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Fitted Hinged Wardrobe Earl’s Court | Kensington and Chelsea

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The client in Earl’s Court in Kensington and Chelsea wished to have a Fitted Hinged Wardrobe. Having a fitted hinged wardrobe in the room was an excellent choice for storage options. We installed a fully Bespoke Fitted Hinged Wardrobe in the room. For easy operation, we also installed black long handles. We were also asked to design the hallway furniture. We then installed bespoke Fitted Hallway Furniture with shoe shelves and hanging for coats. The design was perfectly matching the interior of the room and there was separate space for each and every accessory. We next move on in designing the study room furniture. On analysing the space we thought of installing a bespoke floating study desk with an open Bookshelf and Storage Cupboard. We chose this design due to its versatility and there would-be separate space to keep the books and other essentials that could be used for study purposes.

This Kensington and Chelsea property had a large room and we have the idea of using the space for Hinged Corner Wardrobes better storage options. We succeeded in building an L shape Hinged Wardrobe Unit in Brent Project with long black handles. This was a unique design and no space was left behind in designing this. We also installed the study area with fusion finishes in wood grain and additionally added a white gloss feature. This gives a pleasing experience to the study room. The client then asked us to design the hallway furniture. We designed the hallway furniture with a cream and dark wood finish. We are happy to be part of the complete transformation to the home and the client trusted us throughout the project.

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