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According to modern home concepts, every kitchen needs to be well-organised, well-presented, and functioning. A kitchen will be perfect with the elegance of cabinets and shelves but will only be complete with suitable kitchen islands. When you consider contemporary kitchen designs, an island could be an integral part. They are aesthetically pleasing and have lots of storage, seating, space for appliances and more. In modern homes, Freestanding Kitchen Islands are open spots for meal preparation and chit-chatting. If you wish to bring a kitchen island to your home, you must go on reading.

Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas For Some Inspiration

When you look at any high-end kitchen design, islands have become a common factor and standard feature. The options they come with can range from adjustable worktops to kitchen islands with seating places. In addition, you can add additional drawers, pull-out shelves, and cabinets, making kitchen islands extend your kitchen space. Aside from the practical uses, a kitchen island with seating creates a beautiful feeling inside your kitchen. Here we list some practical and stylish kitchen island designs that interest you.

Kitchen Worktop Glass Black
black glass worktop, kitchen island light grey LED light

1. Try Out The L-Shaped Islands

L-shaped kitchen islands are one of the most efficient and user-friendly island designs, ideal if you have ample space inside your interior. This design would allow your family members to spend time in the kitchen, help with meal preparation, and have better storage options. In addition, you can introduce decorative accent tiles in the kitchen along with contemporary bar stools to bring in a vibe.

2. The Double-Style Island

Why settle down with one kitchen island when you have room for more? You can opt for double island designs for more Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs. You can design the double islands with blue shades or a premium white finish. You may have abundant storage space and even go for a breakfast bar or a seating area. Wooden stools and the pantry space will be complimentary to the island design.

3. All White Is No Duller

You can choose a Scandinavian-style all-white kitchen island if you prefer a simple style kitchen island. The white kitchen island design goes well with the internal lighting, especially with light-coloured interiors. In addition, you can add custom-made stools and pendant lighting, which could match the setup.

White Glass Worktop Kitchens
White Glass Worktop Kitchens

4. French Themed Islands

A modernistic french themed kitchen with islands can make the interiors look gorgeous. You can try out french style high back stools and a custom wine rack that looks great on the white background. White marble countertops will look better with the lighting features introduced inside the kitchen.

5. Go For Curved Islands

The customised island that curves outward delivers more seating space than their straight-lined counterparts. The curved border has a more convenient feel than the square countertops, as the island has a homely feel. You can use a circular stool with a matching seat to make the interior look enchanting. 

6. Coastal-Inspired Themes

A coastal-inspired kitchen is nowadays common; if you are looking to create one, light blue shaded islands or Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets could be the best option. Try out the light blue tile backsplash while emphasising the white quartz countertop and rattan bar stools, which can make the kitchen look gorgeous. 

7. Choose A Distinctive Style

It’s optional to have a regular style When it comes to islands. However, irregularly shaped remnants of granite, marble and quartz are often offered at a discounted price, which could help you save money. In addition, you can go for unique shapes according to your preferences, which can suit the interiors.

I-shaped handleless kitchen with quartz worktop in raw steel GR grunge finish ed handleless kitchen with quartz worktop in rawsteel GR grunge finish
I-shaped handleless freestanding kitchen with quartz worktop in raw steel GR grunge finish

8. Blue Copper Style Design

The style blue copper style can make the kitchen island stand out. In addition, you can bring decorative accent tiles to one side of this blue kitchen island, adding an aesthetically pleasing interior. This is the perfect option for you if you have a dark-coloured kitchen.

9. Stainless Steel Islands

Most people usually forget about the elegance of stainless steel kitchens. They give you a substantial feeling inside the Peninsula Kitchen with a storage area, prep area and more. You can even go for open shelves and counter stools to make it stylish and practical.

10. Pink Is Out Of The Box

Bringing in a pink shade to your islands may sound crazy, but it could be perfect, considering the cosy look it brings. You can go for bubble gum pink or a lightish pink shade in your eye lights, which preferably goes well with light-coloured interiors. 

kitchen worktop in fusion senoplast & Iron Flow finish
kitchen worktop in fusion senoplast & Iron Flow finish

11. Natural Wooden Island

Natural wooden finish in islands can give an elegant feeling inside every kitchen. On the other hand, you can go for the walnut-to-veneer finish, which can complement every interior. In addition, the island can be made more beautiful with leather upholstered dining chairs and cherry red light fixtures.

12. Greenish Lush Islands

Introducing a greenish lush to the islands can be ideal for dark-themed interiors. You can add brass sink fittings and a stylish pendant light on the top of the room, which could complement the colours. Choose from our Green Kitchen Unit & make your interior bespoke with Inspired Elements.

Kitchen islands bring in a sophisticated and practical element to every kitchen interior. Every contemporary kitchen deserves a kitchen island, as it has become a real icon. To create islands that can impact your kitchen interiors, you can trust Inspired Elements. We can also experiment with the sizes as the kitchen islands could be made in shapes other than conventional rectangles and square shapes. While designing each kitchen island unit, we will give you a full-fledged kitchen island layout to be fully aware of the project. If you are looking for a modern-style kitchen island unit or a traditional one, our kitchen islands for sale will fill your purpose. 

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