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To have a Built-in wardrobe for their home was the requirement of the client in Elstree Hertfordshire. Our designers after the successful assessment of the space suggested building a Fitted hinged wardrobe. Our hinged wardrobes are the epitome of clean, classic style and are perfect for a range of bedrooms and interiors. Hinged wardrobe doors are incredibly versatile and you get the entire visibility of the contents of your wardrobe. The wardrobe hinges option and provides optimal hanging space with the choice of a traditional and modern feel. Hinged Wardrobe doors don’t require a track on the floor and handles can be customised or eliminated to provide a clean and clear look. 

Here we made some attractive customisations while designing the hinged door wardrobe. We provided a white gloss finish in the Built-in Wardrobe and also added an LED lighting within the design. The design was eye catching and the client liked it a lot.

We also installed Fitted Loft Room Furniture in the room. Space was quite a slop and we need to have extra care while building it. We made the wardrobe with better storage features which was an added advantage to the room. The client was happy in the designs and we were happy to finish the project in time. 

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