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Best Bespoke Bookshelves and Cabinets in Moorpark London

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When choosing the best bespoke bookshelves and Bespoke Cabinets in the UK, Inspired elements always come on the top of the list with Bespoke Bookshelves furniture including made to measure bookcases. Our Moor park project had a fully customised built-in kitchen and bespoke bookshelves furniture. The client had some distinct requirements which we loved to work with. They wanted a full accessorised yet classy looking kitchen in their home.

We installed a Fitted German-style Handleless Kitchen with Dark stone grey and Cashmere grey combined to finish with the aluminium handleless profile. The German-style we introduced in the kitchen gives a classy look and it was easy for them for day to day uses.  The unique combination of Dark stone grey and Cashmere grey give a stylish appearance to the cabinets which provided the clients with a stylish kitchen. All the wall cabinets were installed with spotlight and glass side drawers for a premium look. This will reflect ample light in the morning and proper light during the night time

The client also wished to have a beautiful bookshelf with better storage options. We installed a bespoke fitted Open Diamond shape bookshelf in black brown wood grain finish. The design of the bookshelf was so pleasing which will keep it more organised also with a classy look. We also worked on a Bespoke Wardrobe in the room. We made a Loft Fitted Wardrobe with a white perfect matt finish. This wardrobe was a perfect saviour in solving their storage issues.

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