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Wooden cupboards are always the favourite of homeowners, no matter how many decades pass. If you need solid wood’s warmth, comfort and richness in your bedrooms, you should bring our wooden cupboards. While stepping into the bedroom, the warmth and classy feeling that oak cupboards provide you would be refreshing. The wooden cupboard’s nature connection will bring a positive vibe to your bedrooms. The timeless finish of Solid Wood Sideboard can stay for very long. When you have a wooden cupboard in your bedroom, it will give you a homely feel. Here we are looking at a few wooden cupboard designs which you may find interesting.

Custom-built Wooden Cupboards Design Ideas For Bedrooms

Wooden cupboards nowadays have a bunch of options. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your character. You can have colour variants ranging from grey, white, black and even fancy colours. In terms of material, you can have oak, pine, maple and more. You can choose whether you need a sliding or luxury wooden cupboard. Let’s have a look at some designs which you may find interesting. 

1. Mirrored Wooden Cupboards

Bringing a mirrored cupboard to your bedroom makes it a multipurpose furniture unit. You can use the wardrobe as a personal beauty apparatus, as it can act as a dressing table if you have an extra stool. The mirror can reflect light into the room to create a bright-looking interior. The Mirrored Cupboard Doors can come with multiple drawers, which can help to store essentials. 

Bedside Small cupboard in Cashmere
Bedside Small cupboard in Cashmere

2. Floating Cupboards

If you are bored with standard wooden cupboards, you can go for the wall-mounted wooden cupboards. Compared to traditional ones, they use less space as they are wall-mounted and offer a graceful look to any room. In addition, the wall-mounted cupboards come in personalised finishes and custom sizes, which you can try out for your bedrooms.

3. Choose The Elegant White

Go for white to have a pleasing bedroom space! The best feature of a white wooden cupboard is that it provides the overall feeling of having more space in the room and reflects ample light. Since white wooden cupboards tend to be stylish, they can be used in multiple spaces in your home or even at the office if appropriately utilised. Additionally, if the outside view is not that important, you can install racks on them to store a range of things like books, makeup boxes, essential sets and more. 

framed bedside cupboard in natural walnut finish
framed bedside cupboard in natural walnut finish

4. Pick up the Light-Toned Wood-Finish

If you wish to go for light coloured furniture unit, you can try out the light-toned wooden finish in the cupboards. Go for the beige or light grey shade which can match almost every interior type.

5. Try Out The Birch Wood

Birch cupboards provide better storage options with ample storage options. They can be made in a variety of designs with beautiful interiors. The design of our Living Room Cupboard will have a Scandinavian contemporary touch giving a classy feel. The birchwood finish makes it perfect for almost every type of space. Since the size is small, you can use them in the bedroom or living room. 

6. Introduce The Shaker Style

Shaker-style wooden cupboards are indicated by their simplicity, square frames and classical proportions. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and the panels and the frames come in various finishes, such as wood effects, mirrors and glass. The design is perfect for modern and traditional layouts, as we can customise it.

7. L-Shaped Wooden Cupboards

Why stick with the traditional design when you can experiment? Go for the L-shaped wooden cupboard, which is perfect if you have uneven space. They mostly can come in white and grey colours with plain doors. Depending on your decor, the finish can be either matt or high gloss and go for aluminium and gold handles, making it look gorgeous.

8. Try The Laminate Finish

Laminate finishes are quite famous and a versatile option to add to your wooden wardrobes. The best thing about the laminates is that they are scratch-resistant and straightforward to clean; their brittleness prevents them from being durable. You can choose high gloss and low gloss variants according to your preferences. You can also add a made-to-measure Under The Stairs Chupboard Storage Ideas & add an extensive storage unit.

Cosy cottage bedroom set with leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small dressing table set in Sable & light grey finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set with leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small dressing table set in Sable & light grey finish

9. Go For The Red Cupboard

How about adding a red finish to the cupboards in your bedrooms? They are visually very appealing and provide a luxurious feel inside the bedroom. They could be made with single and multi-door features, and you can try out the oak wood here. It gives the interior an overall contrasting look which is better for bedrooms.

10. Unique Behind-The-Bed Cupboard

If you don’t have much space inside your bedroom, you can go for the behind-the-bed cupboard design, which can look great. You can have all the necessary storage options in the wardrobe and save a lot of space. While creating the cupboard, go for a finish that matches the bed’s shades.

11. Bring in Multi Shades

You can introduce multiple shades in the same cupboard, giving you a unique look inside the bedroom. Try introducing hues of the same colour or go for a dark and light variant creating a contrasting feel. Don’t stick with one design, as you can experiment with the designs. Add a bespoke Small Cupboard in your bedroom in unique colour combination & order now!

12. Cupboards With Workspace

You can add a work desk to the middle portion of the cupboard for a more versatile interior. In addition, it can elevate your compact space’s functionality by including a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a work desk.

13. Try Out The Dark Hues

Dark hues bring in a deep feeling inside the bedrooms. Those who have space inside the room should go for this. We can complement them by adding muted shades to the rooms, creating a contrasting feeling. 

cosy cottage bedroom set with wooden small cupboard/sideboard in factory & Raw Steel finish
cosy cottage bedroom set with wooden small cupboard/sideboard in factory & Raw Steel finish

14. Bifold Cupboards

How about trying out the unique Bifold Cupboard Doors fitted to your bedrooms? If you are a nature lover and are thinking of having a natural feel inside your home, wooden cupboards are your pick. Most wooden cupboards are made from renewable materials; you can add them to any interior. You can choose us if you are looking for an ideal designer for designing your cupboards. Inspired Elements’ wooden door cupboards will help to reduce the visual and physical clutter making the available space organised. Visit our portfolio to learn more about wooden cupboards.

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