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You might be confused about organising your clothes and other essentials as you have less space to create storage space. Imagine a room without a wardrobe! You will not have any space to keep your requirements, and everything would be so disorganised. Even if you have space issues, the best thing is to opt for a Small Walk-in Wardrobe. People nowadays are really into Small Walk in Wardrobe as it’s worth it. It’s a perfect storage solution if you are a bachelor or if you have a stay at home lifestyle. Here we are discussing small walk-in wardrobes and how much does it cost in London

small walk-in wardrobe in sand woodgrain finish with island
small walk-in wardrobe in sand woodgrain finish with island handle-less drawers, open shelving storage

What are small walk-in wardrobes

Small walk-in wardrobes work best when thoughtful design plans are put into play. So if you have an uneven or small space and are worried about good storage options, the Small Walk-in Wardrobe in Light Grey Matt Finish is the perfect option. When you live in a small apartment, you must utilise the available storage space, and our small walk-in wardrobe range could be the perfect option for you. 

Advantages of Small walk-in wardrobes

Having a small, simplified wardrobe can make life easier and better for many reasons. There is no better way to organize your clothes and shoes than with a small Walk-in Wardrobe. The area takes advantage of every little bit of space from the floor on up. You can stop wasting time and energy filtering through or trying on clothes you don’t love or feel good in. But is that the only benefit? Let’s have a look. 

Small Walk in With Bronze Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe in Sable Fittipa

Easier to Manage- When you have a short walk in the wardrobe, it helps easy management and enables you to remember things easily. If you have less space and try to do something more quickly, this is just the thing for you.

Prioritize the contents in the wardrobe- Small walk-in wardrobes has the privilege of prioritizing the contents that we could keep inside them. When you have a lot of things to keep inside the wardrobe, it makes it cluttered. Here, as you have a Small Loft Walk-in with Shoe Storage in Haringey, you can choose from the available items, making it easy to prioritize.

Proper if you are professional-  If you are experienced and wear a uniform almost all day, then a tiny walk-in wardrobe is the best for you. If you are an athlete or a sports person, you can use this as your primary Storage Solution.

More space to rooms- Walk-in wardrobes, when designed well, introduce more storage space into the picture. It also makes the room that it’s in look bigger and better endowed in terms of floor space.

More privacy to the room-  A walk-in wardrobe is a boon when a room is shared between two or more people. It creates an additional space to change into outfits without having to kick the other person out.

Less wastage in space- Walk-in wardrobes makes utilisation of the entire area and makes full use of the space causing minimum wastage of spaces. When it comes to the small room, this certainly is a plus point.

Small Loft Walk-in Wardrobe in Stanmore

Making systems more systematic- Walk-in wardrobes is essential to a streamlined routine. It’s important to give every single item a proper, reachable place when organizing a small walk-in wardrobe.

More creative designs- Traditional built-in shelves and drawers make the most of a small walk-in closet space, but a DIY hanging rack crafted of plumbing pipes makes a cool storage statement. Also read out latest blog Luxury Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes We can add more creative spaces within the limited space.

Things to keep in mind while selecting small walk in wardrobes

Spacing and storage issues have risen in recent years. Everyone is living in compact living spaces, and they all need to better up their storage. Small walk-in wardrobes are ideal for limited spaces. The small walk-in wardrobes are functional and makes life easier instead of adding more stress to your life. But are there any things that you should keep in mind before buying a small walk-in wardrobe? Here are some things that you should think of while choosing a small walk-in wardrobe.

Choosing the right materials in making

To choose a wardrobe for a compact room is that you must be more careful and selective in selecting suitable materials. There is a wide selection of materials for wardrobe, namely wood, plastic etc. For a small-sized bedroom, try to use wood material. Besides looking so natural, wood is also stronger and sturdier. Wood is also durable and resistant to weather changes. Also, use the light coloured one so that your bedroom will look more spacious.

Put some space for hanging rails

Even Though the walk-in wardrobe is small, it’s better to include some hanging rails inside the wardrobe. This would give you the freedom to hang your clothes and pick them when necessary. It’s not mandatory to have ample space for hanging as the small space is also enough. 

Include clever fittings

You can optimize the available space with clever fittings that would save some room for sure. Some clever fittings like Tiered hanging rods, Custom hangers for ties & scarves, Shelves with dividers and valet rods could be a perfect addition to the wardrobe. In addition to saving space, it also would help in keeping everything organised.

Add Mirrors to the wardrobe

Mirrors could increase the aesthetic look of the short walk in the wardrobe. It will reflect more natural light and make the room clean and beautiful. It also helps in making the room look more spacious. A mirror makes your room look bigger. Also, you could avoid another investment on a dressing table. You could also read at Walk-in Wardrobes Ideas For Small Rooms design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics.

Small Walk-in Wardrobe in Cool White Matt Finish
small walk-in wardrobe in cool white matt finish angled wooden shoe rack, adjustable shelving

Start from the ground level

When we start constructing the Small Loft Walk-in Wardrobe in Stanmore, we must start making it from the ground level. This helps in utilising the entire available space and would increase your storage option. You can extend the wardrobe up to the ceiling if required. The customisations could be made according to the requirement as this would offer more space to add accessories.

Organised internal storage systems

The internal storage systems would be organised regardless of drawers, rails etc. You can manage your clothes by adding dividers. It’s also better to use boxes and baskets inside the Wardrobes to include more of our essentials in them.

Use the right colours

The colours have a significant role while we are building a Fitted Wardrobes for a compact room. Dark colours will make your walls appear closed in, while light colours open up your room and make it appear larger than it is. If space is in short supply, white is always your safest bet. It is cool and refreshing and adds an elegant touch to any room.

Using sliding doors

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are an excellent option for storage in small rooms. Rather than the hinged doors, sliding doors save a lot of space, ideal for rooms with less space.

Choose the right accessories

When you choose the right accessories, it could help you in saving a lot of space. Design the drawers and shelves thoughtfully to provide optimal storage for all your small items. You can have a fancy storage rack if necessary, which could be a storage option. The right accessories will be a boon for limited spaces.

Lighting is the key

Lighting is a prime factor that determines the beauty of a wardrobe. It gives the wardrobe more of kind of organised look and makes it stylish. A dark wardrobe is often difficult to use and will create a mess. A good lighting system will streamline the use of your small walkin wardrobe, making it easier to find the things you need and remember where everything is.

Do your Research

Always take some time to do some research on Small walk in wardrobes and whom to contact for creating the perfect wardrobe. Since there are a lot of companies out there, always make sure that you choose the best.

How much does a Small walk-in wardrobe cost in London?

Small walk-in wardrobes have revolutionized how people store things. The new generation has welcomed the small walk-in wardrobe and has used it to keep things organised. The design and material used usually determines the price of the wardrobe but are they the only factors? Let’s have a look.

Small Walk in Wardrobe in Pearl Light Grey Matt Finish

Accessories-  Accessories are the heart of a small walk-in wardrobe. If you’re looking to organize your storage better, there are many helpful accessories that you can choose to add. We might be interested in adding a fancy drawer or a shoe rack to our wardrobe. These all could increase the cost of the wardrobe. If you opt for wardrobe lights that come on when the shutter is opened, they will also add to the price.

Material- When we choose the material, we are deciding the price. The material we use inside and outside the small walk-in wardrobe is the primary factor determining the wardrobe’s worth. The material could be wooden, with high gloss, matte laminate, PU or anything similar. The price will differ according to the quality of the material and the finish.

Shelves and Drawers-  Having shelves are drawers is a necessity in small walk-in wardrobes. When we add shelves and drawers to the wardrobe, the cost will naturally increase. When you add channels and locks, the materials used will increase, causing a rise in the prices. The open shelves use less material than drawers.

Delivery and Installation cost-. You have to transport the small walk in  wardrobes from the showroom, they would charge you a specific also. For the installation process also it’s normal to charge, so this price would reflect in your small walk in  wardrobe price.

The starting price of the small fitted wardrobe in London would be from £1200 extending up to £10000. Since small walk-in wardrobes are customised according to your tastes, it’s your decision that matters. The type of material and Accessories used should be of your tastes. If you need a LED rack or need to make a dressing table along with a wardrobe, the price would be different. If your budget is higher, you might want to go with mid-range or high-end budget estimates. Simple painted or partly mirrored doors work well and are budget-friendly. At the same time, materials including wood and wood veneer, fully mirrored doors, and glass doors are quite expensive.

Why should you choose Inspired Elements?

Having a small walk-in wardrobe in your home would always be a better option to solve your storage-related queries. Don’t get worried due to the lack of storage options due to size-related issues. Inspired Elements brings you the most refined small walk-in wardrobes in town. Even though the wardrobe is small, you can have all the essential options in it. Our ultimate goal is to bring your ideas to reality by enabling you to choose the ideal material and style of your bespoke small walk-in wardrobe. Our experienced designers use their diverse skillset to create clever small wardrobes to provide a completely new look to your home. The new year is here, and this is the best time to bring your small walk-in wardrobe home. Visit Inspired Elements showroom for exciting offers on wardrobes. 

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