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Sliding wardrobes have now been essential furniture in every home. Sliding door wardrobes are a more contemporary storage solution, but also an excellent option to go for, working well in numerous room types. Their biggest advantage is that they don’t require much space in front of them, as their doors slide from side to side. Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors are becoming an ever-increasing feature, not just in the bedroom but across the rooms of the home. We all wish to have a bespoke sliding wardrobe in the home. But we also want to make sure that the sliding wardrobes should exactly fit the requirements within the room. In order to do this, the measurements should be perfect. Measuring up for sliding wardrobe doors is quite straightforward and could be simple if you follow the right procedures. Here we are going to discuss how to measure a sliding wardrobe.

Sliding fitted wardrobe with brown glass and walnut finish
Sliding Fitted Wardrobe with Brown Glass and Walnut Finish

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sliding Wardrobe in Your Home?

Whether you’re looking to refresh your room, create some storage space or open up a smaller room to create the illusion of more space – Sliding Wardrobe Doors could be the answer. We look at some of the benefits of investing in sliding wardrobes for your home.

  • Sliding Closet Doors Allow Extra Space
  • Choosing Sliding Wardrobe Doors Are Easy to Use
  • It’s a Pleasing Visual Look That Suits Any Bedroom and is Easily Personalized
  • You Can Choose a Variety of Styles
  • It’s Considered an Upsell If You Put Your Home on the Market

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors designs are usually considered as being a modern answer to bedroom storage, but by selecting a polyurethane finish, a classical appearance can be accomplished. A selection of light and dark surface finishes is offered to match current furnishings and decoration. If the more modern look is required, glass panels come in many different colours. Your sliding wardrobes can become the principal feature in the room and create an eye-catching centre point.

Built in Sliding Wood Grain with Bronze Mirror Open

How to Measure Sliding Wardrobes?

Measurements play a very important role in the process of fitting and installing sliding wardrobe doors. That’s why we would recommend you to double-check all of the necessary measurements carefully.

Measurement of Height

Before measuring the opening height decide what the bottom track will be fitted onto. If you have a hardwood or laminate floor the track will fit directly onto this. Use your measuring tape to size up the total height of the opening from floor to ceiling. At the recommended 650mm from the back wall to allow enough space for internal fittings.  If you have skirting, you will need to remove a portion where the doors touch the wall or install wall liners.

Measurement of Width

A wall to wall installation requires no end panels and so you will need to measure the wall to wall width of the space available.  If you have coving and skirting you will need to remove a section of them to slide the strike plate in before installing. If your sliding wardrobe needs to fit between a wall and a doorway or window opening, you will require an end panel as part of your Sliding Wardrobe Kit. for installations inside a pre-made frame, please give us the smallest inside measurement of the height of your frame and the biggest inside measurement of the width of your frame. Read our latest blog 3 Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

You do not require liners if you already have a frame in place so do not order liners with your sliding wardrobe kit. If you do, you will change the total measurement needed for the wardrobe doors to fit.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Measuring Sliding Wardrobes

  • When manufacturing the Sliding Wardrobe Doors we make them according to the shortest height and the widest width.
  •  Grab a spirit level and check all four sides of the opening, top, bottom, left and right to see if everything is level.
  • It’s much easier to get accurate measurements when you have a bit of help, so ask a friend. This is most important when you’re getting the opening height.
  • Measure the door jambs (top, bottom & sides) and make sure that they are at least 83mm wide. This is to ensure that the top and bottom tracks will actually fit in the opening.
  • A good technique for measuring levelness is to place some coins under the lowest end of the level until the bubble is centered
  • For measurement, it’s better to consult a professional. Inspired Elements is known for creating bespoke sliding wardrobes in London and could be your perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

A sleek sliding wardrobe isn’t just for the bedroom these days. The sliding doors make them perfect for other rooms where you may need a little more storage. When you are taking measurements for a sliding wardrobe, always make sure that the chances of errors are less. This would help to keep the sliding wardrobe exactly fitting for the room.

Having a professional team in designing the sliding wardrobes could be the most advisable thing.  Being the finest makers of sliding wardrobes in London it’s our duty to serve you better. Our artisans know this and they work with utmost sincerity in every sliding wardrobe design and that’s the reason for our success. 

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