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We might have often confused while in the selection of a perfect wardrobe to home. We may be thinking of renovating the home or trying to bring a new wardrobe, this confusion stays. Would you agree that wardrobes are as important to your living space as a bed or a sofa? Wardrobes are typically a long-term purchase and people don’t often think about replacing them, which is why it’s important to get it right when you make the purchase.

There are plenty of things to consider when selecting a wardrobe, such as the colour, material and also the style of doors that you choose. It can be difficult to choose between sliding or Hinged Wardrobe Doors and decide which is best for your bedroom. Read our latest blog Choosing the Right Fitted Wardrobe style should be a top priority for anyone looking to refresh or furnish a bedroom. This is because it can not only add or detract from the aesthetics of your room but it also has an important functional role in your daily life. Here we are thinking of comparing sliding wardrobes and hinged wardrobes and checking why sliding wardrobes are having an upper hand.

What Are Sliding Wardrobes and Hinged Wardrobes?

Built in Wardrobes Sliding Doors are built to glide horizontally on metal tracks fixed on top and bottom frames. There are rollers on the side of the door for opening. On opening, these shutter-like closings recede in a slot, without interfering with the outward space. Today, sliding doors are a popular choice to be placed in areas that lead to the backyard and patios. They are also a popular choice as kitchen and wardrobe doors.

Sliding wardrobes with 4 doors in white matt frameless top hung
Sliding Wardrobes With 4 Doors in White Matt Frameless Top Hung

In this system, the door is attached to the door jamb with the help of typically two or three hinges. In the case of wardrobes, a door that is to be fixed on a hinge is not more than 24-inch wide so that there is no excess load on the door jamb. In case the door is wider and bigger, the number and quality of hinges have to be increased accordingly to give the door better support. These doors open outwardly at a 90-degree angle. Hinge-based doors have been in existence for ages, and despite the rocking entry of its more contemporary peer sliding doors, they still remain high in the popularity index. Also, check out our Hinged Mirrored Wardrobes Project in Westminster and explore how our team created mirrored hinged wardrobes in Mayfair.

Hinged-wardrobe With Mirro Hyde Park - Westminster
Hinged Wardrobe With Mirror

Which One Is Better? Sliding or Hinged Wardrobe?

 You might be stuck on whether to get sliding or Hinged Wardrobe Doors and what would best suit your space. Both of them have their own positives and negatives, but why do we say Sliding Wardrobes are on a higher side, let’s have a look. 

Usage of Space

Hinged doors tend to demand quite a space clearance to open completely, as they open outwards. If there is a dearth of space clearance for the doors then they tend to warp or de-shape with the passage of time. Sliding doors do not require any space clearance to open up owing to the sliding mechanism. These, therefore, omit the space limitations completely. So when we are looking for better space usage sliding wardrobes doors could have an upper hand. 

Easier Installation

Sliding door wardrobes are way easier to install than their Hinged Wooden Wardrobes in Stanmore counterparts, as they only need the tracks to be made, doing away with drilling and other carpentry that traditional doors require. The hinged wardrobes could take some time in installation and it’s not that much easy compared to hinged wardrobes.


Hinged doors are small and are therefore required in larger numbers, the material and the hardware cost can actually make these traditionally acclaimed hinged doors to fall a little over the curve. Sliding doors have larger widths which point to the fact these are required in lesser numbers, thus, reducing the material and labour effort. These factors can help in reducing the cost of the doors.

Door Width

Traditional hinge door wardrobes have a limit as to the width they can have. Over time, doors with a width greater than 600mm tend to strain their hinges which weaken over time. This leads to either the door not closing properly (they close a bit lopsided) or even the doors fall off. This limitation is not to be seen in a sliding door wardrobe. Customized sliding door systems have a much greater limit on the width they can be made to, which also offers a lot of design.

Damage Resistance

Fitted Wardrobes can be opened to a max of a 90-degree angle, but over time this angle becomes greater with usage, till the doors drop off. When the doors are opened, any pressure of knocking on the door puts more strain on the hinges which can further damage the framework. This limitation is also done away within a sliding door system as the doors don’t open outwards.

Use of Mirrors

We all love to have mirrors in wardrobes, Sliding door shutters can easily be made into an all-glass or mirror shutters. It helps us to make a lot of customisations also. But when it comes to hinged wardrobes, they require a very sturdy frame and a not that much great while in the usage of mirrors. 

Style Quotient

If you’ve ever seen sliding wardrobe doors, no doubt you know that they can look incredibly sleek and stylish. Unlike hinged doors, which will instantly make your space look traditional, sliding doors will transform your space into something modern. You could be creative with sliding doors by introducing multi-gauze or multi-panels of glass. Even if you customise a hinged door to make it look modern, it will never look as sleek or stylish as a sliding wardrobe door.


Now you might have understood why we say sliding wardrobe doors are a better choice when compared to the hinged wardrobes. In terms of storage, installation, features and style sliding wardrobes have an upper hand. It can still be difficult to make the right choice when it comes to choosing Wardrobe Doors for your Bedroom. If you don’t have a particularly large or small area it can be difficult to decide which would better suit your room. When you start looking for better wardrobe makers in London, inspired elements would be your first option. We know just the thing for you! 

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