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  Things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

Having a beautiful wardrobe in your home is so exciting, isn’t it? Fitted wardrobes are a well-received option when it comes to the case of storage solutions.  From the name itself, this type of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling, as it actually is a great way to make the most of the space in your bedroom. The best thing about this kind of wardrobe is that it provides you with more space for storage than a normal freestanding wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe can actually increase the value of your home by improving the aesthetics. According to the latest findings by Vileda 80% of people who are looking to buy a new home wish to have better storage spaces at home. Most of them are interested in buying a fitted wardrobe for their homes.


The benefit of having Bespoke furniture is that you can arrange it according to the aesthetic sense and make your home more beautiful. Most people have confusion while selecting a perfect wardrobe for their house. In this blog, we have come up with the things you need to know about fitted wardrobes.

Things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

Are you struggling with a lack of storage spaces to keep your essentials? Then it’s the perfect time to introduce a fitted wardrobe to your home. But, what are things you need to know about fitted wardrobes? let’s have a look at it

Better Storage Space

Actually freestanding wardrobes are not exactly suited for bedrooms and they usually fill up a lot of space in the room. A fitted wardrobe could be completely customised according to your needs. It could be tailored enough to fit the height of the room. Even if you have low ceilings or even a sloping roof you could utilize the entire space. 

It’s quite an investment

Even though we can’t take fitted wardrobes along with us when we are shifting our home, it could be a great investment. People who buy homes always look for storage spaces and when you have a prebuilt fitted wardrobe in your house you could easily charge extra for that.

Customise your storage solution

Your fitted wardrobe would be purely customised according to your needs. The layout of your wardrobe, its racks, positioning, size everything would be based on your interests and you could fully be in control of it. 

Plan for the future

As said earlier fitted wardrobes are a great investment.  Choosing a perennial style is a future-proof way of ensuring that even if you switch up the design for your bedroom, your wardrobes will still fit effortlessly. Every fitted wardrobe is created to last long which comes with almost a 10 years warranty. In a way, it’s simple future planning.

They are not just for clothes

We may think that fitted wardrobes could be only utilised for storing clothes. But it’s not exactly right. We could use it as a shoe rack, toys storing space, used to keep your board games, skateboard, toolbox, and almost everything you wish to. It could literally be your personal belongings counter. How about keeping your tennis racket in your fitted wardrobe?

Doors could be a big deal!

When we choose the door of the wardrobe, we should also consider the size and shape of the bedroom.  The door should match with the preference of the room which should maintain the aesthetic feel too! If you have limited space you should opt for a sliding door. How about having a mirror on the door? You could use that space as your personal beauty care sport which actually is a space-saving idea.

Think of your interior

The fitted wardrobe should match the interior of the room. When you are planning to implement a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom make sure that it fits with the interior of the room. Once you have chosen your design and finishes, your furniture will be craftsman fitted and you won’t even need to put your finger. Imagine how beautiful your bedroom would be if your wardrobe exactly matches it. If you want the flexibility to move your shelves or hanging rails in future, then opt for our Premium Storage wardrobes

Always keep the measurements right

The measurements taken should be precise and should exactly match the requirements in the room. The bespoke wardrobe is made under exact supervision within the measurements provided. If the proper measurement is not given, it would affect the entire wardrobe. If there are any additional fittings like plug point, router cable, etc in the designated space please let the concerned person know. 

Think of your budget

Fitted wardrobes come at different prices and you should select them according to your budget. There are many affordable choices with decent designs and qualities, but if you do have the budget, you can get a bespoke wardrobe from a specialist company, that will perfectly fit your space and style preferences. If you are looking for a much luxurious option for your bedroom you can also buy that one too, it’s all upon your preferences.

Choosing the best furniture company

Choosing the right furniture company who are specialists in making fitted wardrobes is the most important thing you have to know.  Earlier we used to consult with our friends and family to reach a conclusion. Now we have online options to search online to find the top-rated companies that would serve your purpose. Even though there are a lot of companies in the market, a few of them always come into the top of the list due to their high-quality service. Inspired Elements is one such company in the UK that is known for creating stylish and practical fitted wardrobes according to the tastes of clients.


If you are looking for a perfect fitted wardrobe that meets all your requirements feel free to get in touch with us. If you have any questions about any of our services, we have an expert team to help you. 




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