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Full Mirror Sliding and Hinged Wardrobe Combo in Ealing

Are you looking for a stylish and spacious wardrobe for your Ealing home? Look no further than our full-mirror sliding wardrobe and gloss white hinged wardrobe. Both options offer ample storage space and a stylish design that will complement any bedroom. The entire mirror sliding wardrobe features a full-length mirror on the front doors, perfect for making your bedroom look bigger and brighter. It also has two large compartments with adjustable shelves and hanging rods, providing plenty of storage space for your clothes and accessories. The gloss white hinged wardrobe is made from high-quality veneer white MDF, making it a stylish addition to any bedroom. It has two large compartments with adjustable shelves, hanging rods, and a small drawer for storing jewellery or other small items.
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We created a luxurious and functional wardrobe solution for our client in Ealing, featuring a perfect blend of style and convenience. The entire Mirror Sliding Wardrobe adds a touch of glamour to the room while providing ample storage for clothing and accessories. Its reflective surface enhances the space and serves as a convenient dressing mirror. Conversely, the gloss hinged wardrobe offers additional storage and complements the overall aesthetic.

Combining the full mirror sliding wardrobe and the gloss hinged wardrobe allows for efficient organisation of clothes and personal belongings, ensuring a clutter-free environment. The Glossy Wardrobe finish adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the room, creating a visually appealing and harmonious atmosphere.

Our team paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the wardrobes were seamlessly integrated into the existing space while serving the client’s storage needs. The result is a stunning wardrobe setup that enhances the room’s functionality and elevates its overall design. To experience the convenience and elegance of this wardrobe solution, reach out to us at 0203 397 8387 and book a free home design visit with our team in Ealing.

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