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Having a Hinged Fitted Wardrobe with study unit and TV area was the requirement of the client in Kensington and Chelsea in London. The available space was actually less and we thought of introducing an L shape hinged Fitted Wardrobe. L-shaped wardrobes also known as a corner wardrobe can be the ideal solution for that small bedroom corner or other room. Our made-to-measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors are perfect for maximising your wardrobe space, especially if you want to install them into a corner of a room. On analysing the room we got the idea that light colours will suit the room better. We made the L shaped wardrobe with hinged doors in a light grey colour.

We want to make the study desk also matching the wardrobe and so we ended up In making it in light grey colour too. We then started working on the tv unit. Having a perfect tv unit is a must for a regular home. We on understanding the requirement build a TV unit with white and grain colours. The client has his ideas which he wants to transform and found us the better partner in doing so. We made each of the furniture with premium quality materials and it’s evident in each design.

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