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Bespoke Fitted Kitchen Chorleywood | Hertfordshire

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The client in Chorleywood based on Hertfordshire wished to have a Bespoke Fitted Kitchen. They were in search of perfect bespoke kitchen makers in London and then they came to know about us.  According to Inspired Elements, you deserve a kitchen that reflects who you are, does everything you need, and inspires you every day. A kitchen needs to be all things to all people – at least, all the people in your home. We by keeping all these things in mind installed a fully bespoke kitchen for our client. The client wanted a high gloss Handleless Kitchen with modern and contemporary design.

Our interior designer came up with the modern concept of using champagne high gloss acrylic kitchen. The design was unique and suited exactly the design of the room. When we used the concept of champagne high gloss acrylic in the kitchen the overall mood of the kitchen was transformed into a pleasant one. The design helped in reflecting the exact light which enhanced the positive feel inside the kitchen. When the project was completed at the exact time, the client was happy and was satisfied with the quote we provided. You can also check out our I-shaped Easy Line Kitchen Project & order any bespoke design with Inspired Elements.

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