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Built-in Wardrobe for a Small Bedroom With Bespoke Kitchen Chorleywood

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Our project in Chorleywood was of a customised built-in wardrobe which was specifically for a small bedroom. The client had a specialised requirement and we assured him to make complete use of the available space. We made a Walk-in Wardrobe with beautiful lights, within the available space. Instead of using a hinged wardrobe, we used a Sliding Wardrobe Door which helped to save a lot of space. In order to increase the storage options, we used the Lehmans corner unit which would help to use maximum space in the corner. We also did a bespoke kitchen for them, with the experience of a Handless Kitchen. It was made with white gloss material and the according to the client he felt it clean and tidy. To enhance the visual beauty of the handless kitchen we also installed a led light which would help them more during night time. When the client’s requirements were properly assessed by our team and we added our design sense with it, the client was extremely satisfied. 

Even though the room is small, the Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes has all the storage options required for them. While installing the wardrobes, our team made complete utilisation of the corners and there was no unused space at all. We also made sure that, there is ample space for them for the clients daily use. 

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