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As one of the most personal spaces within a home, the bedroom needs to strike a balance between being both tranquil and chic. It’s the place you go to escape from the rush of the day, recharge for the next, and dream about what’s to come. That’s why it’s necessary for your room to be a direct reflection of your impeccable taste and style. But what makes a bedroom perfect? How about a perfect wardrobe to store all your essentials. 


What are bedroom fitted wardrobes?


bedroom fitted wardrobe is a popular option when talking about storage solutions. As its name suggests, this kind of wardrobe is fitted into the room from floor to ceiling so you avoid awkward spaces in your bedroom. As a fitted wardrobe is built exactly into the shape of your room, it creates a more opened look than freestanding wardrobes. The best thing about this kind of wardrobe is that it provides you with more space for storage than a normal freestanding wardrobe.


Are there any ideas while making wardrobes to make your  bedroom  looking stunning?


Majority of people believe that their home doesn’t have enough space available to store their belongings. Storage space is a premium for most bedrooms, so it’s vital to find a solution that helps alleviate this problem.  There are a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and finishes for bedroom fitted wardrobes. The ability to style and design your wardrobe to suit your personal tastes and the available room is one of the biggest attractions to bedroom fitted wardrobes. Here we can discuss some ideas that could be incorporated to make the bedroom fitted wardrobes the best for you.


Choosing the interior  The interior of the bedroom fitted wardrobe should be beautiful. Make sure you choose a company that offers the right range of options for your specific storage needs. Ask about hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs. Be creative in designs rather than sticking to templates


Keep an eye on doors: If you do not have enough space to open the doors of a wardrobe, you could opt for sliding doors. You could choose for smaller or larger doors depending upon the space you have in your room. Think about the size and shape of your bedroom as well as your personal preference when you’re choosing bedroom fitted wardrobe doors. Small bedrooms also benefit from mirrored doors, as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up valuable floor space.


Height: Design a bedroom fitted wardrobe to the ceiling height. This gives you more space for your travel bags and suitcases, when not in use. You could use this space for storing things that you wouldn’t use often.


Mirrors are crucial: Mirrors could decide the beauty of the bedroom fitted wardrobe. It will reflect more natural light and make the room clean and beautiful. It also helps in making the room look more spacious. A mirror makes your room look bigger, also you could avoid another investment on a dressing table. You could also design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics.


Extra storage options: A bedroom fitted wardrobe could help you not only in storing your clothes. You can use it in storing your shoes, ornaments, sports gadgets and much. You can even build a secret cabinet inside the bedroom fitted wardrobes to keep money or similar valuable items.


Ventilation: A well-ventilated wardrobe helps maintain the freshness of clothes, particularly those that aren’t washed after every wear. Allow sufficient hanging space and choose baskets that allow air to circulate. Walk-ins should be ventilated like any other room.


Drawers and shelves:  Typically the drawers have huge storage capacity. You can store your undergarments, socks, belts, and handkerchiefs in these spaces. This prevents your shelves from looking cluttered. You don’t have to hunt for your missing pair of socks. Big sleek drawers help you to store important documents. You need to ascertain the number of shelves that you would be needing for folded clothes. Run the design in your mind, if possible draw a plan on a paper. This would help you create room for all things that you would be stored in the bedroom fitted wardrobe.


Be prepared: Before starting to make a bedroom fitted wardrobe you should be prepared. Think about the type of bedroom fitted wardrobe you need to have whether it’s sliding or hinged. Think about its design, colour and shades. This could help to minimise the errors if any.


Focus on look and essentials: This is subject to personal taste and lifestyle, but put together a list of the most frequently used items and focus on finding the perfect version of those. You can call it your uniform or signature look. Everything else comes after.


What are the top designs that could transform your bedroom?


When it comes to top designs, here we are pointing out some designs which you could add in your bedroom.


Elevated cupboards

This is a type of wardrobe you can create on top of the wardrobe frame in your bedroom. It consumes less space and gives you more storage for various things such as books, bags and other necessary articles. They can be arranged above the level of the bed and hence it becomes easy for you to use it anytime.


Sliding doors

Planning on fitting out your bedroom with a built-in wardrobe? Rather than finishing the storage space with hinged doors, consider sliding doors instead, as they maximise space and keep the floor around your closet free, making them ideal for compact bedrooms. Plus, you can choose sliding panels with practical floor-to-ceiling mirrors that allow you to check your outfit from top-to-toe before you run out the door and make your room appear more spacious.


L shaped doors


The name itself shows the design. This is the most preferred wardrobe in modern and traditional homes, and can be made from any type of material. There are various types of handles which fit on this wardrobe. It usually comes with wardrobe furniture such as safety lockers and drawers.


Vinyl Doors


This is a popular modern wardrobe frequently seen in residential apartments. The doors of this wardrobe are fitted on tracks and have a vinyl finish. These vinyl wardrobes are lightweight and durable too. The aluminium frames add the much-needed modern elegance to your bedroom.


Wooden Sliding wardrobe doors

It is one of the most traditional materials used for wardrobe creation. Firstly you can start by choosing the right colour of the wood and then decide on making your wardrobe. For a classical look and feel, try using wood carvings, or opt for a modern contemporary design, either of which is highly functional. Wood is the most standardized material used for wardrobes as they are maintenance-friendly.


Shaker doors

Shaker doors offer a number of ways to customise to suit your style. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and both the panels and the frames come in a range of finishes, such as wood effects, mirror and glass.


Mirrored wardrobes


Mirrored wardrobes look classy and give the reflection of the full room. Glass door wardrobes are affordable in price and easy to use. choosing the right lighting to illuminate the area surrounding your mirror is vitally important. Avoid installing harsh, fluorescent lights above the mirror, as they will cast harsh shadows over parts of your face and body.


Metallic doors


This wardrobe has metal crafted doors that give a beautiful look to the bedroom. You have the freedom to choose any colour for the metal door to make it suitable to your room’s curtains or bed sheet fabrics. It is extremely simple to build them on tracks. They also promise ample storage space.


Built-in cupboard


A built-in cupboard is a storage space that forms part of the design of the room and is not free-standing or moveable. It is not the same as a cabinet. Built-in cupboards not only look beautiful but can also be customised easily. They can be made of various materials including wood and iron.


Hinged wardrobe


You might have heard of this but not heard about modern hinged wardrobes for bedrooms. However, you can turn this simple wardrobe into a modernized one by creating a metal sliding door or vinyl sliding door on the outer portion. You can then put some shelves and cabinets in the remaining space to give more area for storage.


Final Thoughts


If you’re planning on building a new home, revamping your current closet space or buying a freestanding cupboard to stash your fashion finds, you must know about these wardrobes designs. These wardrobes are originally an idea that you can modify as per your taste and make yourself more organised. If you are looking for the finest bespoke fitted wardrobes manufacturers in London, then Inspired Elements would be your pick. We bring to you all the modern wardrobe designs that would transform your bedroom like never before.

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