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Having a dedicated space to study by avoiding distractions in the home has become the need of the hour. Home studies furniture should always be elegant, comfortable and easy to use. Since the covid pandemic, many schools and colleagues have been closed, forcing the students to stay at home to study. In these circumstances, it’s better to have a separate space for study inside the house.

New innovative home study designs have come up during this period, and more people are looking for a change. Space has always been an issue in modern times. Most of us wish to have a personalised study space in our home, but space constraints pull us back. However, Small Home Study Designs are now getting attention, which can help you create efficient study room designs in the available space. Here, let’s look at how to add a bespoke study room to your interior.

Bridge Bedroom Wardrobe, Corner Wardrobe, Home Office Study Area
Study Room with Bookshelf & fitted desk

Bespoke Study Room Interior designing, In order to know more about it, you should find out all the necessary information about it.

A personalised study room is an inevitable thing in homes. Nowadays, kids need to have a dedicated space to read, study and write projects or other works. More intelligent study room furniture designs have come to the market in the past decade, creating quite an impact. Each Home study room furniture should be designed carefully by considering the layout of your room. From bookshelves to study tables and cabinets to wooden chairs, every design has to be customised to the people using them. Here we are going through some unique study room ideas that you may find interesting. If you are thinking of having a bespoke study space in your home, you must go on reading.

Understairs Study Space

If you have a space under the stairs, you can convert it into a study space. You can create stunning Under Stairs Home Study spaces depending on your room. For example, you can have a customised wooden desk and comfy chair in the room. You can opt for small cabinets to keep books and other essentials if you have more space.

Understairs Fitted Study Area Home Office in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish
Understairs Fitted Study Area in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish

Let’s Keep it Open

Suppose you have a room with open space and large windows for an open study space. You can have an organic interior setup with open shelves and customised space for your plants. You can have racks to keep your plants and length for your small home aquarium. The available room layout will be spacious, and you won’t have to sit in a particular area. You can have comfy benches near the windows, open bookshelves and a portable table inside the room according to your choice. The available study room design layouts can be altered according to your space.

Let’s Go Vintage

If you try to bring in vintage style in your study room, you must try out the traditional oak study furniture set. The oak tables will take you back to vintage times. They are strong as well as have elegant looks too. Along with oak tables, you have full-length oak bookshelves, which you can use to keep all your books and act as a library setup. The Classic Style Study is so elegant and stands the test of time that we could customise it according to your layout.

Desk and Study Unit Storage In combination of Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak and Canadian Maple
Desk and Study Unit Storage In combination of Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak and Canadian Maple

The Alcove Study Space

If you have a small space in your home, especially an alcove space, you can convert the space into a small study nook. For example, you can have a set of wall shelves with the base shelf wide enough to keep the books or laptop for college kids. You can also have a small floor storage option to keep books and other stationeries.

The Partitioned Space

A small partition wall could help you create a home study space inside your home. You can go for a walnut finish table and a tiny swirl chair in the space. We can do the partition even in your living room, which allows you to use this space for other purposes when you don’t have space for a study room.

Study Office Room in Cashmere Grey Beige Linen
Study Office Room in Cashmere Grey Beige Linen

Modern Study Hub

A Modern Study Room is just right for contemporary apartments with ample space. We can design floating shelves with warm wood tones, a white study table with foot space, and a super comfy ergonomics chair. The design is sleek with clean lines and perfect for any room.

The Corner Nook

If you are looking for a space-saving option, this could be the one for you. We can utilise the dedicated space in the corner to create a small study room for your kids. For example, you can have bespoke corner study tables with two drawers along with a small chair. We would fit the table across the wall, and you may have a ceiling space above the table for storage.

Go for Luxury!

Who doesn’t need to have a luxurious study room inside the home? We can create Luxury Study Rooms regardless of the size of the room. Premium quality products make them look aesthetically pleasing and perfect for daily use. They have a full-length deck with multiple drawers, cosy ergonomic chairs, stylish oak bookshelves and other luxurious accessories. 

Study Office Finished in Light Grey and Alpine White With a Cushion Seating in Centre
Study Finished in Light Grey and Alpine White With a Cushion Seating in Centre

Creative Study Space

If you have a college-going kid and have ample space, you can go for a creative study space. You can have a yellow sofa and a floor pillow inside the study space and a portable table that helps you move around. If you have a large window, you have a reading nook there with a bookshelf. The room will have more miniature furniture arranged artistically with more vacant space. As you have more space, it allows the kid to be more comfortable and more creative.

Multi Study Space

If you have more than one kid, it isn’t easy to find a space for both of them. Under these situations having a multi-study room design could help you. We will have a long study table with separate drawers for each child. Instead of adding chairs, you have a customised bench with a seating arrangement for every child at once. We can also have large bookshelves with separation for each. You can name each section and store each child’s books separately here. 

Popping Colours Study Rooms

Kids like colours and seeing them they would be happy. If you have small kids, you must go for this. The colours can be custom-made according to you. We mix and match unique designs according to you and your kids’ style guide. At Inspired Elements, we provide Free No-obligation Home Design Visit where our designers will come and discuss your dream home decor & deliver exactly the same!

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of having new study room furniture for your home or wishing to create a small home study space in your home, we can help you. Explore our Contemporary Home Study collection and get yourself a bespoke furniture range at Inspired Elements. We furnish one-of-a-kind furniture for our customers with high-end finishes and custom-made colours. Book a free design visit today.

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