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Are you wondering if is it the right time to start remodelling your Fitted Kitchens? You may have been thinking of the past years to decorate your kitchen as new and innovative designs come up. According to a study across Europe, 1 in 10 homeowners is thinking about renovating their kitchens. Reasons for remodelling vary. Some homeowners want to remodel to resell their homes for a better return, while others may want to create their bespoke kitchen. Here we are discussing the kitchen costs in London and why you should think of renovating your kitchen. 

G shape Handleless Kitchen in Oxide finish with Gold handleless profile
Premiumline Kitchen in U shape with glass cabinets FInish -oxide / Maya bronze finish Worktop and splashback

Why should you start renovating your kitchen?

Kitchens are always a hot topic in homes, and we all love to have a better one. When you scroll down through the endless kitchen designs on the internet or see someone’s newly made kitchen, the thought of creating a new kitchen would arise in your mind. Renovating your kitchen only for usage and aesthetic and helps increase your home’s valuer home. Fitted Kitchen renovation is one idea to get back better ROI from your home. But what exactly are the benefits of a kitchen renovation? Let’s take a look.

G shape Handleless Kitchen in White matt & Pebble finish with Aluminium handle profile
Premiumline Kitchen in G shape with glass wall cabinets and worktop bar Cabinets Finish

Enhances the beauty

Is there anyone who doesn’t wish to see their kitchen beautiful? Having a beautiful kitchen makes your day perfect. The kitchen is one place that your guests and friends love to visit. If you still have an old kitchen that is not that beautiful, you will never wish your guest to see it. If you renovate your kitchen, you can beautify it and proudly showcase it to your friends and family. 

Saving some energy

The modern era is always concerned about energy and energy savings. So when it comes to Remodeling Handleless Kitchen in Westminster, this also is a reason. Adding space for more mirrors and using skylights is an option to save some energy instead of using artificial light. Nowadays, solar kitchen appliances are available, which would also help to keep the power.

Increases the value of the home

When you think about the primary reason to start remodelling, that would be the return of investments. When you start remodelling your kitchen, it will help you in increasing the value of your home. If you have an updated and full-fledged kitchen, it will increase the price of your home, and more potential buyers will come to buy it. 


You may be living in a home you just bought, or it may be your parents’ house that you inherited. There are chances as we created the kitchen according to the lifestyle of your previous owner. This makes you renovate your kitchen according to your lifestyle. You may need a Bespoke Kitchen Island or a minibar setup. Everything can be made according to your lifestyle.

Bespoke Modern Kitchens London | Contemporary Kitchen Units | Customised Islands

Safety Concerns

An outdated kitchen may cause unwanted injuries sometimes. For example, there may be appliances that may contain rust or outdated chimneys that emit smoke. To avoid these safety issues, it would be better to start renovating your home.


Everyone needs some change from the usual. You may be bored with the traditional design of your kitchen and wish to do something interesting. This would make you change the kitchen more pleasingly. 

To bring in new technology.

In the kitchen industry, a lot of new technologies are arising in the past few years. Bringing home these technologies would make your life easy. For example, some ovens cook faster and better, using new technologies such as convection and steam. In addition, there are innovations in the stove, dishwashers, drawers, kitchen designs and many more things. Incorporating these new technologies in your kitchen is the need of the generation. 

Making the maintenance easier

Maintenance of your kitchen is always a costly affair. There may be minor repairs and damages as the kitchen gets old. To sort this, we have to spend a lot of money. Instead of spending money frequently, you can solve it by spending money one time on a new kitchen.


Green kitchens are now in the picture. Your old kitchen may have some materials or boards that are not good for the environment. To create a better environment, you may wish to change it with eco-friendly materials by avoiding plastic. 

Modernising the kitchen

Even Though the kitchen is working well, when you see the modern kitchen designs in your friend’s house, it would naturally reflect in your mind too. Stepping out from the ’60s and 70’s kitchen models have become a need as new and innovative kitchen designs are becoming a trend. Inspired Elements regularly updates the current trends in the market and brings out the best to customers in Modern Kitchens. 

Handlless Kitchen with island in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handle profile
Premiumline Kitchen with glass wall cabinets and Island dining area Cabinets Finish

Tips to reduce the cost of kitchen renovation

The Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs is the centre of the home. We always wish to have a full-fledged and fully utilisable kitchen. Cost constraints are one thing that comes to mind when we think of a kitchen. Even Though we want to have a fully customised kitchen, the budget thoughts will pull us back sometime. But are there any tips that could help you reduce the cost while renovating the kitchen? Let’s have a look at it.

Keep existing cabinets

If your cabinets are good quality and you like the style, resurfacing is a great option. It’s amazing how colour can transform a kitchen, and a few coats of paint can give life to a once-drab space. Resurfacing and painting make for the most cost-effective option, but ensure that you take the steps needed to get a beautiful finish. White paint does wonders for outdated cabinets and can save you money, so if we add white colour, it would be better in terms of look.

Upgrade your kitchen sink

Spruce up your kitchen by picking just a few things to upgrade, especially ones you use the most, like your kitchen sink, instead of ones that are more for looks than anything else, like expensive countertops or tile. A new stainless steel sink and chrome faucet is an easy swap, so long as you choose a new sink that’s the same size as the old one. Otherwise, you’ll have to cut a giant hole in the countertop.

Choose open shelves 

Open shelving creates interest in the space as well as saves money. Using salvaged wood or painted planks from your local hardware store for shelving is a cost-effective and functional option to display everyday dishes.

Reuse old materials

If you want to cut costs on your new kitchen, then you should reuse old materials. However, before you start checking out everything that’s in your current kitchen, take a step back and assess its current state. For example, if you’re upgrading from flat-packed furniture, the standard melamine wood it’s made from is exceptionally versatile; we can use it to make some shelves or storage units.

Don’t Move Your Appliances.

If you plan to get new Cupboards & Cabinets, think about keeping your appliances where they are. Moving the mechanics and electrical devices can be costly. However, keeping the appliances where they are will save you thousands of euros. More often than not, moving an appliance 1-foot costs as much as moving it 6 feet, depending on where the mechanicals are located.

Go for some second-hand stuff

Keep costs down by mixing new or high-end goods with cheaper or secondhand finds. For example, you can often save on furniture, appliances and white goods. Of course, you have to check these secondhand finds carefully to make sure they’re in good condition, but if you’re lucky, you can fill many of your renovation needs at a fraction of the retail price.

Get some light!

Bringing in more and better lighting is a smart move in any renovation, but that’s especially true in the kitchen. Hang well-designed pendants for style and light, and make sure overhead lighting is bright and concentrated in areas where the cook will be working. To spruce up your kitchen lighting without breaking the bank, you may want to try track lighting instead of recessed lighting.

Do some work by yourself

If you have some time to spare and some tools, you can start doing a little bit of work by yourself, like removing old cabinets, countertops or appliances before the contractor arrives to reduce labour and disposal costs. But don’t be over-ambitious as it would cause adverse effects.

Have a better plan

Before jumping to conclusions, start fresh with a better one. First, keep in mind the things you have to adapt to your kitchen. Although I never thought of adding anything fancy to the required ones, also list the essential items you want to include. For example, rushing into the process of buying new furnishings or hiring fitters might end up making the process costlier than necessary because you won’t have explored all of your options. So, figure out how much a new kitchen usually costs. This will help you to make a rough budget. Next, take a look at the typical prices of ovens, dining tables, countertops, cabinets, and so on. From there, you can make it your mission to reduce each of those costs without compromising on the quality of the end product.

Give the work to professionals

Hiring a tradie for plumbing, electrical and structural work makes sense from a financial and legal perspective. Plus, you avoid unnecessary and unexpected outgoings caused by DIY disasters. Do your research; get a minimum of three quotes per job to help you weigh up cost and timeline options before you lock anyone in. In London, most people believe in Inspired Elements and their first option while designing the kitchen would be naturally us. 

Premiumline kitchen with island and glass cabinetsin Natural walnut and dust grey matt and woodgrain finish (2)
Premiumline Kitchen with glass wall cabinets and Island dining area Cabinets Finish

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in the UK?

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, you should first research the prices. The company you are seeking to help design the kitchen will have a lot in deciding the merits. The appliances you are looking for and the materials you use would also have a role in determining the prices. Here we are discussing prices of kitchen models that would help you. Even Though the kitchen designs may start from around £7000, the charges of standard Bespoke Kitchens are a bit high. 

Small kitchens are the most selling kitchens and for an entirely new kitchen especially for the modern ones would cost about £9,000 +vat and for the more of a kind traditional ones the prices would be £1200 +vat. A medium kitchen would usually consist of one or two units, but this time slightly longer and typically an island. The prices would be around £13,000 +vat for the cabinetwork, but it would be more like £16,000 +vat in more traditional styling. Large kitchens are typically more than two runs of units, or in the case of a single run, very long with lots of units. Typically these are kitchen/dining/living rooms, so very open spaces incorporating multiple functions. In a modern style, cabinetwork could be from £18,000 +vat than a traditional styling from £25,000 +vat.


One of the most important things to do if you’re trying to save money on your kitchen is to set a budget before you even start looking. Inspired Elements have experience of more than a decade in building beautiful kitchens across London. Our expertise has gained popularity among people, and they refer us to their friends & families. We always use the best quality materials while designing our products. We know your interests and always bring the best to you. For knowing more about our exciting deals visit our London showroom.

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