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Reading is one habit that we should promote in our kids. It helps them gain knowledge other than what they learn from school. When they properly organise their books according to their interests, it would lead to better character development. We might be confused about choosing the ideal bookshelves for the children. Personalised children’s bookcases are now in trend as you can have plans from simple wooden Floating Bookshelves to wall mounted bookshelves.

Modern times need modern solutions as innovative bookshelves and bookcases are now ruling the market. Despite the space you have, you can convert space in your loft or even in the corners to create bookshelves for your children. What could be the benefits of having a bespoke children’s bookshelf? Let’s have a look.

Children's Fitted Bookshelves With Study and Alcoves in Alpine White and Indigo Blue Finish
Children’s Fitted Bookshelves With Study and Alcoves in Alpine White and Indigo Blue Finish

Benefits Of Having Personalised Bookshelves For Your Children

A bookshelf defines the personality and style of the individual who uses them. Children’s Bookshelves help organise their books by creating a personalised space. Most parents who want their kids to do well in school and get more knowledge should invest in having a bespoke bookshelf for them. So let’s look at how personalised bookshelves are beneficial for children. 

1. Display The Personality Of Children

A bookshelf defines the personality of the individual who uses it. They provide your kids with the space to display items that reflect their interests. Seeing how they arrange the books and present them has the spark of how a person they are. It also shows your interest in the genre to others who could understand your type of person. Hence, your Children’s Bookshelf shall display their style & need equally.

2. It Gives Them Organisational Skills

Kids' Study with Bookshelves finished in Glacier White
Kids’ Study with Bookshelves finished in Glacier White

Keeping books in order will help to enhance the organisational skills of children. They can organise books based on the novel, poems, picture books, encyclopedias and even based on the genre of the books. These organisational skills help develop a managerial skill that would help character development.

3. Saves Space

Bookshelves are effective ways to save your space, especially in a modern apartment where space is premium. Having a Small Bookshelf in your children’s room helps keep a lot of space, acting as an extra storage space. Instead of adding multiple storage options, you can go on with a single bookshelf inside the room.

4. Better Aesthetics

A stylish children’s bookshelf can create the impression of aesthetically pleasing interiors. When someone randomly enters your living room and sees the children’s bookshelf, they will feel overall positive. You can choose from many available designs, including the traditional wooden bookshelf that would enhance the room’s beauty.

Children’s Bookcase Designs To Have A Look At This Year

A well-organised room is always incomplete without a bookshelf applicable for your children. You can choose the perfect bookshelf according to your space and your book collection. The bookshelf we create for the children should match their tastes and preferences. Here we list some unique children’s bookshelf ideas that you may find interesting.

1. Under Stairs Bookcases

Understairs Children's Bookshelf in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish
Understairs Children’s Bookshelf in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish

Don’t worry that you didn’t have space to create a custom bookshelf for your children, as you can convert the area under stairs to produce bespoke bookcases. For example, as we create an L shaped wardrobe, these custom Under Stairs Bookcases could be custom made according to the size of the stairs.

2. Book Tree

If you want to try something genuinely unique for your kids, you can go for a book tree design. As the name indicates, the shelf will have the shape of a tree, and books could be arranged in the branches.

3. Leaning Bookcases

Leaning bookcases could be practical for small spaces, especially when you have some vacant space in your living rooms. You can use the top position of the bookcases to display items or even use the bottom area to keep your sports goods or even a shoe rack. The leaning bookcases could be made according to the room’s layout and are versatile.

4. Bookshelves Over The Bed

How about having a small bookshelf over your children’s bed? You can create a small Bedroom Bookshelf over your kid’s bed with a ladder close to it. Then, the children can read books within their room and even during bed. The best thing about these bookshelves is that you won’t have to bother about extra space to organise the books.

Children Bedroom Bookshelf With Study in White Matt and Woodgrain Finish
Children Bedroom Bookshelf With Study in White Matt and Woodgrain Finish

5. The Hallway Bookshelf

If you are a kid a fan of books and won’t have enough space to keep your books, you could always go for a hallway bookshelf. The hallway bookshelves won’t be huge but could store their favourite books effectively. You won’t have to take any extra space inside the room, and the kids would be happy to spend time in the hallways.

6. Open Bookshelves

Open bookshelves are made with wooden separations, which gives you a clear picture of how the books are arranged. This is a simple yet classic one and perfect for a children’s room. The best thing with open bookshelves is that they can match almost every interior regardless of the size. 

7. Corner Floating Bookshelves

You can alter the designs of the corner Modern Bookshelves in the children’s room according to the room’s layout. You can have multiple small corner bookshelves if you have numerous free corners. While we keep the books in corners, it would help them be free from moisture and dust. 

Modern Study Bookshelf in Light Grey and Alpine White With a Cushion Seating in Centre
Modern Study Bookshelf in Light Grey and Alpine White With a Cushion Seating in Centre

8. Children’s Wall Mounted Bookshelves 

Wall-mounted bookshelves are ideal for rooms with less floor space. Compared to regular bookshelves, they are less bulky and will fit in your children’s room or even in your living rooms. In addition, you can add fancy colours to make them look more attractive.

Why Go For Inspired Elements In Creating Children’s Bookshelves? 

Every children’s bookshelves should be created based on kids’ preferences for using them. We keep this in mind to design the perfect bookshelves for children’s rooms with future storage options. Our expert panel of designers would analyse the space and develop ideal options that you would exactly fit in your room. All our custom made children’s bookshelves are built to be solid, functional and stylish and make effective use of space, making us the favourites when choosing bookshelves for your kids. If you have a bookshelf idea in your mind for your kids, you can get in touch with us.

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