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White Built-in and Parallel Hinged Wardrobe with Full Mirror

In the scenic setting of Hillingdon, our recent project featured a pair of white wardrobes—a built-in with interior drawers and a parallel hinged wardrobe with full mirrors on the front doors. Crafted meticulously, these wardrobes seamlessly combine style with practicality. The built-in offered organised storage with interior drawers, while the parallel hinged wardrobe maximised space usage. We added full mirrors to enhance aesthetics and functionality, serving as convenient dressing aids. This project showcased our commitment to tailored storage solutions. To make these unique wardrobes yours, add them to your wishlist and contact us at 0203 397 8387 for a free home design visit.
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Nestled in the serene Hillingdon district, our recent client project was harmonious with functionality and style. The spotlight of this endeavour was a pair of white built-in and parallel-hinged wardrobes, each offering unique features that transformed the room.

The white built-in wardrobe, equipped with interior drawers, epitomised practicality. These drawers provided well-organised storage space for personal items, making it easy to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Its counterpart, the white parallel Wardrobe Doors Hinged, boasted full-length mirrors on its front doors, adding a touch of elegance while serving as a functional dressing aid. The mirrors expanded the visual space and made daily routines more convenient.

Every detail in this project was meticulously designed to cater to the client’s needs, enhancing aesthetics and utility. The white finish brought an air of freshness and purity to the room, creating a serene ambience.

This project exemplified our dedication to crafting customised storage solutions that elevate everyday living. To make these unique wardrobe designs yours, add them to your wishlist and arrange a free home design visit with our team, or contact us directly at 0203 397 8387. Experience an enhanced lifestyle in Hillingdon with these exceptional wardrobes.


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