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Fitted Kitchens Available In Your Favourite Colours!


Kitchens are always a hot topic in homes, and we all love to have a better one. When you scroll down through the endless kitchen designs on the internet or see someone’s newly made kitchen, the thought of creating a new kitchen would arise in your mind. While thinking of kitchens, we may sometimes forget about the colours. Each colour has its significance.

With the abundance of colour options, pair it with the Fitted Modern Kitchens designs and make the best of Inspired Elements’ all-inclusive products and services.

L-shaped matt handleless kitchen with corian worktop in Dust Grey finish
L-shaped matt & wooden handleless kitchen with granite worktop in aluminium, Grey Beige & Gladstone Oak finish
I-shaped wooden & matt kitchen set in Indigo Blue & Cleaf Matrix finish
L-shaped wooden shaker with ceramic worktop in Beige metallic Acrylic & Tobacco Gladstone Oak finish

What We Offer

Premiumline kitchen with aluminium handleless profile in Premium White matt finish

White Kitchens

Everybody wants a white kitchen because they’re pure, clean, and great-looking in any style. Our state of the art collection of white kitchens designs will act as a canvas to add your design choices. You will get a crisp and standard feel inside your interior with our white kitchen cabinet ranges. For passionate white kitchen design, we are here to help you.

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Premiumline kitchen in aluminium handleless profile with dining area finish Metallic blue gloss acrylic (2)

Blue Kitchens

Bring home our bold and insanely gorgeous blue kitchen designs to your home to transform your kitchen like in a dream. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. All these colour shadings have uniqueness and could be used in any home, from modern Kitchen Designs to traditional ones.

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Shaker style L shape Kitchen in dove finish with Island

Grey Kitchens

Grey colour is often considered relaxing and neutral. We can incorporate it with shades to give it warmth and comfort, making it an ideal option when you think of kitchen remodelling. Instead of getting bored with the same designs, handleless grey kitchen cabinets will be refreshing and calm inside the kitchens.

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Handlless Kitchen withisland in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handleprofile_1 (1)

Black Kitchens

Explore our bold and beautiful range of black kitchen designs that break the stereotypes. If you are looking for a sophisticated kitchen with universal appeal, you should look at our black kitchens. Our black gloss cabinets come in different shades, which would be a treat to the eyes. Find more about our stylish black kitchen designs by visiting our London showroom.

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Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of
interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish
hinged wardrobes bespoke to your style.

Get The Perfect Colour & Finish For Your Kitchens!

White Kitchens | Modular Blue Kitchens | Exquisite Black Kitchens

Inspired Elements is regularly updating the current trends in the market and bringing out the best to customers in modern kitchens. A dull looking kitchen is not the thing that you would encourage. We have a wide range of Kitchen Layouts ideas, from budget ranges to luxurious ones designed by keeping in mind the interests of individuals. The colour of the cabinets, countertops, islands and backlashes would influence the overall look of the kitchens. 

You should also check the colour of the wall before opting for the kitchen colour. The colour should not be contrasted, or everything would go wrong. People are willing to experiment with colours. On analysing the needs of homeowners, we have come up with stylish colours for kitchens that you would love to bring to your home. The colours surrounding you may influence your mood and productivity. Choosing the right colour that suits your tastes and decor may be often confusing.


White, Green, Or Blue Kitchens? Take Your Pick!

The colour palettes keep changing, so as do the tastes of individuals. We have colours ranging from white to green with specialities for each colour. We also can come up with multicolour layouts based on your preferences. For each colour, we have different shades, and each could be customised according to the room’s layout. For the same room, we can have multiple shades of the same colour.

When you have an idea of clean and fresh, we would naturally think of White colour. If you genuinely want a brighter kitchen, you can have White Kitchens as they reflect the right amount of light to create a vibrant interior. From white shaker kitchens to white handless kitchens, we have various designs that will be ideal for you. While traditional kitchen ranges often prefer light-coloured interiors, the contemporary designs now come in black designs. Our cutting edge range of black kitchen ranges will transform your kitchen experience. Unlike the bland colours, black kitchen cabinets would give a sharp appearance to give a stylish feeling inside the kitchen.

Grey colour is often considered relaxing and neutral. We can incorporate it with shades to give it warmth and comfort, making it an ideal option when you think of kitchen remodelling. Instead of getting bored with the same designs, grey cabinets will be refreshing and calm inside the kitchens. For those who wish to have a traditional kitchen, cream kitchens can provide all the warmness you want to have. They are soft, inviting and perfect to create a Bespoke Classic Kitchen. The cream is often an underrated colour.

With the number of shades and design ideas we can develop, cream kitchens would give your home an elegant look. Green kitchens are one of the most promising kitchens in the current generation. The aesthetic feel that green gives is unique. Mostly green is considered a stress-busting colour, and when you add them to your kitchens, it makes you so much comfortable. The range of shades used in blue are different, and we have a large variety in colour itself. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. 

We design each kitchen designs by adequately analysing the layout of your home. All the products we use are of premium quality materials which lasts long. We have endless combinations, design ideas, and Personalised Kitchen Worktops you would love to bring to your home. Your dream kitchen is not far away. Get in touch with the finest bespoke kitchen designers in London, Inspired Elements for your ideal kitchen.


Be it that blue kitchen or clean and bright white kitchens, read everything about your favourite kitchens by colours. With our weekly blogs, Inspired Elements provides new updates, trends, and guides on your favourite kitchens and the things to know before ordering your next kitchen unit at Inspired Elements.


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