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Bathroom Storage Cabinets White City | Hammersmith and Fulham

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This wardrobes project in White City – Hammersmith and Fulham was designed for Bar and Bathroom.

Having a personalised bar in your home will be everyone’s fantasy. To have a luxurious bar in-home, made with premium quality materials, is just a feast to our eyes.  The Bespoke Wardrobes project in White City – Hammersmith and Fulham were designed for Bar and Bathroom. The client’s requirement was unique, and they wanted to make full use of the available space. As per the instructions, our team started working from scratch. We want to make the bar area stylish and luxurious, and for that, we used high-quality products. We made the bar area with a dark brown woodgrain finish, handleless cabinets, aluminium handle profile with LED. This provides the bar with the exact ambience to perfectly set up the mood. According to the client, we then installed other Premium Accessories like a diamond-shaped wine rack, glass cabinets with a glass shelf, and a visible bronze mirror which was classy.

The client also wishes to add storage solutions to his bathroom. We installed the bathroom storage cabinets with a push-open with a full bronze mirror door. To enhance the lighting options, we installed a dark wood grain oak finish with a spotlight. This changed the look of the bathroom without much effort. We finished the project within the anticipated budget, and the client was pleased.

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