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Sliding Wardrobe & Hinged Wardrobe Chorleywood | Hertfordshire

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The Chorleywood – Hertfordshire client wished to have a Sliding Wardrobe and hinged fitted wardrobe in his space. By seeing our advertisement online they contacted us and we visited his place. They have some ideas which they want to transform into reality and wish to have our full support. Our designers conducted a thorough analysis of the room and brought up some ideas that the client liked. Sliding wardrobes is a quick and stylish way to add functional storage to your bedroom. We thought of adding a Mirrored Door Sliding Wardrobe into the room. A Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe in Brent is a great addition not only for aesthetics but also as a functional storage unit. A mirrored sliding wardrobe gives you an illusion of having more space in your home than normal. The mirrored wardrobe we made helped in making the room look bigger and spacious. This was certainly an added advantage.

We then created a hinged door wardrobe for the room. Our modern Hinged Door Wardrobes are always made-to-measure and a great solution to the storage-related queries. We made the wardrobe with grey colour for better looks and this really matches the interior of the room. The end result of the project was really great and the client was satisfied with our work.

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