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Loft Fitted Wardrobe Wembley | Brent

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Here is the perfect example of a Loft Fitted Wardrobe supplied by Inspired Elements at the heart of Wembley – Brent London. Loft conversion often requires bespoke wardrobes with slants and slopes to be carefully considered in the design of Fitted Wardrobes. Our client wanted to utilise this awkward space for custom built in wardrobe and maximise storage.

The other two area organised with fitted Walk-in Wardrobe included our soft close drawers additionally added our square divider tray to arrange accessories.

As the room had enough sunlight our interior designers choose to use a fusion Light grey finish with recessed LED lighting. The Internals of the Fitted Loft Wardrobe Storage in Ealing had the required hanging space for customers’ clothing as well as drawers and adjustable shelves to offer a change in vertical height as required.

Angled Loft Conversions is a very common room area in London based houses As a manufacturer of Bespoke Bedroom Furniture, we can bespoke this type of complex space wardrobe to shape in any loft storage and any colour to meet requirements of interior designers demand.

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