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Having a study room with proper storage options is always a good thing for your children. Our client in Holland park- Keniston and Chelsea approached us for furnishing the Study Room for their children.  Our expert team visited their place and carefully passed their requirements. After taking the measurements we started making the furniture from scratch. For study purposes, the room would have ample lighting and pleasing appearance. In order to create such an atmosphere, we installed the storage Study Room with Storage options particularly the drawers with a white perfect matt finish. This was extremely satisfying for the children and parents alike due to its pleasing look.

The client had space which was quite in an inclined shape and he wanted to use that space to build a wardrobe to solve his storage issues. We on analysing the space built an angle loft wardrobe by completely utilising the available space. The best thing was that no space was wasted in the process. We also then installed a Loft Fitted Wardrobe so that the client won’t have to restrict his storage options. The project was finished at the exact time and we are happy to see our client satisfied.

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