home it helps you to spend your free time in a more over relaxed manner. If you are looking to have a new and innovative Bespoke TV Units in your home, you should definitely read this. 

Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey
TV Units in Combination of Open Shelf Units, Base Drawers and Wall Flap ups. Carcass finished in White Halifax Oak and the visible panels in Onyx Grey

Why should you have a TV unit in your living room?

Naturally we spend a lot of time in our Living Room with Alcoves and watching television is one of our all time entertainment. If the living room design is attractive and we have a customised tv unit that would help us relax in a better way. But why should we choose a tv unit for the living room? Let’s have a look at it.

Better Aesthetic appeal

Tv units actually create the illusion of better looking living rooms. There are many classy tv units that look really beautiful which enhances the visual appeal in the room. Designers can create classic and contemporary styles according to your interiors which will be a gift to your eyes.

Storage Features

Tv units are an excellent choice for TV Unit With Storage. They can be customised with cupboards, racks, drawers and much more. You can keep your Wooden Bookshelves, speakers, kids toys, sports equipment in the tv unit. 

Keeping things organised

A messy living room is not that beautiful to see. A Tv unit will somewhat solve the storage issues as it helps to remove the clutter and make things organised.

Making view comfortable

Instead of using a wall mount option, when we use a tv unit the viewing angle could be sorted just according to the way you need. The customisations could be made in such a way that you can relax completely.

Tv Unit With Storage in Drawer, Flap Up in Cashmere Grey, Shelf & Open Unit in Dust Grey and Back Panel in Natural Dijon Walnut
TV Unit With Storage in Drawer, Flap Up in Cashmere Grey, Shelf & Open Unit in Dust Grey and Back Panel in Natural Dijon Walnut

TV units design for Living room

 Choosing fitted living room furniture such as a TV unit can transform your living room into a clutter free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy. Here we are discussing some of the trending tv unit designs that could enhance the beauty of living rooms.

  1. Modern TV unit with LED lighting

How about a Contemporary TV Unit with led strips on the top of the cabin? When the LED strips come on the top of the cabin that would make it a centre of attraction. Based on the size of the TV, the size of the unit could be customised accordingly. 

  1. Monochrome

A monochrome tv cabinet gives a classy look as it would fit almost all kinds of interiors.  Monochrome feature is ideal for medium sized tv and works best in white interiors

  1. Compact TV UNIT

If you are having a comparatively small room, a compact tv unit could be the best pick for you. Even Though the Display Cabinet is small it would look great inside the room. You can experiment with the colours you like, and include different shades also if you like.black 

  1. Black gloss TV unit

Even for furniture, black gloss finish gives a modern feel. The black gloss tv unit gives out a high luxury feeling when installed in a room with light colored interiors.

  1. Black and white unit

The Black TV Cabinets is an innovative TV unit for your living room. The white space in the tv unit opens up the space giving a bright look and the black space provides the feeling of a sophisticated look.

Fitted Wall TV Unit Design | Order Your Bespoke TV Units & Storage
  1. Luxury Media Console

 Luxury and Mid-Century Modern style meld together to create this eye-catching media console. The tv unit is a luxurious one made with premium quality wood. You can add any type of wood including the oak to make the media unit look gorgeous.

  1. Dual Tone Tv unit

As the name suggests the tv unit comprises two tones. The prominent portion will have a wooden finish and the rest will have a white finish. The dual tone is ideal for any room, no matter what type of decor you have.

  1. Full wooden tv unit

A fully Wooden TV Stand is the traditional one which everyone liked. This design never gets old as it gives a classy overall feel throughout. The best thing with this unit is that it has a large storage space compared to other tv units and has a huge size.

  1. White gloss tv unit

If you need a much more glossy and bright tv unit the best thing to choose would be a White Gloss Unit. Since white is everyone’s favorite it could definitely be a choice.

Gloss White TV unit with Storage in Open shelf, Wall Units, Drawers in combination with Cream, Natural Carini Walnut and White Levanto Marble
TV Unit with Storage in Openable Base unit with Internal Shelf, Drawer in Carini Walnut finish, and a 36mm Thick Shelf in Alpine White
  1. The minimalist tv stand

If you don’t need a huge storage space and need just a White Small TV Stand, this is the ideal choice. This is the favorite TV stand for you if you have a small living room.  The stand is lightweight and could be easy to move also.

  1. The work from home model

The name feels interesting right! How about working from your home and relaxing the free time watching tv using the same unit. You can make this happen by bringing home the latest addition to the Open Bookshelf TV Unit Design in your Living Room as it has a working area to keep your laptop and essentials also. You can mount the tv up and watch it in your free time.

  1. Glass and metal tv stand

Majority of people wish to know about a low cost version of tv units that would fit in the budget. The glass and metal tv stand is quite affordable as it wouldn’t have any fancy things at all. 

  1. Revolving Tv unit

This is quite an innovative tv unit as you are able to revolve the whole tv unit to view from both sides. Imagine that you have a wall separating the Wooden Living Room and kitchen. When you place this tv unit in between them, it helps you to rotate them and view from both sides.

  1. White Floating TV Console

The white floating tv console is a latest type of tv unit design. It keeps your floor clear, all while providing storage and style with its cabinets and easy wipe, gloss finish.

  1. Tv unit with book shelves

If you are a book lover, this could just be the thing for you. You can keep your favorite books organized in Floating Bookshelves and at the same time watch the tv too. You can make use of the full fledged wall as it will give the feeling of a Oak Library Bookshelves.

Wooden Tv Unit With Storage in Open Units and Base Units in a Combination of Natural Carini Walnut
Wooden TV Unit With Storage in Open Units and Base Units in a Combination of Natural Carini Walnut

Final Thoughts

Tv units are now having innovative changes from the previous generations. New designs, shades and fancy colors are now catching the attention of everyone. The obvious question that would rise in the mind of everyone would be to choose the ideal designer that could help you in finding the perfect tv unit for your home. Inspired Elements have more than a decade experience in designing the finest tv units in London. With fast-paced lifestyles multitasking is a necessity, our designers make a flexible entertainment centre with great ideas, for practical storage solutions and design features for the home. So when someone looks for bespoke TV furniture in London, naturally their first choice would be Inspired Elements.

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