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London’s Fitted Floor-To-Ceiling Wardrobes Collection


Don’t let your space in the ceiling get wasted, as we can help you by utilising the available space into something useful. How about our latest bespoke sloped ceiling wardrobes? Floor to ceiling wardrobes can be a lifesaver when you want to make the most of every inch of space to keep things organised. Making use of your ceiling space in the garage can get things off the floor.

And nearly double your storage capacity, especially for furniture like floor-to-ceiling Kitchen Cabinets. With options to store just about anything you have lying around, floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets is an easy choice to make. 

Fitted Sliding Wardrobe With Frameless Top Hung Doors in Combination of Clear Ares and Ivory
Loft Angled Fitted Sloped Ceiling Wardrobe
Bespoke Fitted Frameless Sliding High Ceiling Gloss Wardrobe

Our  Inspired  Solutions

2nd Category Bespoke Study Room Finish Wardrobe


Be it Matt, gloss,
or wooden, we create
on-demand bespoke
finishes to your wardrobes,
kitchens, and furnitures!

2nd Category Tv Unit Bespoke Finish


Order your personalised
accessories and get,
unique designs made
bespoke to your style!

2nd Category Bespoke Finish Kitchen

Real Room

Explore our customers’
Real Room Makeovers
& wishlist your favourite
designs for us to create!



Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of
interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish
hinged wardrobes bespoke to your style.

Order Your Personalised High Ceiling Storage Now!

Bespoke Floor-to-ceiling Kitchen Cabinets & Storage

We always give prominence to each individual’s sloped ceiling wardrobes ideas and will carefully incorporate each of these ideas to save the space. Our floor-to-ceiling wardrobe installation process is so unique that we make sure that the available space is successfully utilised. You can mix any designs, colours, accessories in the floor to ceiling wardrobes according to your specific needs. Transform your ceiling space into something useful with our new range of sloped ceiling wardrobes and floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. Order from our all-new collection of Fitted Loft Conversion and get your favourite designs made at Inspired Elements. 

Often spaces in high ceilings are left behind unnoticed.  Our floor to ceiling storage came to the limelight for its gorgeous looks and built quality. It provides excellent internal storage, especially in high ceilings, for all those clothes, shoes and whatever else you might want to store away. Maximising the storage space in high ceilings is an added advantage of floor to ceiling storage as it can be made at any height utilising your entire area. Each floor to ceiling storage could be neatly customised according to your specific requirements. 


We Furnish Floor-To-Ceiling Storage & Wardrobes

When it comes to floor-to-ceiling storage, we can guarantee that you will never be short for styles to complement your home perfectly. Every low ceiling wardrobe can be individually tailored to meet your requirements and the theme you aim to convey. We help you to create bespoke floor-to-ceiling storage or low ceiling wardrobes without having to sacrifice any of the space all in the rest of your home. We will carefully listen to your ideas, and on analysing the area, we will help you design floor-to-ceiling storage and low ceiling wardrobes. 

And if you are looking for storage options, visit our Bespoke Storage Solution collection and get yourself a bespoke storage design at Inspired Elements. Experienced carpenters manufacture each high ceiling cabinet, and you can select your desired colours on low ceiling storage cabinets, which our professional painters will take care of at Inspired Elements.

Ceiling storage options are the best to keep things away from moisture. Our bespoke ceiling storage solution is a space to keep things you don’t use daily. For small bedrooms, ceiling storage will be an extra storage space. We can create cabinets on the ceilings to keep your essentials. We can even create secret storage space in your ceilings! In living room ceilings, we can create storage options to keep your antiques and plants. The ceiling storage can keep your winter jacket and skewing shoes that you take only during the season.

We can create separate sections for each user depending upon the requirements. Space can also be used to keep your old academic books and your hobby collections. We furnish all your favourite wardrobe designs with fitted accessories, from creating bespoke furniture to our most in-demand Glass Sliding WardrobesWhile creating each ceiling storage, our designers will be careful about the measurements. Once you choose the designs, we will start making the designs. The installation process will be precise, and no space will be left behind. 


If you are looking for a new design or a trendy collection for your favourite floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, then you are at the right place. Visit our blog section and great your favourite blogs on new high ceiling trends, designs, and news. Even send us your queries, and we’ll address all your questions in our following blogs.

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