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White is the colour that suits almost all interiors, no matter whether it is furniture or accessory. When it comes to white mirrored wardrobes, they are the last word of elegance. White mirrored wardrobes could help enhance the look of an interior and give a visually broader perspective for a small area. Imagine stylish white mirrored sliding wardrobes with cool white LED lights inside your bedroom! Now, as options are coming endless, you can be choosy. If you are thinking of bringing a white mirrored wardrobe to your home shortly, you must go on reading. 

Why Go For White Mirrored Wardrobes?

White runs well with each shading. If you have old, exhausted furniture, get them white slipcovers, and they will look astounding by paying little mind to the shade of the inside. White is a stylish option, which will be even better with the mirrored finish. So what could be the benefits of having a white Mirrored Wardrobe in your home? Let us have a look.

Framed mirror wardrobe in white matt finish

1. Aesthetically-pleasing Tone

The modernistic, clean and stylish feel of the white mirrored wardrobe enhances the room’s aesthetics. In addition, the mirrors add more elegance to the white finish, which can be the perfect option for almost every interior. When the white wood finish gets the mirror finish, both complement each other.

2. Provides More Space

Mirrors can provide the feeling of more space inside your interiors. They can make your room look less cramped and is beneficial if you have a small space. 

3. Reflects Natural Light

Typically mirrored wardrobes are placed near the windows as they can reflect the incoming light. While the mirrors reflect the incident light, the room looks glossier and more positive.

4. Practical

If you are thinking of a more durable and reliable wardrobe option, white Slim Wardrobes could be the thing for you. Adding a mirror to the wardrobe, especially a full mirror, can help you get ready. 

Top White Mirrored Wardrobe Designs To Keep An Eye On

White mirrored wardrobes are the perfect balance between style and functionality. They are the best option for making the room look spacious and appealing. Even if you have hinged wardrobes or a sliding wardrobe, adding mirrors will bring in the luxury which transforms your bedroom. Here we are listing out some stylish white mirrored wardrobe designs which could fit your preferences.

loft fitted mirrored hinged wardrobe in Cashmere Grey finish

1. The High Gloss Variant

The high gloss mirrored Walk Wardrobes look remarkably bright compared to the typical low gloss wardrobes with a regular finish. White Gloss facades look luxurious, which undoubtedly attracts attention. You can choose unique shades of white that look better with the gloss variant as they will perfectly blend in with traditional and modern layouts.

2. Small White Mirror Wardrobes

If you have space constraints, try out your small white mirrored wardrobes in your bedrooms. These Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Doors also have an open layout but better organisation. In addition, the acrylic drawers are customised according to the storage you need. Finally, the small mirrored wardrobes can come with internal spotlights, which could help you to locate your things even in darkness. 

3. Never Leave Your Lofts.

Those with loft space in their home can go for a white mirrored wardrobe. The loft wardrobes help you use the available space and provide better storage options. The mirrored finish will give you the notion of more space inside your lofts. You can go for high gloss and low gloss variants according to your choice. 

4. Try Out The Three-Door Mirrored Wardrobes

Fitted Hinged Mirror Wardrobe in Light Grey
Fitted Hinged Mirror Wardrobe in Light Grey

You might have heard of three-door mirrored wardrobes and may have wished to try that out too. Those with ample space in their bedroom, which needs bigger storage space, can check out the three-door white mirrored wardrobe. You can have all the essentials, including drawers to keep essentials, hanging rails, shoe racks, cat hangers and similar accessories. In addition, the wardrobe can bring a luxurious feeling inside the living rooms, as it comes with premium LED lighting and other accessories. 

5. The All-White Corner Wardrobe

If you are a fan of the white finish, you can try out the all-white |-shaped Corner Wardrobes. They are solid and durable and could have customised drawers in them. The drawers will have aluminium handles, making them more aesthetically pleasing. The white finish will look better with the LED strip lights, small drawers and racks. 

6. Wooden Sliding Mirror Built-In Wardrobes

White wooden sliding wardrobes can be luxurious and could be the ideal choice for modern interiors. You can choose the decor and design choices inside the sliding wardrobes, from the shades to the accessories used. The white wooden finish typically sets up the mood of every bedroom, creating a perfect interior. In addition, you can bring in the smooth sliding feature to make it ideal for daily usage. 

7. Walk-In Wardrobe White Matt Finish

You can order the Modern Walk-in Wardrobe in white matt and a full-length mirror with customised LED lighting features and better storage options. The matt design with the oak wooden finish would create a luxurious-looking interior. The white matt finish is preferable for modern interiors as it can look better in the lighting features and decor styles you have in your bedroom.

8. Mirrored Wardrobe With Wooden Handles

Wooden handles often make the wardrobe look more beautiful. How about a White Mirror Sliding Wardrobe with wooden handles? This could be your pick if you are looking for a simplistic wardrobe. The minimal design of the mirrored wardrobe will be pleasing and look perfect with the wooden handles and the white finish it has. 

Sliding Framed Fitted Wardrobe with three panels in Combination of wood grain, white glass classic champagne
Sliding Framed Fitted Wardrobe with three panels in a combination of wood grain, white glass classic champagne

Bottom Line

The clean, soothing and crisp feel that white mirrored wardrobes bring to your interior is fascinating. When you have a white wardrobe in your bedroom, it provides an overall positive feel. If you are looking for an experienced designer, who can help you design the finest white mirrored wardrobes in London, you can go for Inspired Elements. You can add your personal touch and get the exemplary configuration to suit your needs. Feel free to visit our portfolio to learn more about our elegant designs, which you may love bringing home. 

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