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Made-to-order Fitted Quartz Kitchen Worktops!

Scratch & Strain Resistant Quartz Countertops In London!

Quartz is a popular material used in kitchens. While thinking of a better material to use in your kitchen, you can have a look at quartz as a worktop. Quartz is made with the most natural stone and some polymer stains, so it’s not entirely realistic but has the same properties as a natural stone. Mix and Match with other collections like Green Kitchen Units and order your quartz kitchen worktops today! In Europe, quartz was used as a countertop material for more than a few decades. The proven expertise of our quartz worktops makes them one of the top-selling worktops in London. 

Premiumline Quartz Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Textured Penelope and Light Grey Acrylic Finish
G Shape Handleless Quartz Kitchen in Oxide Finish With Gold Handleless Profile
G Shape Handleless Quartz Kitchen in Oxide Finish With Gold Handleless Profile
Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Onxy Dark Grey Matt and Woodgrain Oak Finish
Easyline Golden Profile Handle L Shape Kitchen in Metallic-inox Finish With Double Island & Profile Gold Handle

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 Extensive Collection Of Top-selling Quartz Worktops In London

Highly Durable & Budget-friendly Quartz Splashbacks

Quartz is intense and almost indestructible. The material itself is naturally impacted, resistant and durable. Once you install them as your worktops, you don’t have to look back. The hard property of quartz makes it also scratch-resistant. Even if you move your utensils, they won’t get easily scratched. Despite being scratch-resistant, our quartz worktops are stain and corrosion resistant too. Match it with our high-end Peninsula Kitchen Collection and get amazing deals for your kitchen collection and accessories at Inspired Elements.

Even if you accidentally spill food or coffee, the stain will not get caught on the surface, and you can easily clean them. In this way, the wood does not allow bacteria to grow on the surface to keep them hygienic. It’s easy to maintain a quartz worktop. You don’t need much time to clean them. Due to their durability, the chances of wear and tear are limited. We offer you a warranty on our quartz worktops, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

The colour and pattern of quartz are consistent. The consistency provides an excellent finish in the worktops making the kitchen look beautiful. The uniform appearance of the quartz finish makes it perfect to combine with Fitted Handleless Kitchens. The non-porous property of quartz is an added advantage. It doesn’t allow spilt water or food to get trapped under the material. You don’t have to seal it, and it won’t allow bacteria to get trapped in the space, which means no sanitary concerns.

Shop From Our Exclusive Quartz Kitchen Splashbacks In London
UK’s Most In-demand Kitchen Countertops In Quartz Finish

Quartz worktops come in different shades and colours. You can select the perfect one according to your tastes and the decor of the kitchen. In terms of aesthetics, quartz worktops always have the upper hand. The wide range of colour options and variations makes it perfect for almost every interior. For those who need to have environmentally friendly worktops, we will surely recommend G-shaped Kitchens with a quartz worktop. Quartz is made from locally recycled materials, and no harmful materials would be used in its creation. Quartz comes in customizable options to match almost every cabinets, backsplash, wall colour, and even flooring. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, Inspired Elements can help you with that also. Since we are obtaining the raw materials from high-quality vendors, we can develop affordable prices for you. The depth and quality of our quartz worktops would be evident in each design. 

If you are looking for a brighter option in your kitchen, you should look at our pure white quartz countertops with Bespoke Shaker Kitchens. The pure white countertops are elegant and classy. They would look perfect for small spaces as they would provide the illusion of more space. You can opt for grey cabinets with white worktops for those who wish to have a much more different design in white. White and grey match each other well to give a stunning kitchen. For experimenting, you can also choose an orange quartz worktop. They are ideal for modern homes and apartments where the interior colours are flashy. We can also come up with quartz worktops with deep contrasts. 

The designs may have white and black or grey and black or similar contrastive colour options to give a unique looking kitchen. The glossy black and glossy white quartz worktops are too available if you need a shiny interior. Don’t worry about the scratches as the worktops are hard. If you need a new quartz worktop kitchen for your home, we can help you.


Explore our all-new collection of fitted kitchen worktops and order your bespoke kitchen furniture at Inspired Elements. To know more, call us at 0203 397 8387.


We offer a diverse range of fitted kitchens design with unlimited options and compliance in organising your bespoke storage spaces. Each one of our clients come with different storage essentials and design concepts. To know more, read our latest blogs on quartz kitchen worktops and how they are perfect for your modern kitchens.

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What They Say


I fitted made to measure furniture form INSPIRED ELEMENTS LTD all my 3 bedrooms & kitchen, Great products at a affordable cost. I can honestly say I have no complaints about them.All went very well, delivered on requested date, everything present and looks great. Please contact ARJUN if you need any help this guy is very helpful

- Nitin Vaghasia -

Jul 15, 2022
powered by Google

Inspired Elements provided a great service from start to finish. They helped us design and choose the materials for our custom built TV unit and the end product we are overjoyed with. Highly recommend, they are reasonably priced, reliable and the end product is high quality.

- Wendy Pearce -

Apr 21, 2022
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Really impressed with our recently fitted wardrobes! Hasmukh from Inspired Elements has kindly supported us with ideas and customisation throughout the whole process from designing the wardrobes, adapting to our requested changes and fitting the wardrobes. Their service has truly been above and beyond as we have been asked at each stage whether we are happy with the wardrobes.

- Naresh Kapadia -

Mar 21, 2022
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I had wardrobes for 2 bedrooms fitted and a media unit in the lounge. The service was excellent from Inspired Elements. Hasmukh did a thorough and detailed design, checking the design with me at every stage. The fitting team did a great job especially Gorav and his attention to detail and a good finish. I would recommend Inspired Elements.

- Pretesh Mistry -

Feb 19, 2022
powered by Google

Great customer service and follow-up by Hasmukh. Wardrobe fitted within 3 hours with minimal scuffs and no issues, exactly according to plan. Highly recommend if you're after a stylish fitted wardrobe at a reasonable price relative to the market.

- Ayden Mohseni -

Feb 12, 2022
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AMAZING SERVICE! AMAZING WORK! AMAZING EVERYTHING! Would forever recommend this company.

- Deborah Ikomi -

Dec 11, 2021
powered by Google

Great company, great service, great fitters. Very satisfied with their work. Will use again.

- Dimitrios Lioumis -

Nov 23, 2021
powered by Google

Great quality work, fantastic fitters and service. Kitchen already fitted, just placed order for fitted wardrobes, and have recommended to family who have also placed orders. Better local service than the nationwide companies.

- Vinay Chauhan -

Sep 27, 2021
powered by Google

Brilliant service from start to finish designing custom wardrobes & a bespoke desk and shelf set up in our kitchen. Sanjay + team are extremely professional, use excellent tech to co-design with you, take care to ensure measurements are accurate & then install quickly and to a very high standard. All this and they were cheaper than anything else we could find. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

- Ben Szreter -

Sep 19, 2021
powered by Google

The entire experience from design, to delivery to fitting has been very fulfilling. I have used three other companies in the past but they don’t come anywhere close to Inspired Elements. I am very happy with the quality of their product, the attention to detail and the overall experience. Inspired Elements are not the cheapest. There are others who may be slightly cheaper but then you get what you pay for. I am a very satisfied customer and pleased to ‘highly recommend’ them.

- Kartik -

Sep 04, 2021
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