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Fitted Hinged Wardrobes Bespoke To You


Are you looking for a way to redesign your interior your way? Now make your interior sleek and clutter-free with Inspired Elements’ most in-demand Hinge Fitted Wardrobes, from transforming your interior into a chic household altogether while organising it efficiently. Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish hinged wardrobes bespoke to your style. 

This fitted hinged wardrobe system offers full modularity with bespoke finishes. Easy to match with Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and bridging units for beds. Our designers ensure every fitted wardrobe reflects the luxury touch with our sleek handles range and a wide choice of colours and materials. We have the perfect collection of bespoke fitted hinged wardrobes that precisely suits your design sense. Our custom-made contemporary bespoke hinged door wardrobes can be made in neutral colours to add a sleek, classy and stylish look to your room.  You can easily add a bright accent by choosing an unusual colour for your hinged door closet. 

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelf Unit in Lava Grey and Sherwood Textured Finish
Hinged Wardrobe With Dressing Table and Extra Storage in White Acrylic Gloss Finish
Hinged Wardrobe With Dressing Table and Extra Drawer Storage in Esperia and Stone Grey Finish

What We Offer

Hinged wardrobe with full mirror wooden finish glass open shelf

Glass Wardrobes

We also provide unique Soft-close German Hinges to ensure the durability of the set Hinged Glass Wardrobe Doors. Our made to measure glass wardrobe hinge door system makes it an exceptionally versatile and flexible system. The accessories are made with the highest quality materials and mechanisms that last long for every high specification product we make.

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Folding door fitted wardrobe in gloss white finish

Bifold Wardrobes

Depending on your preferences, we build hinged folding wardrobe doors in a custom-made finish. Far be it a one-style collection, our designers create fitted bifold wardrobe doors in all finishes, including wooden, mirrored, matte, laminated, routed shutters. If you prefer a more contemporary look, then go for metal-framed shutters with glass panels. 

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Linear wood fitted wardrobe with Aluminium profile handle with a beige textile finish.

Wooden Wardrobes

Our most in-demand wooden wardrobes are available in numerous varieties of solid wood, oak, walnut, pine, etc. Be it your classic wooden bedrooms or modular living, our hinged wooden wardrobes suit all interior type and style.

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Fitted Hinged Corner Wardrobes in cashmere matt finish

Corner Wardrobes

Our hinged fitted corner wardrobe doors can be designed to work around traditional and modern spaces, sloping or angled ceilings, spacious settings, and small areas. We combine Hinged and corner wardrobes and create skillfully pleasant corner hinged wardrobes for our clients. Inspired Elements offers you to make the most of your storage space in style. 

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Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of
interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish
hinged wardrobes bespoke to your style.

Get The Perfect Hinged Wardrobes Doors at Inspired Elements!

Contemporary Wardrobes | Personalised Accessories | Bespoke Hinged Doors

Hinged storage spaces offer a unique solution to every room and space, no matter the area dimensions. Our designers take the exact measurement of your space and mark your requirements. When it comes to maintenance cost, fitted hinged wardrobes and hinged mirrored wardrobe doors have comparatively fewer expenses with the added benefit of easily replaced hinges. Call our team today and book your free design visit with Inspired Elements. We make industry-leading Hinged Wardrobes bespoke to each new client. Our designs are created based on your interiors, taste and style, and allotted budget.

Inspired Elements offer an assorted collection of Hinged wardrobe doors with diverse door styles and finish. When it comes to painted doors, we spray masterfully to create any colour or finish desired. Our clients have the choice to select from an endless palette of colours and finishes. Be it lacquered, high gloss, matt, or silk, each of the Hinged wardrobe doors and hinged mirrored wardrobe doors we make come with all the accessories suited. Our Hinged Doors accessories are designed to use the space provided optimally. Likewise, our most in-demand Sliding Fitted Wardrobes also prove to the crowd-favourite with top hung sliding doors and an array of bespoke accessories fitted with each new sliding wardrobe.

You can even customise the type of handle – from sleek stainless steel handles, classic doorknobs, or even luxe leather finished handles. With hinged fitted wardrobe doors, you can hang your accessories like sling bags, scarves or belts on the back of the doors. We have a variety of external and internal finishes to choose from. Our modern fitted hinged wardrobes ranges come in different colour finishes, woods, glass and mirror; it’s even possible to use fabric & leather finishes for specific products. Inspired Elements has a great selection of handles, from sleek short handles, integrated handles, or long handles for hinged wardrobes. The design can be adapted to the room layout from a corner fitted hinged wardrobe to a fitted hinged wardrobe around the bed. Extra features can be added to hinged door wardrobes, from built-in wardrobes with Wall Mounted TV Units to fitted wardrobes with dressing tables. The options are endless.

Our  Inspired  Solutions

2nd Category Bespoke Study Room Finish Wardrobe


Be it Matt, gloss,
or wooden, we create
on-demand bespoke
finishes to your wardrobes,
kitchens, and furnitures!

2nd Category TV Unit Bespoke Finish


Order your personalised
accessories and get,
unique designs made
bespoke to your style!

2nd Category Bespoke Finish Kitchen

Real Room

Explore our customers’
Real Room Makeovers
& wishlist your favourite
designs for us to create!


Try Our All-new Hinged Mirrored Wardrobes

Traditional or contemporary, our Mirrored Wardrobe Door collection provides it with all under the same roof. Choose our Mirrored Hinged Wardrobes to give your bedrooms a roomy look of twice the size, bringing a character of space and brightness. When both natural daylight and artificial lighting falls on the mirror, it gives a brighter and more spacious feel to the room altogether. With our convenient made to order wardrobes, you could also design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics.

Each hinged mirrored wardrobe door gets designed and crafted by our expert team of interior designers. While making the customised contemporary wardrobes, we transform your dreams into a beautiful reality of smooth hinged mirrored wardrobes with doors. Each one of our mirror hinged contemporary wardrobe is designed flawlessly to fit perfectly into the marked space. We cover all the awkward areas present in your house and include Awkward Space Solutions with storage and furniture for all your left out spaces. 

When it comes to contemporary wardrobes, hinged mirrored wardrobe doors is best suited among all. They come in made to order designs from simple, elegant ones to classy, luxurious wardrobe doors. Our hinged wardrobes could be used alike in all storage spaces and layouts. Inspired Elements delivers the best products and services for the ideal hinged contemporary wardrobe in London.


Living effortlessly is all we need in this fast-paced life, and we always try to bring innovative techniques while designing each piece of furniture to make life easy. Our handleless hinged fitted wardrobe range is created just in the way to lead your life effortlessly.  We have an extensive range of handless hinged fitted wardrobe which can be fully customised according to your needs. Looking for bespoke hinged wardrobe doors to make your room luxurious? In Inspired Elements, we create each hinged wardrobe with the finest quality craftsmanship and beautifully crafted to your custom, bespoke needs. With our sleek handles range and a wide choice of finishes, our designers ensure every fitted wardrobe has a luxury touch. The versatile hinged door wardrobes range can meet all budget and could cover all types from hinged mirrored wardrobe doors to corner fitted wardrobe. Whether a client likes contemporary or classic, prefers natural wood or acrylic gloss we can help them by providing them with unique fitted wardrobe designs.  Our bespoke service allows us to design custom solutions for modern fitted wardrobes, ever-popular fitted mirrored hinged wardrobe and white fitted hinged wardrobes. Whatever your taste is, we bring the ideal Hinged Door Wardrobes

Whether it’s matching end panels or wood framing, angled ceiling blocks or opening height reducers, we’ve got all the accessories you need for the perfect installation of your handless hinged fitted door wardrobe. To fit floor-to-ceiling hinged wardrobes, we furnish Bespoke Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes for the customer across the UK. The modular design, innovative systems and range of finishes allow bespoke flexibility that works beautifully in any space. Even though hinged wardrobes are traditional, our handless hinged fitted wardrobe range had added innovative and effective techniques to make one of the easy to use closets.


With a series of new blogs every weak, Inspired Elements provides a succulent collection of blogs imperative to your hinged fitted wardrobes. Read our latest blogs on your favourite topics and get all the latest updates on what to do before purchasing or designing a fitted hinged wardrobe or door. Click on the blogs below and read on!

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