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Having a beautiful and practical kitchen makes your day perfect. The kitchen is one place that your guests and friends love to see. We want to make them organised, so the kitchen cabinets are the best option. When you think of a vital object for your kitchen, regardless of the size, that would be kitchen cabinets. They can offer a range of functionalities, including the storage of utensils and cutleries. The Kitchen Storage Units now come in unique shades and customised options from which the homeowner can choose the one which suits their taste. Let’s analyse the benefits of kitchen cabinets.

Why Should You Have Kitchen Cabinets Inside Your Kitchen?

Custom-made kitchen cabinets will be an excellent option for those thinking of creating a new kitchen. They are the perfect spot to keep your groceries and utensils you are supposed to use daily. They are known for adding more space into kitchens, but is that all? Let’s have a look.

1. Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, kitchen cabinets are great. The built-in kitchen cabinets are installed close to the walls, and you don’t have to worry about moving them. This makes them easy to clean and maintain and sustainable for a longer period of time.

L-shaped wooden handleless kitchen unit with granite worktop in Cleaf Pembroke & Alpine White finish
L-shaped wooden handleless kitchen unit with granite worktop in Cleaf Pembroke & Alpine White finish

2. More Stylish Kitchens

Kitchen cabinets bring in a stylish feeling inside your kitchens, with colours and bespoke shade available. Adding customisations based on your preferences can make the kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing. You can add your kitchen storage in our Modern Grey Gloss Kitchen designs to make your kitchen interior as unique as your style.

3. Enhanced Storage Space

Every inch inside the kitchen counts! Cabinets can be created in any size according to your kitchen space, giving you room for more. Kitchen cabinets can make space utilisation effective by providing more convenient storage options. You can use the space in the corners and ceiling to add storage.

4. Hide The Imperfections

There are chances that your kitchen space may have imperfections or slight damage. Kitchen cabinets can hide the minor imperfections inside your kitchen to give it a new look.

5. More Customisations

The customisations are endless with kitchen cabinets. You can choose the material, finish and shades according to your decor. In case you are looking for a modular kitchen storage set, then our Blue Kitchen set is just the selection of wood, style, finish, door styles, and hardware will be only according to your needs. In addition, you can choose the handles, doors, panelling and lighting features. 

Indigo blue galley kitchen designs
Indigo blue galley kitchen designs

10 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Modern Homes

Bespoke kitchen cabinets are made to fit your lifestyle, design preferences, cooking habits and storage options. In modern times kitchen designs have gone far from the typical old cupboards. Instead, you can build and modify them according to the available space and budgetary preferences. Let’s look at some unique kitchen cabinet design ideas you may wish to bring home.

1. Rustic Look

The Rustic look kitchen cabinets are quite an added attraction to your kitchens. They bring a warm and welcoming feel inside your interiors and better storage spaces. The rustic finish is perfect for traditional interiors with some space.

2. Go Handleless

Handleless Kitchen Doors are already the future! If you want a modernistic kitchen design which would make your life easy, handleless kitchens are the perfect option. The handleless cabinets would bring in a sleek look and makes the opening and closing handy. In addition, you can go for grey, white and cream shades in handleless kitchen cabinets, which will give you a pleasing feel.

cool grey handleless kitchen with granite worktop
cool grey handleless kitchen with granite worktop

3. Try Out The Green Look!

If you wish to try out something unique, green kitchen cabinets are a perfect option. The green finish can be altered according to the decor, from light to darker versions. You can even opt for turquoise and lemon grass cabinet shades which could look better. 

4. French-Style Luxury Cabinets

For those fans of vintage-style designs, you can go for french style kitchen cabinets. They come with an antique white finish with glass doors and a lower drawer, creating more space for storage. In addition, they bring in a classic feel inside the room along with a personalised finish.

5. Classic Oak Look

Oak kitchen cabinets are classic, and nothing would go wrong with them. The attractiveness of our oak kitchen cabinets with a Fitted Cream Kitchen would significantly impact the interior. They help to give out a natural and cosy feeling throughout. If you are a fan of the traditional look, oak cabinets are just the thing for you. 

6. Glossy Black Finish

A Black Gloss Kitchen will bring a luxurious feeling inside your kitchens with the sleek finish it has. They can go well with traditional and modern kitchen settings. The decor can alter the shades from high gloss to low. You can add additional features, including lighting, to have a premium feel. 

Shaker style L shape Kitchen in Black finish with Island
Shaker style Kitchen with island Cabinets FInish -Black Worktop and splashback

7. The Metallic Finish Is In

Metallic kitchen cabinets were already in the picture for a long time! The metallic finish will make every kitchen premium with its sleek look. In addition, metallic cabinets are highly functional and durable, making them an excellent option for modern homes. You can also bring in lighting features, enhancing the cabinets’ beauty.

8. Timeless Shaker Kitchens

Shaker-style kitchen adorns the homes of many and is quite efficient. The shaker kitchen cabinets work well with both traditional and contemporary settings. In addition, they can work with a wide array of architectural and decorative styles. Usually, cabinets are made with cherry and maple, which can create an impact inside your kitchen. The versatility of shaker kitchen cabinets means they can look great in wood-grain, matt and even gloss-coloured finish.

9. Mirrored Kitchen Cabinets

You can go for mirrored kitchen cabinets to add elegance to your kitchen. You can go for soft and smokey tones in mirrored cabinets, bringing uniqueness. Mirrored doors in the cabinets will look great with the natural light falling onto them. Also, explore our Grey Kitchen Ideas and make your orders now.

10. Why Go With One Colour?

You don’t have to stick to one colour while choosing the cabinets. You are free to mix and match colours while creating your kitchen cabinets. For example, white and green cabinets, when mixed, will give you a subtle feeling inside the space. You can also opt for white & grey, white & gold and much more options according to your decor while creating your cabinets.

L-shaped Shaker Kitchen Kitchen units in Alpine-white & Cleaf Pembroke Finish
L-shaped Shaker Kitchen Kitchen units in Alpine-white & Cleaf Pembroke Finish

Final Thoughts

A kitchen can reflect the design style of your home. So while redesigning your kitchen, you should focus on your cabinets also. They can be created using several modern designs and styles, from wood to chrome and glass. Inspired elements help you if you are ready to start making your kitchen cabinets. All our custom-made cabinets are built to be solid, functional, stylish, and effectively use space, making us the favourites. Visit our portfolio to know more about our kitchen cabinet designs.

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