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Discover the world of Inspired Elements.



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Are you looking for a well-designed  Linear Glass fitted wardrobe that can revolutionise your space, making it tidy, clutter-free and altogether more relaxing? Our Linear Glass inspired by Italian designs offering a modern, yet classic Italian wardrobe look. The designer wardrobe is made custom made tinted glass to give you a luxurious feel. The wardrobe is delicately engineered with a special pivot hinge that can open at a 180° which makes it easily accessible. These bespoke modern wardrobes are clear glass wardrobes halfway between a built-in fitted wardrobe and a walk-in wardrobe. If you want to have an organized space, but also want to proudly showcase your belongings, then this is the storage solution for you. We offer you bespoke linear glass fitted wardrobes with elegant interiors, a variety of colours and classy finishes characterised by a see-through effect perfect for classy bedroom looks.


Our glass built-in wardrobes utilise every inch of space in your fitted bedroom which gives you plenty of storage as well as alleviating the uneven gaps around the wardrobe. The accessories include luxurious hanging spaces, shoe and accessory trays, adjustable rails and silently gliding drawer systems which are exclusively manufactured to offer the most luxurious feel to any fitted glass built-in wardrobe. The LED shelves come in the same colour profile as doors and hanging systems giving a stunning outlook. The bespoke long profile thin frame with anodised special finish with a choice of different finishes in the glass providing a royal approach to your modern wardrobe.


A glass fitted wardrobe becomes more beautiful when we provide them with ideal accessories. All of our storage innovations offer multiple functional options and could be customized according to the designs, materials and colors that suit your demand. 

We help you in designing the interior of your modern wardrobe with trouser hangers, shoe racks, mirrors, pull-out shelves, glass top dressing tables, options are endless. Our designers take every customer’s needs into consideration when planning the perfect storage solution wardrobe for you, considering the young, elderly or those with limited mobility. We handpick all the unique and useful accessories that enhance the authentic feel of every designer fitted wardrobe.


We all have our ways of storing essentials and it would differ according to our need. We have a series of pre-designed internal storage layouts that cater to most needs and provide some exciting ideas for storage.  Every fitted Italian wardrobe we manufacture starts from scratch and each design would be unique. We can customize the internal storage options according to the required layout of our clients. You can add your own personal touch and get the right configuration to suit your needs. How about adding extra space to keep your shoes? Or a luxurious hanger or a special secret tray to keep your jewellery? We can bring your dreams alive!


The charisma of unique designs by Inspired Elements would be evident in every product we develop and that helps us in creating the finest products in the market. We have a team of highly skilled individuals who undertook every work with professionalism, courtesy and consideration. We believe in adding a touch of timeless elegance to all our designer fitted wardrobes that would reflect the way we work.


Our team of experts are happy to visit your home to talk about our designer fitted wardrobes. We will listen to your thoughts carefully and will help you in finding the best option according to your interests, interior and budget 

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