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A bedroom is the most personal space in your home, and you wish to make it more beautiful. Unlike the old times, many unique small bedroom designs are now available in the market. Many of us have small, uneven bedroom spaces, which are usually minimally maintained. You can convert the available spaces using small bedroom designs with practical storage options. Are you thinking of how to create layouts for small bedrooms with wardrobes? If you barely have some space to keep your essentials small bedroom with a wardrobe could be your ideal pick. If you are thinking of redesigning your Small Bedroom Design, you should go on reading.

Practical Small Bedroom Ideas For Modern Homes

Nowadays, small aesthetic bedrooms are preferred over large bedrooms for their versatility. In modern apartments and homes, space has become quite premium, and everyone is looking for space-saving options. However, every small bedroom can look gorgeous with practical storage solutions, curated colour choices, and stylish interior designs. We have come up with some ideas and inspirations that will help you transform even your tiny space into beautiful bedrooms. 

1. Minimalistic Boho Bedrooms

The minimalistic boho design is attractive, which gives prominence to light colours. You can make the room attractive by adding colourful pillows, blankets, and wall hangings. To have an extended space to relax, you can choose a walnut armchair and coffee table if the space in the room permits. 

small gloss bedroom with wardrobes small cabinet bookshelf in white Levanto marble slate grey
small gloss bedroom with wardrobes small cabinet bookshelf in white Levanto marble slate grey

2. Small English Cottage Bedrooms

Small English style cosy cottage bedroom styles perfectly mix luxury and cottage style design. Here you can go for stylish white and cream designs to bring a chic style feel inside your bedrooms. The English-style cream side tables and high gloss wardrobes will bring a luxurious feeling inside the bedroom.

3. The Twin Bedroom Design

If you have some space in your room, a twin bed oak design may be a perfect addition. Our Twin Bedroom Set for Children setup is created with top-notch oak, enhancing the bedroom’s aesthetics. This will be a good choice for you if you have two children. You can also add a small wardrobe to the space with solid oak doors to keep the essentials.

4. Wooden Bohemian Bedrooms

You can take your interior to the next level with the wooden bohemian bedrooms. With fresh & leafy house plants hanging by the window & on the side, the whole furniture set is completed in Natural Dijon Walnut & Cashmere grey finish. Even though you have a small room, you can have built-in sliding door wardrobes, a wooden finish wall-mounted TV unit, & fitted wooden sideboards. 

5. Bespoke Small Bedside Cupboard

A fitted small beside cupboard could transform the way your bedroom looks! The small cupboard has essential storage options to keep your things in one place. The wooden grey finish can match the interior of almost every interior.

Cosy Cottage wooden bedroom with small wooden cupboard in Cleaf Pembroke & Matera finish
small Cosy Cottage wooden bedroom with a small wooden cupboard in Cleaf Pembroke & Matera finish

6. Tryout The Concrete Finish

You can check out the new innovative range of Small Bedroom Furniture storage in the concrete finish. If you want a small bedroom design for your kids, this is just the one for you. The bedroom design includes a Study Room Bookshelf Unit to keep your children’s books and Hinged Corner Wardrobes to give the children’s dresses space.

7. Let’s Go Mid-Century Style

Are you thinking of a mid-century-style design with clean lines? You can check out the small Mid-century Modern Bedroom design with natural wood and neutral colour palettes. The bedroom design comes with a combination of White Gloss and Natural Oak Woodgrain finish, which creates the impression of a luxurious interior.

8. Elevated Cupboards Are In

Elevated cupboards can be an asset to every small bedroom. Having a cupboard space just above your bed could be a good thing. It consumes less space and gives you more storage for various items such as books, bags, and other necessary articles.

9. Bedroom With Dressing Table

How about a minimalistic bedroom with a dressing table? Unlike you, a dressing table is not bulk furniture that takes much space. Instead, you can have a dressing table, drawers to keep your essentials, and much more. For example, you will have enough space to keep your cosmetics for your daily routines. You can even go for a full-length mirror near the dressing unit to prepare daily.

Hinged Wooden Wardrobe & Dressing Unit
small hinged wooden wardrobe & dressing unit

10. Vintage Small Bedroom With Headboard

Bring a vintage touch to your interiors with a small bedroom design with headboards. The wooden headboard offers a nostalgic feeling and won’t take much space. You can accompany it with a wooden bedside table and a rustic bookcase. Our Corner Wardrobe Ideas For Smal Bedroom can be custom-built according to your personalised designs & finishes.

11. The Farmhouse-Style

Farmhouse-style small bedrooms may look like too much space, but it’s not:

  1. You can add wooden crates as side tables along with a small bed.
  2. You can make the room look more beautiful with a rustic style wardrobe.
  3. Finally, you can go on with some throw blankets with tassel textures and earthy tones, which could match the farmhouse style.

12. Go For Narrow Cabinets

You can always try out narrow cabinets in the bedroom, which won’t take up much of your valuable space and offers better storage. In addition, we can alter the shades and colour of the cabinet according to your decor.

13. Adding Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an effective way to keep your things, as it uses a little floor space. In addition, the size of the room typically never disturbs the Floating Bookshelves and provides a streamlined storage display.

14. Mirror And Wood Come Together

The perfect blend of mirror and wood can instantly transform the look and feel of small bedrooms. You can have hanging wooden frames & vanity mirrors along with wooden bed frames and mirrored wardrobes to make the room look more stunning.

Wardrobe With Mirror Small Bedroom
Wardrobe With Mirror Small Bedroom

15. Go For Vibrant Colours

If you want to think out of the box, you can choose vibrant colour options inside the bedroom. You can have blue, turquoise, green or even yellow shades according to your need. The furniture that comes in vibrant colours will bring the freshness inside your bedrooms, for which space will not be a concern. You can also go for our Small Living Room Ideas & introduce chic style to limited interior space.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a functional bedroom design for your small size bedroom? Look no further than Inspired Elements. Our small bedroom furniture focuses on quality over quantity when everything’s on display and helps you save the hassle of refurbishment. Order from our small Bedrooms and get bespoke furniture in your favourite themes and colours.

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