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Inspired Elements creates open wardrobes ideas, which resonate with luxury and function at the same time. With creative and built-in Fitted Wardrobes, we make sure to resolve your storage issues through our products. Our wardrobe designs work wonders for customers with small apartments too. We design bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobes ideas for you, which depends on your rooms’ interior, layouts, and style statement—looking for some ideas to create your custom walk in wardrobe ideas and customised open wardrobes ideas in London? Visit our fitted walk-in wardrobes’ Inspired Solutions and choose your favourite walk-in wardrobe designs today! Our bespoke walk in wardrobe solution also includes converting your loft into a fitted walk in wardrobe design with our Loft Conversion. We convert your loft space into an open closet with ample storage and chic style.
small walk-in wardrobe internal storage in white hidalgo leon finish
linear glass and linear wood wardrobe range in woodgrain walnut finish
fitted modern walk-in wardrobe with dressing table set
Bespoke Fitted walk in wardrobe in Maya Bronze & Penelope Beige Linen finish full view
fitted walk in wardrobe in angle wall with verona cherry finish
What We Offer
Modern walk-in wardrobe in light woodgrain finish

Modern Walk In Wardrobes

Our team can create your dream luxury walk-in wardrobe in the UK with an unlimited range of designs and features. Our interior designer and manufacturers cater to each of your requirements and furnish your bespoke luxury fitted walk-in wardrobes. We make sure to add your personality and style statement to your furniture and accessories.

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Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe in Light Grey Matt Finish

Small Walk In Wardrobes

Inspired Elements create the best design to optimally use your space and layouts with an exclusive collection of Built-in Sliding Door Wardrobes. Our built-in wardrobes are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, awkward areas, etc. We also customise your wardrobe doors and cabinets on demand.

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walk-in wardrobe ideas uk in Dark woodgrain finish

Luxury Walk In Wardrobes

Our team can create your dream luxury walk-in wardrobe in the UK with an unlimited range of designs and features. Our interior designers and manufacturers cater to each of your requirements and furnish your bespoke luxury walk-in wardrobes. We make sure to add your personality and style statement to your furniture and accessories.

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Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish hinged wardrobes bespoke to your style.

Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas UK


Get your favourite bespoke walk in wardrobe at Inspired Elements’ exclusive collection of open wardrobe ideas. Our London-based company proudly presents you with a comprehensive platform to design your customised wardrobes, and we manufacture it as it is. Our company consists of industry-leading industry-leading Interior Designs, Manufacturers, and retailers who create designer open wardrobes on demand. Order your Personalised Accessories suiting your fitted walk-in wardrobes at Inspired Elements and give your open wardrobes an all-inclusive look you want. Now make your bedrooms clutter-free with our fitted walk-in wardrobe storage solution. Move on from your congested bedrooms and living rooms and make space for your storage in the Inspired Elements Way! Our bespoke walk in wardrobe design fittings will instead make your interiors look roomy and stylish. With each room complimenting the other, we create an all-inclusive design palette for all your interiors.

Exquisitely handcrafted by our artisans, Inspired Elements transforms your open wardrobe ideas into an elegant reality. Our wardrobe designs are made based on your storage for Small Wardrobes per room. Be it a bedroom or living room furniture. Our team designs available walk-ins that are bespoke to each interior layout you avail. With built-in sections and cabinets in your closets, our fitted walk-in wardrobes ideas are constructed to your practical requirements. Get your luxury open wardrobe ideas and custom walk in wardrobe blueprinted into a reality with our team and make your open wardrobes clutter-free and organised. Linear walk in wardrobe ideas will not be complete without the ideal accessories that would fit in. We use the finest quality wood in the making of each bedroom bespoke walk in wardrobe design. We also source ancillaries like door handles, lights and other items from only the most reputed and proven brands in the market.

Whatever your budget is, we have got a walk in wardrobe design for you. Our team organised a functional storage solution for your walk-in wardrobes in London. Make the best use of your space with our Italian-based wardrobe designs. Our designer open wardrobes are available in all your favourite finish and themes too. Whether you want to order Dressing Table with Drawers or a walk-in closet for smaller spaces, simply book your free design visit and consult our team today!



Inspired Elements is a London-based manufacturer of bespoke furniture for luxury kitchens, fitted wardrobes, and living room furniture. We design, manufacture, and install Luxury bespoke furniture and accessories made from the finest materials in the UK.
Select Designer Bedroom with Walk-in Wardrobe Designs

Our designers work on a time-based framework and deliver quality products within the given budgets. We design the top-rated walk in wardrobe ideas in the UK and provide handcrafted furniture with the highest grade. Moreover, Inspired Elements’ designer walk-in wardrobe ideas can be made to fit any room layout. Our furniture is made bespoke to furnish your specific storage needs from small and tiny spaces to luxurious demands. Visit our Real Room Makeovers and see for yourself what we have in store. You can even add your favourite interior makeovers to the wishlist, and we’ll create just the same for you too!

If you want a walk-in closet with custom-made drawers, rails, and racks but couldn’t find the exact closet. Well, look no further. With Inspired Inspired Elements, you don’t have to look for a design; you create a design. And we’ll fine-tune your designer walk-in wardrobe ideas and make them within the budget. Looking for excellent walk-in wardrobes ideas that are custom designed with beauty in mind? Our Linear walk-in wardrobe range is elegant Fitted Wardrobes with a stylish look and feels that transforms your bedroom.  Each walk-in wardrobe design uses clever sliding wardrobe storage solutions making the most of every inch of space. The custom walk in wardrobe ideas interiors of the bedroom bespoke walk in wardrobe design are accessorised with elegant wood finishes, including glass-top drawers, inclined shoe racks, trouser-racks, tie-racks and lighted shelves. The modular floating structure is versatile to fit any fitted bedroom furniture design. Our experienced interior design team sets the mood and strategy for what will go into the new luxury walk-in wardrobe and what won’t. The walk-in style wardrobe is seen as timeless, and our wide choice of design reinforces this belief.

We have got an extensive collection of classical Linear Walk-in Fitted Wardrobes that would exactly suit your requirement.  We offer you a convenient and reliable service to make sure your dream luxury walk in wardrobe ideas reaches you at the earliest Our designers consider every customer’s needs when planning the perfect storage solution wardrobe for you, regarding the young, elderly or those with limited mobility. From now, you won’t have to run around for the perfect accessories of your loft conversion walk-in wardrobe.

When it comes to contemporary wardrobes, hinged mirrored wardrobe doors is best suited among all. They come in made to order designs from simple, elegant ones to classy, luxurious wardrobe doors. Our team can create any walk-in wardrobe in the UK with an unlimited range of designs and features. Your designer walk-in closet doesn’t have to fit the traditional standards. We make sure to add your personality and style statement to your furniture and accessories. The entire process of fitting and installing your walk-in wardrobe designs gets taken care of at Inspired Elements. Our all-inclusive wardrobe solution services keep your comfort in mind as our timeframe is customised according to your workability. We deliver and install all our walk-in wardrobes fittings ourselves. We also provide a Wardrobe Storage bespoke to the demands of each new client of Inspired Elements. Our team is always in touch with you for an optimum custom walk in wardrobe design solution and assists you steadily at each step.


We fit all your specifications in our all-in-one wardrobe solution. Inspired Elements brings you the elegance of Italian designs and german technologies all under one roof, from customised door handles to favourite colour schemes! A walk-in wardrobe, when properly utilised, could help you in solving your storage-related problems. Have extra area under the stairs? An awkward corner in your bedroom? Maybe an extra service balcony in your bathroom? Could you make the most of it? We help you to convert this space to build a small walk-in wardrobe there to store your essentials.

Inspired Elements’ designer walk-in wardrobe ideas work best when thoughtful design plans are put into play. So if you have an uneven or a small space and are worried about good storage options, then our all-new collection of Fitted Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms is the perfect option for you. Even though the custom walk in wardrobe is small, you can have all the essential options in it. Our ultimate goal is to bring your ideas to reality by enabling you to choose the ideal material and style of your bespoke small walk in wardrobe ideas. Our experienced designers use their diverse skillset to create clever small wardrobes to provide a completely new look to your home. We specialise in visualising, designing and manufacturing loft wardrobes to suit your angle and slope dimensions.


Read all the latest blogs about your favourite designer walk-in closets and necessary wardrobe solutions at Inspired Elements’ all-new open wardrobes series. Our blogs cover the latest updates, dos and don’ts, trendy walk-in closet designs, budget-friendly projects, and a lot more! Find your favourite topic and know all the essential details to know before choosing your next walk-in closet at Inspired Elements.

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