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Space is a concern in modern homes. Every homeowner is looking for space-saving options inside their home in which they can keep their things organised. However, even though we are looking for innovative storage techniques, we mostly forget about some critical spaces inside the room- corners. The space in your corner could be a long term option to solve your storage queries.

Corner Wardrobes are one of the best ways to store clothing as they’re incredibly functional, and all you need is a space to put them in. In addition, corner fitted hinged wardrobes always give you an extra space which we could utilise to add your favourite accessories. So here we are discussing some of the best corner hinged wardrobe designs you may love seeing.

Corner Fitted Hinged Wardrobe in woodgrain finish
Corner Fitted Hinged Wardrobe in woodgrain finish

11 Unique Corner Hinged Wardrobes Unit in London

Corner wardrobes offer multiple design options and unique finishes. The layout of every home would be different, and you can create a corner wardrobe based on that. Unlike the free-standing cabinets, you can customise the fitted corner wardrobe according to your unusual space or the tiny room. You may have come across endless designs while surfing the internet, from which you may be often confused about choosing the ideal one. We have sorted out some stylish corner wardrobe designs you may wish to bring to your home. Let’s start.

1. Miniature Wardrobe With Shoe Storage

You can choose this option if you want a customised space to keep shoes and some room for your dresses. The wardrobe with a Wall Mounted Dressing Table will have a stylish door and knob which looks elegant. Furthermore, you will have a separate room for sneakers and formal shoes if you need them. In addition, the wardrobe can have customised racks for your belts and to hang your coats.

Corner Fitted Hinged Wardrobe in white woodgrain finish
Corner Fitted Hinged Wardrobe in white woodgrain finish

2. Corner Wardrobes With Pull Out Drawers

A corner wardrobe with pull-out drawers would be the best option for those wishing for more storage space. These pull out drawers are easy to use and effectively keep your essentials. Also, since the wardrobe uses maximum height, you can add more pull out drawers. The wooden finish in these wardrobes brings elegance inside the interiors. You can add the pull-out drawers based on the space you have. The knobs will be wooden, making them easy to use.

3. L-shaped corner wardrobes

The L-shaped corner wardrobes are perfect if you have uneven space. They mostly can come in white and grey colours with plain doors. You can go for doors with aluminium handles. The finish can be either matt or high gloss, depending on your decor. The I-shaped Corner Wardrobe provides you with the impression of a large wardrobe. You can have a round mirror on it which could help you do the daily make up.

L-shaped glass & wooden corner hinged wardrobe in Brown Orleans Oak finish
L-shaped glass & wooden corner hinged wardrobe in Brown Orleans Oak finish

4. Fitted Hinged Folding Door Wardrobes

The foldable hinged wooden wardrobe is the ideal choice to maximise space in your home. Bespoke folding wardrobes give you maximum opening width while keeping the open doors at both ends, making them a perfect storage option for your corners. The folding door fitted wardrobe is available with soft close as standard and can be with handles or push technology. The wooden finish creates a premium feel inside the space.

 5. High Gloss Corner Wardrobes

Gloss facades look luxurious, which undoubtedly attracts attention. You can choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple as they will perfectly blend with almost every interior. In addition, the high gloss finish creates the impression of more space inside the room, making it more than just or corner wardrobe. Check out our Cashmere Gloss Corner Wardrobe Set and make your free home design visit now.

6. Wall-Mounted Corner Wardrobes

If you have less floor space, you can go for wall-mounted closets. The glass fitted wall mounted wardrobes with wooden rails are budget-friendly yet practical options to keep your essentials. We can utilise the corner space to create these wall-mounted wardrobes with ample storage provisions. The best thing with the wall-mounted corner units is that they can be created across any unusual space, with all the essential storage features.

7. The All-White Corner Wardrobe

If you are a fan of the white finish, you can try out the all-white corner wardrobes. They are solid and durable and could have customised drawers in them. The drawers will have aluminium handles, making them more aesthetically pleasing. The white finish will look better with the lighting features. So you can add LED lights or strip lights to the corner wardrobes with our High Gloss Bedroom Furniture Set.

8. Birch Corner Wardrobes

Birch corner wardrobes provide better storage options with ample storage options. They can be made in a variety of designs with beautiful interiors. The design of the cupboard will have a Scandinavian contemporary touch giving a classy feel. The birchwood finish makes it perfect for almost every type of space. Since the size is small, you can use them in the bedroom or living room. 

9. Black Finish Corner Wardrobes

If you are looking for a unique wardrobe in your corners, you can try out the stylish black wood corner wardrobes. Classic black wooden wardrobe sets are one of the most exquisite solutions to interior decoration. Even the simplest furniture will look rich and elegant if designed in black.

L-shaped hinged corner wardrobe with island in Aluminium finish
L-shaped hinged corner wardrobe with an island in Aluminium finish

10. Opti Panel Corner Wardrobes

Opti panel corner wardrobes provide the effect of frosted glass, which looks very contemporary. The doors are commonly available in light green or white colours. In addition, you can have wooden racks and drawers inside the Glass Wardrobe to make it storage-friendly. We can make the customisations you make here considering the space you have.

11. Silver Corner Wardrobe

Luxurious silver wardrobes create a style statement inside your interiors, which we can now customise according to your corners. Here you can opt for options including glossy lacquered wood and matte lacquered wood according to your decor.

Final Thoughts

Corner wardrobes have now become an inevitable edition in modern homes. However, as you have a lot of models, you must be confused about choosing the ideal design for your home. Inspired Elements provides personalised corner wardrobes, which are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and high-end.

Variety doesn’t have any ending at Inspired Elements. Our extensive collection of Corner Wardrobes encompasses all sorts of designs and finish imperative. From furnishing single door closets to 2-door corner wardrobes to providing the assortment in glass, matt, lacquered, and oak finish, we manufacture and deliver it all!

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