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Bespoke Bookshelves and Home Office Furniture | Rickmansworth London

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Our Bespoke Bookshelves and cabinets are designed and used as great storage solutions as well as design features within the homes raising our fame as the best bespoke furniture company in London. We designed bespoke Bookshelves and Home Office Furniture for a client in Rickmansworth. The client wants to have a new and improved look for his office rooms and his first option to go for was Inspired Elements. We created  Bespoke Office Furniture in confort penelope fusion finish which changed the overall look of the office. For better storage options, we installed storage cabinets with hinged doors which could be opened by pushing. We also installed a Sliding Door for the shelf unit which saved a lot of space

In terms of other Bookcases Furniture, we made a thick yet stylish looking working desk with steel painted legs. The client also wished to have a small area for praying. So we managed to build a temple area with LED strip light. We also made a drawer line with the handless profile.

Drawerline with a handleless profile. The client also wishes to redecorate his study room. We installed the study room/music room with a white perfect matt finish, which changed the overall look and feel of the room. We also initiated in making organised thick shelves with LED Lights which in the matter aesthetic look give a premium feel. The Modern Home Study Room now looks well organised and has a cool and calm interior which could be used for relaxation and reading. 

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